2024 Valentines Day in Madrid: Date Ideas, Locations and More

Madrid, the capital and the biggest city of Spain, opens its arms to locals and visitors alike and offers an array of possibilities to celebrate love. The city’s diverse neighbourhoods become the backdrop for activities, ensuring that everyone, regardless of relationship status, finds a space to embrace the day in a way that feels authentic to them. Join us in discovering the essence of Valentines Day in Madrid 2024. Let this article be your companion in unravelling date ideas, and exploring enchanting locations of Madrid on this day of love.

1. Día de San Valentín in Spain

Couple on an intimate date
Romantic Couple

Valentines Day holds a distinctive charm in Spain. It evolves into a sincere celebration resonating within the lively streets, intimate cafes, and stunning landscapes.

The celebration of Valentines Day in Spain has its roots traced back to the Middle Ages. In those days, Saint Valentine, the patron saint of lovers, was widely respected. This Christian martyr is believed to have secretly married couples in love, contrary to the decree of the Roman Emperor Claudius II. Furthermore, some say that the monks of Saint Valentine played a crucial role in promoting traditions related to love and romance. This act of rebellion and commitment to love resonates with the passionate spirit of Spain, making “Día de San Valentín” a fitting celebration.

In Spain, people commonly view Valentines Day as more than just a day for romantic couples, unlike some other countries. It is considered a time to celebrate love and friendship in general. It is also an opportunity to celebrate love in the family. Children often participate in various school activities, and at home, they can prepare cards for their parents or teachers.

2. 2024 Valentines Day in Madrid

Couple Having Drinks at Rooftop Terrace on Valentines Day in Madrid 2024
Couple Having Drinks at Rooftop Terrace

Many people celebrate Valentines Day in Madrid, which extends beyond intimate couples, embracing a broader spectrum of love and connection. The city comes alive with many events, creating an atmosphere where love, friendship, and joy intertwine seamlessly.

The local cuisine, infused with passion and flavour, also becomes a delightful part of the celebration. Evening dinners, concerts, and parties are popular with couples looking to celebrate the occasion. Rooftops provide an enchanting setting for Valentine’s Day in Madrid and offer breathtaking views for a romantic atmosphere. Moreover, the charming streets, adorned with decorations, encourage walks in pleasant company and the historic surroundings of the city. 

Below are details of diverse ideas and activities for anyone looking to celebrate the 2024 Valentines Day in Madrid, capturing the essence of love in its various forms.

3. Where to Have Dinner on Valentines Day in Madrid in 2024

Couple having romantic dinner in restaurant on Valentines Day in Madrid 2024
Valentine’s Day Dinner

There are many enticing options to have dinner for Valentines Day in Madrid in 2024. You can also choose from quaint bistro bars tucked away in charming neighbourhoods to sophisticated dining establishments in the centre of Madrid. Explore the diverse options available and make your Valentines Day in Madrid a culinary journey to remember.

3.1. Romantic Tapas Dinner at Charrua

Charrúa is an uruguay – spaish fusion restaurant located next to Calle del Conde de Xiquena 4. The interior of the restaurant is divided into two. Upon entrance, you find yourself at the lively bar and snack area, where you can enjoy a great atmosphere. The formal restaurant section is at the back. In addition to the giant grill, it displays wooden beams, high ceilings, and shelves with vinyl records. The warm light of the fire of the grill sets the perfect romantic tone for a great dinner date on Valentines Day in Madrid 2024.

In addition to its characteristic interior, the restaurant is known for its delicious tapas dishes. If you prefer a traditional tapas dinner for your Valentine’s Day dinner in Madrid, their menu features signature dishes. Some of the favorites are Criollo croquettes, empanaditas, Salesas omelette, bikinis or chivitos, and meats are the stars. The price for a dinner for two would be around 80€.

3.2. Allegra for a Romantic Italian Meal

Allegra is an Italian restaurant representing Mediterranean cuisine located in the popular Calle Velázquez. The interior of the venue boasts Artdeco references. In addition, a lively central Piano Bar, and large windows contribute to the atmosphere. At night, the dim lighting and live music from the Piano Bar offer a very intimate vibe. Therefore, making the venue perfect for enjoying during Valentine’s Day in Madrid in 2024.

The restaurant holds one of the best Italian menus in Madrid. Their signature dish is the Sirloin Vitello one Tonnato and the Spinach, Butter, and Parmesan Ravioli. The average price for a dinner for two costs around 100€.

3.3. Lhardy for History Lovers

Lhardy is part of the gastronomic history of Madrid and is located next to Carrera de San Jerónimo 8. With the same philosophy as in its origins in 1839, Lhardy’s menu includes classic dishes that are already part of the history of Madrid gastronomy. These dishes include the legendary Lhardy stew, croquettes, sirloin Wellington or Soufflé, as well as new creations such as Evaristo sole in Champagne or wild grouper with squid noodles and wild asparagus.

The interior of the venue also remained connected to its roots. Its main dining room, the Isabelino Room, especially displays the restaurant’s antique decor. In addition, the rest of its private rooms are also witnesses of the history and culinary refinement of the country.

Lhardy is the perfect venue for history-loving couples on Valentine’s Day in Madrid. A full-course meal for two at the venue costs around 160€.

Romantic Valentines Day Dinner in Barcelona
Romantic Dinner

3.4. Plant-Based Option for Healthy Couples: Send it 

Zingara is a vegetarian restaurant that boasts the gypsy culture and aesthetics, both with its interior design and well-crafted dishes. The restaurant is located on the Plaza de las Salesas 8 and offers very rich, plant-based, healthy options.

The interior design of the venue displays warm tones and is decorated with many plants. The large round tables sitting apart from one another provide a sense of seclusion and intimacy. Are you a couple who would love to have a healthier option on Valentines Day in Madrid 2024? Then, Zingara would be the perfect choice for you.

They don’t have a Valentine’s Day menu. Still, their mushroom ceviche causa on sweet potato and almond pâté saam with tamarind and peanut sauce are two of the most popular dishes. A full-course meal for two in the venue would cost around 70€.

3.5. The Bistroman Atelier for a Classic French Dinner 

Bistroman Atelier is a charming bistro-style terrace located in the Amnistía 10 Street. The interior design of the venue is set to make you feel as if you are in France. In addition to its large tables with pristine white tablecloths, it displays comfortable couches, tall windows, and pink curtains. 

If you want a classic French dinner date on Valetines day in Madrid, you can’t go wrong with Bistroman Atelier. They don’t offer a Valentine’s Day menu. However, they have a lot of specials you could try. For example, the Niçoise pissaladière, snails with herb butter, onion soup, and Bouillabaisse are some of their most famous dishes. The price for a dinner for two would be around 140€. 

4. Most Romantic Rooftops in Madrid for Valentines Day 2024

couple on rooftop in Barcelona on valentines day
Couple on a Rooftop

If you’re seeking a romantic setting to celebrate Valentines Day in Madrid 2024, exploring the city’s most charming rooftops is a good decision. Madrid’s skyline offers a picturesque backdrop, enhancing the romantic moments for you and your partner. Their carefully designed ambiance, complemented by subtle lighting and cozy seating arrangements, creates a captivating and unforgettable atmosphere.

4.1. Hyatt Centric Gran Via Terrace: El Jardín de Diana

Hyatt Centric Gran Via’s Terrace, El Jardin de Diana, is a secluded rooftop terrace with an amazing view of some of the most significant landmarks in Madrid. The terrace displays white tables and many plants, giving it a fresh, lively ambiance. Moreover, at night, the venue is lit with small, romantic lights, setting the tone for a romantic date on Valentines Day in Madrid.

In addition to its perfect location, the terrace also offers a menu full of diverse gastronomic choices and a rich selection of cocktails. You can visit the venue and sip the delicious, colorful cocktails as you enjoy the view and the sunset.

4.2. Ático 11

Ático 11 on Gran Vía is undoubtedly one of the city’s best rooftops, and one of the best choices for spending Valentines Day in Madrid in 2024.

The venue is located at the heart of the city and decorated to provide a tranquil atmosphere so you can escape the bustle of Madrid. The furniture, lights, and decorative objects were also carefully selected to blend harmoniously together to go easy on the eyes.

The rooftop offers breathtaking views of the Puerta del Sol and the Almudena Cathedral. Therefore, if you are looking for a calm and easy-going start to your Valentines Day in Madrid, you can start your evening at Ático 11 by sipping delicious cocktails and watching the view.

4.3. El Viajero

El Viajero is one of the oldest and most famous rooftop venues in Madrid. The venue opened in 1995 and gained great popularity in a short time from the locals who were looking to escape from the city’s chaos. It played a critical role in the growth of its surroundings since many bars, taverns, and tapas bars opened close to it over the years.

Even though it is relatively much closer to the ground compared to the other rooftop terraces, El Viajero’s charm comes from its rustic decor, charismatic charm, and vibrant ambiance. The venue is also known for its homemade vermouth and various other cocktails. The unique vibe of this rooftop terrace is a great choice to start your evening on Valentines Day in Madrid.

5. Take a Romantic Walk in Madrid on 2024 Valentines Day

couple walking on El Retiro Park on Valentines Day in Madrid
Couple Taking a Walk at El Retiro Park

A romantic walk is one of the most preferred activities on February 14. If you are spending your Valentines Day in Madrid in 2024, you are in luck, since the city doesn’t fall short on exceptional spots to take a romantic stroll.

5.1. El Retiro Park

El Retiro Park, or Parque del Buen Retiro, is one of Madrid’s most iconic, largest, and busiest parks. It is located at the heart of the city and covers around 1,4 square kilometers.

The park is home to several notable landmarks of Madrid, including the Crystal Palace, the Monument to Alfonso XII, and the Rosaleda. The Crystal Palace is a stunning glass and iron structure in the middle of the park. Secondly, the Monument to Alfonso XII is a statue dedicated to the Spanish King who died in 1919. Finally, Roselada is a section of the park dedicated to different types of roses.

In addition, the park’s rich greenery, pristine pathways, and charming water features create a romantic atmosphere, making it an ideal place for a stroll on Valentines Day in Madrid. If you want more privacy, you can also ren d a rowboat to row on the lake inside the park.

5.2. El Capricho Park

El Capricho Park is one of the oldest and most famous green areas in Madrid. The park was founded between 1787 and 1839. Furthermore, it is the only park in Madrid that was designed with romantic Spanish architecture.

The designer of the park was the architect Ventura Rodríguez, who designed the venue for the Duchess of Osuna, who wanted a space to get away from her daily obligations. The park covers around 1,25 square kilometers. In addition, it offers various architectural features, including fountains, pavilions, and sculptures.

The lush greenery of the park, as well as its romantic statues, rich flower beds and secluded narrow pathways make this park the perfect spot for a romantic walk on Valentines Day in Madrid.

7. Unusual Things to do on 2024 Valentines Day in Madrid

couple man carrying woman on his back
Couple Having Fun

There are unique and unexpected activities to explore on 2024 Valentines Day in Madrid. You can wander through the hidden gems of the city’s neighborhoods, discovering charming local spots that tell stories of Madrid’s rich history. If you are also looking for alternatives to the usual dinner on Valentines Day, read on to discover the best ideas.

7.1. Visit the Museum of Romance

While spending Valentines Day in Madrid in 2024, exploring the Museum of Romance can be a unique and enriching experience. The museum was built in 1886, and is located in the Marquis de Matallana Palace.

The art displayed at the museum includes historical and artistic exhibits related to everyday customs of the 19th century. Paintings, furniture, and decorative arts are also the essence of the cultural, political, and lifestyle at that time, with particular emphasis on the aesthetic trend of romanticism. The Magnolia Garden is also one of the most magical areas of the venue. The Garden was designed in 18th-century French model style, therefore setting the tone for a romantic atmosphere on Valentines Day in Madrid.

7.2. Relax in the Baths of Arab Hammam al Andalus

The Arab Hammam al Andalus, housed within a centuries-old structure, can also be one of the most unique places for a date on Valentines Day in Madrid in 2024.

The Arab Hammam includes three pools with temperatures, in addition to a Turkish bath enveloped in the essence of eucalyptus steam. In the rest area, you can also sip your tea and unwind. Moreover, the services extend to various experiences, including soothing massages with essential oils. 

Therefore, Arab Hammam al Andalus is a perfect retreat for couples seeking relaxation and intimacy on this Valentines Day in Madrid.

7.3. Fly Together at Hurricane Factory Madrid

If you prefer a more exciting option for spending your Valentines Day in Madrid, paying a visit to Hurricane Factory might be what you need. 

The venue is known for having the longest wind tunnel in Spain, with a diameter of 5.2 meters and a height of approximately 12 meters. Moreover, the air current circulating in the tunnel can reach the authentic speed of a hurricane (270 kilometers per hour). You and your significant other can soar through the air, experiencing the thrill of free fall in a safe and controlled environment.

You’ll find expert instructors guiding you through the experience, ensuring both safety and enjoyment. The human team also instructs you on how to make your dream of flying come true.

Do you need more information about the city? You can take a look at Madrid’s official Tourism website, or the official transportation website. Also, you can read about Madrid Nightlife, and 10 Best Things to Do in Madrid to consider other options to spend your Valentines Day in Madrid i 2024.