Travel Destinations in October: Top 5 places you can’t miss

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Although the general rule of thumb is that temperatures gradually start dropping in many countries, why should it mean that you have to wrap yourself in a blanket and only dream about a gorgeous trip?

We have collected five amazing travel destinations that are still splendid in October. In fact, these places reveal their hidden beauty to you exactly in October. So stop dreaming and start planning!

#1 Travel Destinations in October: Bhutan

Bhutan, situated in the Eastern Himalayas, is famous for its biodiversity and lush richness of the land. The average temperature in October is between 10 degrees and 23 degrees Celsius. From late September until late November the weather is pleasantly mild, characterized by sunny days and early snowfall can be detected at higher elevations as winter approaches. In October, the air is fresh and the visibility is crystal clear which makes it possible to catch a glimpse of the scenic views of the snow-capped Himalayan Range. The rugged mountains, sloping hillsides and green valleys dotted with golden paddy fields make every scene a picture postcard.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Bhutan is the Taktsang Palphug Monastery, also known as the Tiger’s Nest. This sacred Buddhist monastery was built on a mountainside and it holds many legends. Punakha Dzong, where mainly all of the kings of Bhutan have been crowned, is also an unmissable stop. This six-storied majestic structure serves as an administrative centre.

Whether you seek adventure, want to go on a pilgrimage or explore a new, exciting culture, this place is perfect for you.

#2 Tuscany, Italy

October is definitely the best month to visit Tuscany. But why is that exactly? First of all, October in Tuscany marks the arrival of the low season. After the busy months, finally everything slows down and tranquillity settles over the region which makes it possible for you to discover the authentic beauty of the region.

Nature puts on its most beautiful dress. A rich palette of colours flourish the valleys and hilltops. The temperature is still very pleasant at this time of the year, ranging between 20 degrees and 25 degrees Celsius.

If you love autumnal flavours and would like to embark on a gastronomic tour, then Tuscany will be heaven on earth for you. During October, a lot of famous harvest festivals occur in the region, offering seasonal delicacies to you. If you are in Florence, hop on a stream train which will take you to the little lovely town of Marradi. Every Sunday in October, locals celebrate the chestnut festival here. People put up their stands to sell roasted chestnuts, jams and cakes. The harvest of olives and grapes also begins, so at the end of October you can already taste vino novello (seasonally made wine). Another peculiarity of the region is the white truffle hunting. You cannot miss this unique experience of hunting for these refined treats in the hills of San Miniato.

Medieval villages, harvest festivals, bustling markets and antique fairs, all embedded in the picturesque countryside make Tuscany unmissable.

#3 Travel Destinations in October: Athens, Greece

October is definitely an excellent time to visit Athens. The weather is still warm and lovely, but the crowds have already disappeared. With the burning heat of August already gone, you can explore all the fascinating archaeological sites and enjoy a soulful meal in any of the tavernas. Another advantage of October is that you can book a hotel room significantly cheaper.

Main tourist sites like the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Plaka District or the Ancient Agora are uncrowded and easily enjoyable. If you would like to spend a romantic evening and would like to have a panoramic view of the illuminated Athens, Mount Lycabettus is the perfect spot for you. You can enjoy astonishing 360° views from Athens’ highest point, with the Attica basin spreading at your feet and the Aegean Sea lying on the horizon. It is worth watching the sunset from here, as the last sunbeams kiss the rooftops of the city and the Acropolis lights up.

Don’t forget to put a pair of binoculars into your bag!

#4 Mauritius

This magical subtropical island country is located off the eastern coast of Madagascar. Since the warm waters of the Indian Ocean surrounds it, Mauritius enjoys a mild tropical maritime climate throughout the year. But if you were to ask a local which the best month is to visit this enchanting island, most probably they would say October. Sunny, dry weather and blue skies are almost guaranteed at this time in Mauritius.

Mauritius is rich in flora and fauna. From October onwards is springtime in the island, you can see many indigenous flowers coming into bloom. If you are a nature lover, it is also the best time to explore the Black River Gorges National Park, which provide many hiking trails. Detect rare tropical birds, endemic plants and gorgeous waterfalls whilst wandering.

The underwater world is abundant in playful fishes, sea turtles and colourful coral reefs. Trou aux Biches is the most popular beach. It is a perfect choice for families due to its soft, white sand and shallow coast. If diving is your passion, you could not find any better place than Mauritius. The island offers many diving courses and dive safari expeditions. You can explore mysterious caves and observe thousands of colourful tropical fishes.

Whether you are planning a family holiday, a honeymoon or just a marvellous journey, this island will definitely cater to all your needs.

#5 Travel Destinations in October: France

October is a truly wonderful month to go to France. The combination of considerably warm weather and beautiful autumn colours makes the whole country gorgeous and cosy. The air is full of exciting smells and the landscapes are vibrant with colours.

Harvest season is already in full swing, so visiting a vineyard in Loire or in Bordeaux is a must. Once you are in Loire, you definitely have to visit the enchanting Château de Chenonceau. It is the most visited chateau of the Loire Valley with a good reason. This late Gothic and early Renaissance architectural masterpiece will definitely fascinate you with its elegant and delicate silhouette. After seeing the interior with its invaluable collections of art, contemplate in the beautiful flower gardens.

October in France is full of exciting events and festivals. The Chocolate Fair takes place from late October until early November when you can taste chocolate made from the best cocoa beans from all over the world. Professional chocolatiers and pastry chefs prepare their best creations for you. The Jazz Between the Two Towers festival also takes place in October in the town of La Rochelle. This music festival gathers hundreds of musicians who create wonderful atmosphere in the town and at dinner concerts.

Discover all the magic that France has to offer you in October.

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