How to Meet People in Malaga: Best Way to Make Friends

Malaga is a popular travel destination for a wide group of people. In the midst of Malaga’s beautiful historic streets lies a golden opportunity: the chance to connect with the city’s diverse inhabitants. Whether you are a solo traveler seeking companionship, an exchange student or have recently moved to Malaga, there are countless ways to meet people in Malaga and make new friends.

Luckily, Spaniards are known to be open, friendly and warm people – especially people in Andalusia! If you are wondering how to meet people in Malaga – other then the classic examples as in at school or work, look no further. Join us as we navigate the best ways to meet new people and make friends in Malaga.

Friends at a beach: how to meet people in Malaga
Meet new people in Malaga

Great Events to Join to Meet New People in Malaga

Attend a Language Exchange Activity

Attending a language exchange is a great way to meet new people, and as a bonus practice (or learn) a new language! Language exchanges are a method where two people with different native languages come together to help each other improve their language skills. In a typical language exchange, a person acts as both the learner and the teacher.

For example, if one person is a native English speaker learning Spanish, and the other person is a native Spanish speaker learning English, they would take turns to practice speaking and listening in each others language.

Language exchange is a great way to meet people in Malaga. The city is full of international people and expats looking to form friendships aswell! There are many different organizations and clubs organizing language exchanges, often advertised on Google and Facebook.

Language exchange
Enjoy a beer with internationals at a language exchange

Attend a Pub Crawl

A great way to meet new people in Malaga and have an unforgettable night is to attend a pub crawl. A pub crawl includes local guides that will expedite you to the best local pubs and clubs with a group of international people and locals. Whether you are an expat, a digital nomad, a student or a traveler, joining a pub crawl is an amazing place to meet people in Malaga from all over the world. A lot of people joining pub crawls come with an interest in having a great night and meeting new people. This makes it even easier to make a friend for the night (or life!)

The South Tours pub crawls are arranged every day. The pubs and clubs get switched up every night, so every night offers a different experience. Following such a nice and unique experience, it will be easy to get along with your group and enjoy an unforgetable night of fun and laughs.

pub crawl malaga nightlife
South Tours Pub Crawl

Networking events

If you are craving some professional interaction with the opportunity of making new friends – attending networking events is a perfect way to do so. These connections you make can lead to valuable opportunities – whether it’s a job, project or getting inside knowledge about the local scene in Malaga. Overall, it’s a great arena to meet people with the same interests and goals as you.

There are different events in different fields and profession, each offering different communities and opportunities. Check out the networking event calendar in Malaga to see if you find anything that catches your interest!

Meet new friends with networking events
Networking events: great for meeting people and your career

Sports and Outdoor Activities to Meet New People in Malaga

Beach volleyball

If there is anything that brings people together, it’s sports. Beach volleyball is super social as it’s a team sport, and is perfect for people who love the beach and outdoors. You could just meet up at the volleyball nets and join a game of volleyball, or ask people at the beach to join.

South Tours also organizes beach volleyball every Monday and Friday from 4:00 p.m – 6:00 p.m, which is open for everyone to join. The pickup is at Lights Hostel at 3:30 if you want to go as a group, or just meet up at La Malagueta beach by the volleyball nets. No earlier skill is required, come as you are!

Beach volleyball
Photo by Jannes Glas on Unsplash

Padel Courts

Padel is an extremely popular sport in Spain and Malaga overall, and is actually the most increasing sport in terms of popularity. The great thing with padel is that it’s simple – you don’t have to have prior experience to play. In padel, you are in a team of two with four people on the court in total, so it’ extremely social.

If you want to play with other people, there are several Facebook groups that can help you to form a team. It’s easy to find people to play with offline as well, since the sport is so popular here. Check out the best tennis courts in Malaga to find a place to play.

How to meet new friends in Malaga: join a match of padel
Photo by Oliver Sjöström on Unsplash

Dance Classes

Spain is obviously famous for its music and dancing scene, and is overall a great way to meet new people – as most people love to dance! Dance classes in Malaga provide a vibrant environment to meet new people while having fun. By joining dance classes, you both learn a new skill, while cultivating friendships with fellow enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds.

Popular dance styles in Spain are Bachata, Flamenco and Salsa, but you can find classes for any other dance style in the city. There are different dance classes and lessons with a variety in skill degrees.

Dance class
Dance class – great way to meet new people

Online opportunities

Download Bumble for Friends

When talking about apps designed to meet people – dating apps come to mind for most. Bumble has a BFF mode that is designed to form friendships, and is therefore a great way to meet people in Malaga! Whether you’ve moved to a new city, entered a new stage in life, or simply want to expand your friendship circle – this app is a great way to do so. In this app you can customize your interests and find people with similar ones. It is a very convenient way of meeting new people – in the comfort of your own home. Bumble also has options for romantic and networking connections.

Bumble app
Bumble is a great app for meeting new people with the similar interests – a friendship might be a swipe away

Facebook Groups to Meet New People in Malaga

In this day and age a lot of social interactions are digitalized – which also makes meeting new people a lot easier. Malaga is filled with international people, expats and students who also want to meet people in Malaga. There are hundreds of Facebook groups created for this sole purpose! There are different groups for generally meeting new people, for girls looking to meet up (Girl Gone International), students, language exchange groups, parents, digital nomads and many more! A lot of the groups are categorized by interests or hobbies. You will surely find one that suits your interests, life status or just a general one!

On internet, you can also find various classes and courses that can cater to your hobbies and interests. These types of events are a great and enjoyable way to meet new people in Malaga. Maybe you like dancing: sign up for a beginners flamenco course? Or various sports: Sign up for a team, or create your own with people online!

Facebook: meet people
Facebook groups – great way to meet new people in Malaga

Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces ia great way to meet new people in Malaga, especially other digital nomads. Working at a coworking space doesn’t only make you more productive in your work, but it also offers social interactions with other people. Who knows, maybe one of these people is a great friendly match for you? The routine of going to a dedicated work space and having interactions is a great way of fighting off the loneliness of working from home. You may also get the opportunity to have lunch and afterwork drinks with your coworkers.

Many coworking space busniesses also organize events, trips and nights out. If you are brand new to Malaga – don’t be shy, there are other people in the same situation as you!

Coworking space - great way to meet people in Malaga
Coworking space are great for socializing and focusing on your work

Accomadation at a Hostel & with Roommates

Whether you are traveling here on vacation, or are looking for a place to rent for a long-term stay: a great way to meet people in Malaga is through living around people!

If you are traveling and looking for accomadtion and to meet people in Malaga – living in a hostel is a great solution that ticks both boxes. Hostels are much more affordable then other types of accomadtion options. They often house social people like back-packers, solo travelers and groups of friends. Depending on the hostel, you can either live in a private room or a shared one. Hostels often have common areas that are designed to socialize. Some popular and socializing-friendly hostels in Malaga are: TOC Hostel, The Urban Jungle Rooftop Hostel and Feels Hostel. Check out more hostels in Malaga.

If you are looking for long-term accomadation, living with roommates rather than alone is a great way to meet new people in Malaga. This is also a more affordable option rather then to living alone. The average rent price for a room is around 350-550€. You can find a room to rent on websites like Idealista, Fotocasa or on Facebook groups.

Hostels are a good way to meet new people

Rely on Yourself & Socialize!

Although there are many procedures that make meeting people in Malaga and forming friendships easier and more convinient – the best way to meet new people is to rely on yourself and to be social. As mentioned, Spaniards are known to be open and warm. The city is also filled with international people who are looking to meet new people as well. There are options all around you! Go to the cafe and strike up a conversation with the locals or workers – or go to the beach and ask to join a game of volleyball. People are drawn to people who are confident and social. Be your best self and don’t be afraid to greet someone! You never know what good might come out of it.

Friends: How to meet new people
People socializing

Embrace the warmth of Andalusian hospitality, socialize and meet new people in Malaga! Malaga is full of things to enjoy and people to meet. Although people here are open and friendly, these tips help you provide an arena where to meet these people. Malaga is full of international people and expats who are in the same situation as you, so just by putting in some effort: you will meet likeminded people. Whether you are attending events, playing sports or using online opportunities to meet people – there are many many possibilities to make a friend for life (or a night)!

Venture forth with an open heart and curious spirit, and let Malaga guide you towards new friendships and unforgettable experiences.