Summer 2021: Best places to visit this year

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Summer is hot weather, cocktails, and a nice swim after sunbathing on the hot sandy beaches. If this is your cup of tea, then summer is the best season for you to go on vacation. In fact, after a long time spent in lockdown, it’s time to escape and get out of routine. Therefore, find the top places to visit this summer and start the adventure.

So which are the best destinations for this summer? Here, you will find a list of countries that you could choose to go to.

Places to visit at summer 2021
Santorini Island, Greece, by Pixabay

1. Crete, Greece

Greece, the most famous place for a summer vacation in the world. Crete is the biggest island, located in the south Aegean sea. You can visit incredible beaches like Balos, Elafonissi or Preveli. A must-see is also Heraklion, the biggest city on the island, or go for a walk in the narrow streets of Chania. The locals are extremely welcoming and will make you feel at home. The food is mostly traditional and the sights uncountable so prepare yourself for a great experience.

2. Places to visit this summer: Barcelona, Spain

Capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia, today it is the second most important city in the Spanish state in terms of population and economy. If you want a city where you can experience a range of different things, then Barcelona is the best destination for you. In fact, here you will find many viewing spots, museums, and historical sites. The main beach, Barceloneta, is where you can go swimming every day. On top of that, there are many different cafeterias, restaurants, and bars for all tastes. Generally, a huge list of things you can do, and that is why you should stay at least one week to view all its main attractions.

3. Capri, Italy

It’s an island located in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The main natural spots on the island are Marina Piccola, Belvedere Tragara, and the limestone cliffs. However, the city of Capri is the main tourist attraction. The island has two ports, Marina Piccola and Marina Grande. You have the chance to see more places in Italy by renting a boat or by going to the closest city on the mainland, which is Napoli.

4. Places to visit this summer: Malta

Malta, officially the Republic of Malta, is a small and densely populated island consisting of an archipelago of seven islands in the middle of the Mediterranean. Malta is located just south of Sicily, east of Tunisia, and north of Libya. It is one of those beautiful archipelagos around that allures tourists all year round. The wonderful cuisine, hot summer temperatures, and the wide range of natural parks are what make this location so special. If you are wondering how you can plan your itinerary there, the options are quite extensive for sure.

5. Marseille, France

Marseille is located on the coast of the Gulf of Lion, part of the Mediterranean Sea, near the mouth of the Rhône, and is the second-largest city in France. With its beaches, history, culture, and architecture, Marseille is one of the most visited cities in France. In fact, here you can have relaxing holidays near the sea or visit the uncountable museums and theaters. Also, you can rent a car for road trips to other places in France or a boat to explore the islands there.

6. Places to visit this summer: Bali, Indonesia

Who doesn’t know Bali? The name conjures daydreams of the most fantastical landscape. Bali is an island in Indonesia and the most popular tourist destination in the country. Located in Southeast Asia and not Europe as all the other entries on the list, it is a good option for those who seek to learn more about different cultures. Moreover, the beaches and natural sceneries are as you see them in the movies. We are talking about a place on another level.

Places to visit
Bali by Pixabay

Always remember that, to travel is to live!!!

That’s the list of places you could visit this year, not only in Europe but also in Asia. Choose the best for you and live the moment.

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