The Best Places to Visit in November: Top 5

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As the end of the year is just around the corner, this is your last chance to make the most out of your remaining few holidays off work. Imagine visiting the famous sights of Europe, swimming in the sea or exploring the culture and heritage of ancient cities. No matter what kind of trip you fancy, you will definitely find something to your liking in this list.

Furthermore, travelling in November provides a perfect opportunity to enjoy the authentic beauty of a certain place without the crowds. So, use up your remaining vacation days and jet off somewhere before 2022.

We have collected the best places to visit in November, so keep reading and travel with us from Italy to Egypt.

1. Best Places to Visit in November: Venice, Italy

The magical beauty and charm of Venice always awaits you, but there is something really special about the floating city in November. Don’t be fooled into choosing a destination based on weather conditions, because November is one of the best times to come here. Can you imagine how incredibly romantic it is taking a ride in a gondola whilst everything is shrouded in fog around you? No, you must experience it!

Venice shrouded in fog looks like a watercolour painting, painted with very gentle brush strokes. The streets are almost deserted, the narrow canals are all quiet and everything is unimaginably peaceful. Meanwhile in the morning a white blanket of fog covers the city, during the day it dissolves, giving way to the warm sunlight.

November offers you an exceptional opportunity to discover the landmarks, buildings and secrets of the city and to have an insight into the history of Venice. Discover small canals, hidden spots, legends and secret stories with the Real Hidden Venice walking tour. What is so special about it is that it is off the beaten track! The informative and enthusiastic guides take you to hidden places which you normally would not find on your own. Therefore, we highly recommend you to sign up for this eye opening experience! And don’t forget to ask them about some foodie tips either!

2. Mexico

If you crave for a destination for culture and heritage, Mexico definitely has to be on your list in November. On the 1st and 2nd of November they celebrate Mexico’s most colourful annual event, the Day of the Dead.

It should not be confused with Halloween though! The Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) is a UNESCO honoured Mexican holiday and it’s about life-affirming joy. For Mexicans death is a natural part of the lifecycle. It’s all about showing respect for their deceased loved ones and keeping them alive in their memory and spirit. During these two days funky makeup, costumes, parade, colourful flowers, sugar skull paintings invade the towns and cities throughout Mexico. It’s better to celebrate in the southern part of the country, since the holiday has richer history in southern regions.

Be part of this colourful and moving celebration!

3. Best Places to Visit in November: Istanbul, Turkey

If you appreciate pleasant weather, a city with vast history, mosques, architecture, food, palaces, fewer tourists, lower hotel prices and airline fares, Istanbul a perfect choice for you. Istanbul is all about old and new, mixed in a very sophisticated way. There is so much to see and do here, but visiting the Hagia Sophia, the mosque of Suleyman the Magnificent and the Blue Mosque is a must. Wander in the Grand Bazaar to see a kaleidoscope of colourful fabrics and lanterns, take one of the commuter ferries, try some of the local food, cruise the Bosphorus, check out the Spice Bazaar and do many, many other fun things.

Istanbul is the place where East actually meets West and you can discover the European and the Asian side of the city. Could it be more exciting? We can guarantee that once you visit this beautiful city, you will be dreaming about returning to Istanbul someday.

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is characterised by elegant avenues, Belle Époque architecture, wonderful gastronomy, cobblestone alleys, intense cultural life, pretty cafés and boutiques. But in November something more is added to the natural charm of Buenos Aires! The city shows its most beautiful face in this month.

Spring is in full swing, jacaranda trees blossom along the boulevards getting the city dressed in lovely purple. The air is full of the smells of blossoming flowers and the sound of music, since the Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival is held in the beginning November. Concerts are taking place on 20 stages all around the city, some of them on open air. International musicians and local talents entertain you playing swing, jazz fusion, nuevo tango and more. Enter some of the concerts for free! You can have one of the most unique experiences at the end-of-concert jam sessions, where musicians from all over the world come together and improvise. It’s a beautiful communication through music.

5. Best Places to Visit in November: Egypt

Egypt attracts millions of globetrotters throughout the year, for good reason. Incredible culture, magical myths, jaw-dropping architecture, the mighty Nile and delightful food, it’s no wonder that Egypt is so popular among tourists.

November hosts an exceptionally pleasant climate. Thus, it makes it possible for you to enjoy all the ruins and beaches without the scorching heat. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pack sun cream and a hat! You still have to shield yourself from the harsh sun.

One you are there, don’t forget to try kushari which is the national dish of Egypt! This soulful dish is made of chickpeas, pasta, rice, black lentils, tomato sauce and fried onions. Not only can you enjoy delightful dishes, beaches and ruins in Egypt in November, but music also plays an important role in this month. From 1 to 15 November Egypt will host the 30th Arab Music Festival. This festival is an annual event celebrating classic, traditional Arabic music. Top Arabic instrumentalists and singers gather from all around the world to perform, it’s quite unmissable.

Gazing at the Pyramids, visiting Alexandria, exploring ancient tombs, swimming in the Red Sea, listening to the Arab Music Festival and wandering in the busy streets of Cairo are just a few things of the tons of adventures waiting for you in Egypt.

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