Granada Hiking Tour to Sierra Nevada Spain

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Donkey Monument at Plaza de la Romanilla





25 €


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Spanish, English

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Discover the breathtaking landscapes of the Sierra Nevada Spain with the Granada Hiking Tour!

At the Granada Hiking, we will visit the mesmerizing Mirador de Los Cahorros in Sierra Nevada Spain, and discover the waterfalls around the area. A local guide will lead the group through scenic trails to enjoy stunning landscapes and panoramic views

With this Sierra Nevada Hiking Tour, you will crawl under caves, climb, and walk through narrow pathways and hanging bridges to explore the hidden gems of the Mirador de Los Cahorros. You will have an expert local host to guide you through the whole path to ensure you don’t miss any impressive sights. They will also inform you about the historical and natural facts of the spots, and share exciting facts about the Sierra Nevada Spain and the Mirador de Los Cahorros

Join us at Granada Hiking to Sierra Nevada Spain to embark on an exciting journey through the beautiful landscapes and the waterfalls of the Mirador de Los Cahorros!

Sierra Nevada, Spain

The Sierra Nevada mountains are located in Granada, Andalucia, Spain. The mountains contain the highest point in Spain, which is called Mulhacén, and is 3,482 meters (11,424 ft) above sea level. Because of its height, the peaks of the mountains are constantly snow-covered throughout the entire year. 

The Sierra Nevada Spain is a popular tourist attraction in Granada all year round. In spring, summer, and fall, the mountain hosts countless hikers and nature lovers who want to immerse themselves in the beauty of the mountains’ landscapes. In winter months, the slopes are covered in snow, which makes them a perfect destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

Mirador de Los Cahorros

The area of Mirador de Los Cahorros is located at the heart of the Sierra Nevada Spain and is one of the most attractive areas of the whole mountain area. Despite being isolated, it is very easy to travel to the Mirador de Los Cahorros from the city center. This makes the area a great destination for daily hiking trips from Granada.

The area Monachil River runs through the area of Los Cahorros which embraces the limestone-rich rocky landscape feeds the waterfalls in the area and gives life to a wide range of plants, birds, and other wild animals.

What is the Granada Hiking Tour to Sierra Nevada Spain?

The Granada Hiking tour is a 3-hour long trekking tour to the area of Mirador de Los Cahorros located in the mountains of Sierra Nevada Spain. However, the whole trip takes 6 hours. The group returns to the city center at 20:00.

A local expert guide leads the group by the Monachil River, through hanging bridges, steep rocky hills, and under the caves. During the tour, you won’t be able to restrain yourself from being impressed by the narrow pathways immersed in nature, the purity of the waterfalls, and the mesmerizing landscape of the Mirador de Los Cahorros.

Granada Hiking: Route

The Granada Hiking tour starts at the meeting point, which is at the Plaza de Romanilla, where the participants meet the tour guide and get brief information about the tour itinerary. Please note that eve though the hiking part takes 3 hours, the whole trip lasts for 6 hours.

We also recommend wearing appropriate clothing, such as long trousers to make climbing and crawling easier, comfortable sneakers, and hats.

 1. Getting to Mirador de Los Cahorros

The local tour guide will lead the group to take a short transport to reach the area of Los Cahorros.

Once there, the rest of the tour will be on foot. The group will walk to the depths of the Mirador de Los Cahorros by following the Cahorros de Monachil route, which follows the Monachil River. 

The route is steep and uphill, which is quite challenging. But, at the end of the route, the group will end up at the peak of Mirador de Los Cahorros, which offers a stunning view that is worth the challenge.

2.  Getting to the Waterfalls

After resting at the peak, the tour guide will lead the group downhill to discover the surrounding waterfalls. On the way there, the group will encounter the Cueva de Las Palomas, which is a narrow cave that the participants will need to crawl under.

After a brisk walk -and crawl- the group will end up at an opening that contains numerous waterfalls. Here, guests can explore different waterfalls and even bathe under them.

3. Hanging Bridge & Getting Back

After all the waterfalls are explored, the group will start its return journey. On their way back to the transportation, they will have to cross a long, hanging bridge, walk by the rocky terrains, and climb short distances when necessary.

Once the group reaches the transportation spot, if there is time, the local tour guide might stop by a tapas bar to have a quick tapas.

Why Should I Join the Granada Hiking Tour?

You should join this Granada Trekking Tour to the Mirador de Los Cahorros if you want to explore one of the most exciting trails on the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Spain. 

On this tour, you will be able to discover the hidden gems in the Los Cahorros area. You will witness stunning views of the landscapes, bathe under natural waterfalls, walk, crawl, and climb, all while a local guide leads you to the hidden paths and informs you about the surroundings.

What is included in the Granada Hiking Tour?

  • – Transportation to the area (both ways)
  • – 0,5L water bottle
  • – Snacks
  • – Local guide
  • – Information on the surrounding landscapes
  • – Hidden waterfalls
  • – Best price
  • – Instant confirmation

Meeting Point

We meet at the Donkey Monument on the Plaza de Romanilla at 14:35. We recommend arriving 10 minutes earlier.


No cancellation fee will apply if you cancel at least 7 calendar days before.
– If you cancel between 3 and 6 calendar days prior, a cancellation fee of 50% will apply.
– If you cancel within 2 calendar days prior, a cancellation fee of 100% will apply.


Please read this information carefully:

– If you do not book, it is mandatory to call, text, or send us an e-mail to get a confirmation of your reservation
– Just coming to the meeting point does not guarantee that you will be able to join this Granada Hiking Tour.
– Please remember that we need a minimum number of people to start the tour.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What is the age limit to join the Granada Hiking?

There are no age restrictions for the Granada Hiking Tour. However, please note that the route is challenging at times. Participants will have to walk steep uphills, crawl under shallow caves, and climb short distances.

2. What do I need to bring with me to the Granada Hiking?

A 0.5L water bottle is included in the tour, but you might want to bring more. Also, the group takes multiple breaks during the hike. If you want, you can pack snacks to eat during the breaks. Also, we suggest bringing a swimsuit with you, if you want to bathe under the waterfalls. 

3. Can I join the Granada Hiking with my children?

We don’t have any rules against children. However, we don’t recommend bringing small children with you. Because the route is challenging and the group will have to climb and crawl at times.

4. Are the places to eat during the Granada Hiking Tour?

The route of this Granada trekking tour is very reserved and isolated. Therefore, you won’t be able to find food vendors during the hike. However, the transportation stop has various markets and food bars where you can get snacks or a quick bite. 

If you are looking for more activities to join in Granada, you can check out the Granada Pub Crawl to get a sense of the nightlife at the city, or the Granada Tapas Tour to immerse yourself in the local flavors.

Meeting Point

Donkey Monument at Plaza de la Romanilla



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Great hike!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 4, 2024

Great walk into the mountains with Nafsika. Lovely little circular route with a little bit of adventure thrown in 🙂


Great value for price!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
October 18, 2023

We joined this hiking tour with my girlfriend. The whole trip took almost all day. The tour guide was so nice. She shared a lot of information about the sites, brought snacks for us, and was very entertaining. The waterfalls were our favorite part of the trip. Great time overall!

Granada Hiking route, the touristic way next to tress and big rocks.

Granada Hiking Tour to Sierra Nevada Spain


25 €

Best value for money