The Best Photo Spots in Málaga and Its Province – Top 5

Are you looking for some great locations to take amazing pictures in Málaga? Well, actually you are spoilt for choices within the city itself and also in its surrounding area. The beautiful province of Costa del Sol is full of photogenic places. Light, symmetry, reflections, colors, and the perfect blend of nature and architecture are infallible ingredients to take a jaw-dropping shot. Though you can find many cool spots every step of the way, in this article we suggest you some of the best photo spots in Málaga that will blow your friends or Instagram followers away. Keep reading till the end and make sure to reveal all of them!

1. Best photo spots in Malaga: La Concepción Historical-Botanical Garden

In the central-northern area of the city of Málaga, you can find the Botanical Garden of La Concepción. It is a true gem recognized not only in Málaga but throughout Europe!
It is a beautiful English-style garden with over 56 acres giving home to an impressive collection of tropical and subtropical plants embellished with multiple ponds, waterfalls, and sculptures.

Why is it an amazing spot?

– the extravagant vegetation will allow you to get a tropical jungle feel and you can take some stunning exotic photos
– take some legendary shots in the black bamboo forest
– the iron pergola covered in wisteria is a true gem of the Botanical Garden (in order to take the most beautiful photos come here in late March or early April when the wisteria blooms)

2. The Caminito del Rey

Any photo taken here will overwhelm your Instagram followers. You must discover this landscape of extraordinary beauty located 58 km north of Málaga. It is an almost 8-kilometer trail that is truly spectacular and unforgettable! The walkways zigzag along cliff-sides, canyons, and a big valley. The pathway was originally built between two waterfalls in order to bring workers and materials to the local hydroelectric dam.

Why is it such a breath-taking spot?

– it is a spectacular route of vertiginous footbridges reaching 105 meters in height
– you can marvel at the staggering views of the narrow canyon
– take jaw-dropping photos while crossing from one side of the gorge to the other through a suspended bridge about 10 metres in length and hundreds of metres high
– (Keep in mind though that you cannot bring selfie sticks or tripods here.)

Suspended walkways, a glass balcony, views from a hanging bridge, the Caminito del Rey is worth every footstep! It is so much better than you could ever expect!

3. Best photo spots in Malaga: Gibralfaro Viewpoint

You just absolutely cannot miss out on this one! Being one of Málaga’s most popular viewpoints, it attracts many visitors and keen photographers. If you are passionate about getting good panoramic views, this is your place! Do you want a look over the city and see the Cathedral and Port far below you? You can get some amazing panoramic views of Málaga and the sea at the iconic Mirador. The sunset is truly exceptional from here!

Why is it unmissable?

– it is a 130m high viewpoint, surrounded by lovely pine trees
– you can catch big cruises coming to the port
marvel at the sparkling sea disappearing over the horizon
– if you want splendid sunset shots, with no doubt this is one of the best places
– see how the night takes over the city, it is simply an unforgettable experience

4. Best photo spots in Malaga and its Province: The Town of Ronda

Ronda is one of the most visited and beautiful villages in the province of Málaga. Moreover, many people think that it is the most magnificent place in Andalucía! Set on a rocky massif pierced by the Guadalevin River Gorge, this town is loaded with beauty, history and culture. So be sure to come to this lovely town with your camera fully charged!

Let us highlight some of the most photogenic spots:

La Sevillana

You can get the most impressive view of the valley from this viewpoint. It is a tiny ledge sticking out over the gorge near Paseo Blas Infante providing fantastic views. Make sure you catch the sunset from here as it paints the landscape with beautiful warm colours.

Ronda Municipal Museum

Not only can you learn about the history of Ronda here, but you can also take stunning pictures in one of the cute patios and nice viewpoints this place features. The museum is housed in the elegant Palacio de Mondragón, well worth a visit in its own right.

Mirador De Cuenca

Do you want to take a photo of the famous bridge of Ronda from a stunning angle? Well, Mirador de Cuenca is one of the most beautiful and dramatic viewpoints that offers a spectacular lower view of the Puente Nuevo.

best photo spots in Málaga

5. The Town of Nerja

Nerja has been listed as the most charming seaside village in Spain, for a good reason. And when it comes to the most-visited and most photographed point in Nerja, it is undoubtedly The Balcony of Europe. Hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to this corner every day to look out at the Mediterranean Sea, so believe me it is really worth it. Also, from here you can see that the water in this area is incredibly crystal clear.

Although The Balcony of Europe is the most popular viewpoint in Nerja, it is by far not the only place that is a must-see. Stroll along the narrow streets of the old town of Nerja and take splendid photos against the white facades of the charming houses.

So why is Nerja a perfect town for taking some cool photos?

– its cobalt blue sea and honey-colored coast provide a perfect setting
– it offers jaw-dropping panoramic views
– you can wander around and get lost in its alleys and small streets

best photo spots in Málaga
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