Wine tasting – Best vineyards and bodegas in Andalusia

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Within our senses, the taste is one of the important ones, well, they are really all important, but in wine tasting, flavor gives us many references about the quality and substance of wine.

The sense of smell, together with the sense of taste, cause us the sensation of flavors, but we must determine what part of that “flavor” is the responsibility of each one of them. For this reason, it is important to define what the taste of wine is.

For those curious to identify the taste of wine, as well as for those experienced tasters looking to find new aromas, we bring you a selection of the best vineyards and bodegas in Andalusia.

Malaga Wine and Tapas Tour | Best wine tasting in Malaga

If you are visiting this southern Spanish city, you can’t miss Malaga Wine and Tapas tour. A tour of the most emblematic wineries and restaurants. Malaga wine and tapas tour offer a complete experience that includes wine tasting and a wide variety of traditional Andalusian tapas.

In each restaurant located in the old town, you will taste a different type of wine and learn about its history and production. At the first stop, guests will taste a strong, sweet wine known as Pedro Ximenez. When they will reach the second place, to cool off from the heat, our guide will recommend a tinto de verano. At the last two stops, guests will delight their palates with Spanish red wine and white wine accompanied by a variety of tapas. 

Guests will be accompanied by a local guide who will give recommendations on the places all around town to guarantee the best local experience.

Best vineyards and bodegas in Malaga

Bentomiz Bodega

For those who want to experience the complete oenological experience in Bodegas Bentomiz, you can taste unique wines. It is a boutique winery located on the steep slopes of Malaga’s Axarquia with 80 to 100-year-old vines enjoying the ideal natural conditions to thrive. Therefore, they benefit from the slate terroir, a mild climate, and refreshing, saline sea breezes. Especially, they produce a range of fresh and delicate wines.

Regarding the winery tours and tasting, they adapt menus for all ages and dietary restrictions. The option that includes a tour and wine tasting starts every day at 12:30 p.m. and costs 15 euros. The tour, tasting and lunch option it’s a most complete one and offers a 3-course menu or a 5-course menu with a cost starting from 47 euros. For those who want to enjoy the taste of celebration, Bentomiz bodegas offers also a banquet. They prepare a gourmet banquet served with exceptional wines, designed to thrill the senses. This option is available on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. All this details make Bentomiz one of the best vineyards and bodegas in Andalusia.

El Pimpi

El Pimpi is located in an old mansion in the center of Malaga. This winery is an emblem of the city and a meeting point for customers of all ages. Generations of personalities from the world of flamenco, politics, and art have passed through its rooms. This mythical restaurant in Malaga has achieved it is success due to the delicious traditional dishes and wine variety.

It is an old house that is well furnished and preserved, with long corridors, stairs, interior patios, numerous rooms, several floors, interior plants, and even a couple of small fountains. It is quite extensive in size and surprises those who enter for the first time.

On the wall in front of the main bar, there are a large number of pictures with photographs of those celebrities in El Pimpi. Also, there are barrels with their signatures and visitors can take photos with the barrel signed by someone who catches their attention.

Wine tasting in Sevilla – Best vineyards and bodegas in Andalusia

Seville not only stands out for its landscape and art but its wines and distillates also breathe a different and personal color. It is a land with a long winemaking history, which is why it is home to some of the best vineyards and bodegas in Andalusia.

F. Salado Bodega

F. Salado Bodega is a traditional winery with more than 200 years of history. They have a total of 70 hectares of albariza highlands and vines with Pedro Jiménez and Garría Fina grape varieties. It is the result of a sunny and warm climate, which maintains the excellent production of both classic wines and must. Guests can enjoy an oenological experience and taste the different wines from the cellar. Also, they can learn about the methods of production and aging. F. Salado Bodegas offers you different types of visits combined with an aperitif at a family farm that grows vines and raises horses.

Gongora Bodega

Gongora Bodegas is located in Villanueva del Ariscal. It extends between the Guadalquivir and Guadiamar rivers, at a height of 160 meters above sea level. Bodegas Góngora occupy an area of ​​11,400 m2. These wineries still preserve the old 16th-century press in perfect working order and it has been declared a Well of Cultural Interest with monument category by the Ministry of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía.

This is a unique experience. The visits are attended in a very personal way by a member of the Gongora family or the winery itself so that the marked family character of the winery permeates them.

Bodegas Gongora offers the possibility of guided visits to the winery, where you can tour the facilities, while a historical and cultural talk is given about the winemaking tradition of the area. In addition, there is also a talk about the technique and the elaboration of the wines.The visit ends with a tasting of the winery’s most representative wines accompanied by an aperitif.

For the celebration of all kinds of events, such as congresses, presentations, company dinners, etc., the winery has several perfectly equipped cellars. It also has a large garden of more than 4,000 m2 where any kind of celebration can be held, together with several patios that complement the surroundings.

Wine tasting in Cordoba

Lagar Blanco Bodega

Lagar Blanco Bodega is located in a beautiful landscape at 600 meters above the sea.

From a viticultural point of view, the climate of “Montilla-Moriles” is classified among the warmest in the world during the vegetative cycle, with little rainfall and high insolation, which affects the development of the vine and its phenological cycle. In the rapid maturation of the fruit that marks its composition and the characteristics of all the resulting wines, and indirectly in the fermentation and aging of the wines. Evidently, the Pedro Ximénez variety is present in all the wines. As the grapes have such a thin skin, the winery encounters a drawback that is sensitivity to rot. Therefore, extreme care and the right time of the harvest must be taken. To enjoy a guided tour of the vineyards it is necessary to fill in the form on their website with the requirements of our visit.

Granada – Best vineyards and bodegas in Andalusia

Méndez Moya Bodega

Located between 1,250 and 1,300 meters above sea level, these vineyards produce distinctive wines that capture the essence of the region. Is the house of 45,000 vines of Sauvignon Blanc, Tempranillo, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Their wines are all well known for being 100% organic with no added sulfites and made with grapes from their own production. For this reason, Mendez Moya is one of the best vineyards and bodegas in Andalusia.

The visit to Mendez Moya Winery lasts approximately 2 hours and includes a guided tour of the winery with wine and cold starters tasting. The cost is 12 euros per person.

Barranco Oscuro Bodega

Bodega Barranco Oscuro is one of the best vineyards and bodegas in Andalusia as it is located in the Sierra de la Contraviesa, in the Alpujarra of Granada, home to the highest vineyards in Europe. Visits are organized throughout the year and are priced at 30 euros per person.

Wine tasting in Cadiz

Lustau Bodega

This Bodega is located in Jerez de la Frontera. This city is internationally known for its wines, horses, flamenco, festivities, and important historical and artistic heritage. Also, Lustau Bodegas offers tours in English for tourists. The tour includes the tasting of 5 red wines and 1 Vermouth with a one-hour guided tour around the winery.

Wine tasting in Jaen

Marcelino Serrano Vineyard and Bodega

This bodega is a family business. Marcelino Serrano and Blanca María try to recover the prestige their ancestors had. Therefore, they recover vine varieties they already had in the Middle Ages. They make small productions in experimentation, dedicating a lot of care to it.

Book here your guided visit.

Andalusia has been and continues to be a land of wines. This area enjoys a consolidated and internationally recognized Wine Culture. Wineries, vineyards, specialized museums, tourist routes, or traditional festivals are already an essential part of the Andalusian cultural heritage. For this reason, visitors from all over the world experience the wine testing in Andalusia.

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