10 Amazing Natural Phenomena You Didn’t Know About

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The earth is such a special and unique planet, it holds a lot of undiscovered secrets and mysteries. All over the world, you can find some amazing natural phenomena, here is a list of the top 10 natural phenomena you didn’t know about:

Spotted lake, Canada

Photo by plumcollective-Instagram

The Spotted Lake is located between two valleys in British Columbia’s desert in Canada.
Just by looking at the picture you can already tell why this lake is considered one of the earth’s coolest natural phenomena. The small lake has lots of little dots thanks to the minerals that are present. In summer, when the lake evaporates, the minerals are the only thing left, which is the reason why we are able to admire this charming landscape. There is some sad news though, you cannot swim in the Spotted lake due to the fact that it’s actually private property.

Lake Natron, Tanzania

Photo by George Steinmetz

This lake located in Northern Tanzania looks very cool and fun to swim in but it’s deadly! It is actually in the top 5 most dangerous lakes due to the high levels of pH that can go up to 10.5. The high levels of pH can burn the skin and eyes of living creatures. The only animal that can go on the lake are flamingos, because they love the amount of salt in the lake. So it is a cool place to see but just don’t swim in it!

Rainbow Mountains, China

“View of colourful rock formations at the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in Gansu Province, China, 22 September 2012.”

When looking at the picture you can immediately understand why these mountains are called the Rainbow Mountains. They are very popular among people that love natural phenomena because of their beautiful colors. The rainbow is the result of tectonic shifts, climatic conditions, and the erosion of red terrigenous sedimentary beds. Not only can you find these types of mountains in China but you can also find them in Cusco, Peru.
Here you’ll find a video of a tour of the mountains!

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Photo by Anouchka Unel

This phenomenon was created by a dried-up prehistoric lake that once was so big that it covered almost the whole of southwest Bolivia. This natural phenomenon constitutes 70% of the world’s total need for lithium. During the rainy season, from December to march, the Salar de Uyuni turns into the Sky Mirror. It is actually the biggest one in the world.

Bioluminescent Waves

Photo by Kris Williams

These waves can be found all over the world but they say that the most beautiful waves are at the Blue Grotto of Malta. You can also find them in Japan, the Maldives, Puerto Rico etc. An algae bloom of plankton glows when it’s disturbed by a wave and that causes bioluminescence in the water. If you want to enjoy the view of this spectacular phenomenon, you should go to the beach at night.

Great Blue Hole, Belize

This amazing natural phenomenon is a huge sinkhole in the centre of the Lighthouse Reef, off the coast of Belize. This natural phenomenon is very popular with scuba divers because of its 124 meters depth. The rising sea levels once flooded all of the caves that are in the Blue Hole and that’s how it was created.

Rotorua Hot Springs, New Zealand

Photo from iStock

These geothermal active waters are a popular site for international but also national tourists. As a result of the geothermal activity, the water is naturally warm. It is safe to swim in it and it’s totally free! There is one side note that we need to mention and that is that the hot springs can be really smelly. That is why the city is also called the ‘Sulphur City’.
Here you can find many things you can do while you’re visiting the Rotorua Hot Springs.

Eye Of The Sahara, Mauritania

This natural phenomenon is located in the beautiful country of Mauritania. While scientists are still debating on the cause of the forming of the eye, we are sure that this is definitely a unique natural phenomenon. The Eye has a diameter of 40 km and looks like a crater. It’s best to visit the eye around December. You can reach this place by car, but you can also see it by booking a ride on a hot-air balloon.

Turquoise Ice Crystals, Russia

If you don’t mind travelling to cold countries or regions you should definitely visit Russia and more specifically the Turquoise Ice Crystals at Lake Baikal. The lake is well known for having some of the clearest water in the whole world. During winter, the water starts freezing and the ice turns clear. This is why they call it the Ice Crystals.

Blood Falls, Antarctica

This natural phenomenon was a real mystery for almost 100 years, scientists couldn’t figure out why the water of these falls was turning red. Now we finally know that the liquid is rich in iron and when it comes in contact with the air it starts rusting and finally gets its red colour. Sadly, you can only view this place by helicopter.

These were the top 10 natural phenomena in the world!

Would you like to visit some of these places? Do you have more recommendations? Let us know what you think! Unfortunately, we know that some of the tours are closed due to the current situation. Therefore, we advise you to check out the sight´s official pages. But, if you’re getting impatient… For now, check out our article on how to travel after the pandemic!