10 Apps To Save Money And Time On Your Next Trip

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In the past, traveling was demanding. The technological support was basically nonexistent and it was more dangerous. Nothing compared to the present we know. At present time, traveling is accessible and available to almost everyone, thanks to technology. Does this mean that we can travel without being prepared? No, in fact, we should take advantage of the modern age and organize the best trip according to our interests and budget. For example, travel apps are developing fast, and you can find plenty of them with a range of useful services. In this article, I will point out the best 10 apps to help you save money and time on your next trip.


This Czech online agency is going to help you organize your trip while staying within a budget. If you struggle with booking flights, accommodation, and other travel-related matters, this is a solution for you. The aim of the app is to find the best options for your travels: they give you support before and during your journey. In the same vein, they back you up if there’s a problem with reservations.

Apps to save money and time: Uber

Cheaper than a taxi and with friendly drivers, uber is a car service that connects the driver and the passenger. It offers you a cushy ride when you have an appointment on the other side of the city, to get to the airport, or to return home at night. It’s convenient and efficient, with the app you are able to track the uber car during the pick-up process, the brand, and the license plate. Therefore is easy to recognize and meet your driver. After the ride, don’t forget to write your opinion in uber’s rating system!

Remember the milk

Scatterbrain people, you will love this app. It helps you organize your own “to-do list” for your trip and save it. If you have trouble remembering your plan for the vacation, you can categorize what you want to see with the support of this app. It’s also well indicated for who is traveling for work: while you focus on your business, schedule your free time and check it here.


This free app is able to connect you with people who want to gather or have a party together. It’s the combination between GPS location information and social network framework: based on your position, the app connects you with others who are in the same place. It’s excellent to meet new people, both tourists, and locals, and chill after the city tour. It’s a fun and simple way to, hopefully, begin new friendships.


With one single research, this app can point out the best and cheapest options for your trip. If you have a low budget for your journey, this app can show the types of transport you can take to reach your destination. Bus, train or plane, what’s the fastest and cheapest way? Check it on Omio.

Apps to save money and time – taking a flight

GluterFree roads

Celiac disease is a widespread and serious situation that can affect the trip of many people. If you are not sure where to eat while on vacation, GluterFree roads is perfect for you. For instance, the app can show you restaurants with celiac options or completely celiac, but also supermarkets. You can make your own profile, chat with the community and share your own experience, too.

Apps to save money and time: Minube

This wonderful app is perfect to discover the hidden gems located in your destination. It registers suggestions and advice from various travelers around the world. Not only about the destinations, but they also upload maps, eating suggestions, ideas… it’s very easy and practical to use.


Valuta+ is a simple and useful currency converter. If you are traveling in a country that uses a different currency than your own, it’s better to check and compare the expense. It’s very useful if you need to stay on a budget.

Apps to save money and time – lightheartedness

Money manager

When you go to a new country, you feel like you want to buy everything: taste any typical food, buy souvenirs… it happens to forget that traveling can also be expensive. With Money manager expense & budget, you can track your personal or business financial transactions, see your spending reports and review your daily outlay. Managing your personal finances can be as easy as pie.


Hostelworld is the leading app for young and solo travelers. It suggests you a cheap and comfortable hostel to rent with a lot of different features, such as single or shared dorms, one-gender only of both… it also has free cancellation. It’s suitable for those who want to speak another language, meet new travelers and, even more, to find free activities to do with them.