24 Hours in Malaga without breaking the Bank

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Are you planning a trip to Malaga but don’t have much time? I bet you are wondering which sights you absolutely mustn’t miss within 24 hours in Malaga. This article will guide you through your day plan, according to your interests, offering cheap or even no-cost options. 

Before you read on, take a look at our Free Walking Tour. The tour lasts two hours and you get the chance to acquire knowledge about the city’s history and customs! Click on this link to find out more: https://south.tours/malaga-free-walking-tour/

Getting there

First of all, if you are getting to Malaga by plane you need to know that it takes around 20 minutes to reach the city centre by taxi. It’s about the same amount of time by train. Taxi fares are approximately 20 euros per person one way, while train tickets are about 1.80 euros each way. 

I reached Malaga by plane and only had one day to visit the main interesting spots. Before arriving, I had already booked a taxi, and the driver was waiting for me outside. I must say that saves a lot of time and energy, and it’s worth the money, considering that the prices in other countries are way more expensive.

1. 24 hours in Malaga: CAC Museum and Graffiti

24 Hours in Malaga
CAC Malaga

I asked the taxi driver to drop me off at the train station, mainly because I consider it to be an easy starting point, as you can get from here to other spots in Malaga quickly. In fact, that is where my adventure starts, as after a few minutes of walking near the riverbank, I found myself in front of the well-known graffiti. They have been part of the major development of this block of the city, in addition to the CAC museum, which is the most important project of this kind. The gallery is free of charge and offers a display of contemporary artworks. It only takes around 30 minutes to visit the whole exhibition, so you don’t have to worry about sticking to your 24 hours. I would especially recommend this place to those who are interested in abstract expressionism, matterism and surrealism.

Find out more about the museum by visiting the website: CAC Malaga | Malaga contemporary art center

2. The core of the city: Plaza de la Constitución

24 Hours in Malaga
Plaza de la Constitución

Ready for a spot of retail therapy? Well, you’ll find all the main shopping chains in the city centre. If you keep walking north, you will soon find yourself in the core of the ciudad: Plaza de la Constitución . This is where you can soak up the city’s real vibes and where most people go out for lunch and gather for a drink. Then, moving east, the atmosphere becomes extremely lively and festive, musicians and dancers on the street, people approaching you in a friendly manner, it feels extremely welcoming. It was already lunch time when I hit the plaza. What better place to grab some cheap traditional food and eat it in one of those narrow Andalusian streets. Moreover, you could also go for the Tapas Tour, which has the great advantage of having a guide who can explain the story that lies behind each traditional dish.

Check out this page to read about our Tapas Tour: https://south.tours/malaga-tapas-tour-authentic-local-food-and-drinks/

3. Perfect spot to take pictures of Malaga: Alcazaba

24 Hours in Malaga

This fortress palace is one of the city’s most important historical monuments and is situated on top a hill in the centre of Malaga. At first I wasn’t that keen on the idea of walking that far up, as the flight had already drained most of my energy. Still, I started walking up the hill, and I must say that the route to the castle is anything but tedious: flowers are displayed and grown in ornamental ways, covering an ancient door, tropical plants too and loads of spots from which to take pictures of the city. I had less than 24 hours left in Malaga, so I decided not to visit the castle. Nevertheless, if you wish to, the entrance fee is 3.50 €.

You can find further information about the fourtress at this link: https://www.alcazabamalaga.com/

4. 24 hours in Malaga: Port of Malaga and the Pompidou Centre

Malaga Port

Heading south, you can easily get to Malaga Port in less than ten minutes. As soon as you walk down the hill, you will cross the road and find yourself surrounded by gigantic tropical plants. Then, in a few seconds, you get to the port. This is a good spot for a variety of activities. What attracted my gaze was the cube made of colored glass panels: the Pompidou Centre in Malaga. Stepping inside, I found an even more tempting treasure: a collection of contemporary photography and art by the most recent and most famous artists. Moreover, the exhibition downstairs focuses on Surrealism and Cubism, but also Expressionism. The entrance is free on Sundays, while during the week it’s 9 € to visit the entire Exhibition.

You can find further information about the Pompidou Centre in Malaga at this link: https://centrepompidou-malaga.eu/

5. 24 hours in Malaga: Malagueta Beach

Malagueta Beach

By the time I got to the end of the Exhibition, it was sunset. Near the port are a selection of restaurants and shops, and heading south I found a really pretty lighthouse. From there, getting to Malagueta Beach is pretty straightforward. I found the latter the perfect spot to end the day trip. In fact, walking along the beach felt extremely relaxing. I decided to sit down and savour the moment, watching the sunset and the waves. In the meantime, I was enjoying some food I had previously bought in a store. It is a perfect spot in either case, wether you have company or are on your own. 

6. Night Life

If your 24 hours in Malaga are not over yet, remember that this ciy is also well-known for its pubs and clubs! Due to the current situation there are some rescrictions regarding capacity and opening hours, but keep updated, things might change in a while!

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