5 Reasons to Visit Scotland: The Land of Lochs and Legends

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Where can you find dramatic landscapes, pretty Georgian streets, a majestic viaduct, Neolithic ring forts, rolling moors, and sparkling lochs? Where might you search for the world’s most famous underwater monster? Yes, in Scotland of course. After discovering the magic of this country, you will be dreaming about retiring on a little Scottish island with nothing but pure beauty surrounding you. If you already have been to this magical country, you know what I mean. If not, then let us convince you. However we must warn you, it’s a place you will keep wanting to go back to again and again. Are you ready? Here are the 5 reasons to visit Scotland!

1. You will fall in love with the Highlands

Stretching for hundreds of miles, the Highlands are one of the most beautiful areas to visit in Scotland. In fact, there is something unique about the Scottish Highlands that cannot be explained. It doesn’t matter where you are, you’ll find some incredible hiking trails which you can lose yourself on. Some of the best hikes are the Old Man of Storr (which offers epic views), Sandwood Bay (remote beach, perfect for avoiding crowds), or Lona (a gorgeous island).

If you want to plan a round trip by car, we highly recommend the NC500 which packs in as many sights as possible. The route is over 500 miles long and takes you through the splendid coastal edges of the Highlands. It is a wealth of unforgettable experiences featuring white sandy beaches, rugged mountains, remote fishing villages and so much more. (Find the official link of the route at the end of the article.)

5 reasons to visit Scotland

Furthermore, if you see a farm, stop by it to have a look at the cute Highlands cattle!
Explore the hidden gems of the Highlands, you’ll be spoilt for the range of places to see.

5 reasons to visit Scotland

2. Mystical and, at times, eerie castles

Scotland is famous for its alluring castles and it is one more reason why you need to visit it. The unmissable ones are definitely Edinburgh Castle, Inverness Castle, and the stunning Eilean Donan Castle.

Most probably Edinburgh Castle is the most famous out of all of them. Did you know that it sits on top of an ominous extinct volcano? Perched in the heart of Scotland’s dynamic capital city, it is one of the oldest fortified places in Europe. The castle could tell many exciting tales, as it served as a royal residence, military garrison, prison, and fortress too. Moreover, make sure to spend some time exploring the whole grounds, it is splendid.

5 reasons to visit Scotland
Edinburgh Castle

Furthermore, there is Inverness Castle which is like a fairytale itself with its turrets and towers. Did you know that it is the site of Macbeth’s murder of King Duncan? Well, it is definitely worth a visit.

Inverness Castle

Eilean Donan Castle is recognized as one of the most iconic images of Scotland all over the world. No wonder it is on every Scottish postcard. Located on an island where three lochs meet, it is a magical place indeed and attracts many people throughout the year. Come and decide for yourself if this is the most beautiful castle in the country!

5 reasons to visit Scotland
Eilean Donan Castle

5 reasons to visit Scotland

3. You need to explore Edinburgh and Glasgow

Edinburgh and Glasgow are the two main cities in Scotland and they do not resemble each other at all. Decide which one is your favorite by visiting both!

Edinburgh, with well over a thousand years of rich cultural history, is one of Scotland’s most charming cities, filled with many things to do and sights to see. This city is proud to have the most breathtaking architecture in the UK. So, have the best vistas of the city from Arthur’s Seat, wander under buildings in Mary King’s Close, visit the Royal Mile, find the Palace of Holyrood, and see the Millennium Clocktower. These are only a few things you can do. Furthermore, once you are in Edinburgh, tasting some vintage Scotch whisky in one of the old-style pubs of the city is a must!

5 reasons to visit Scotland

Glasgow on the other hand is large, dynamic, and vibrant. Don’t get me wrong, this city is also full of quaint narrow lanes, little shops, and pretty, historic buildings. However, compared to Edinburgh, Glasgow is more vibrant and cosmopolitan. You can explore several music venues, visit outstanding museums, explore the Glasgow Botanic Garden, wander around the atmospheric Glasgow Cathedral or climb up to the Lighthouse. Glasgow is full of opportunities. Also, make sure to try excellent whiskeys, smooth ales, and innovative craft beers in one of the bars. Furthermore, if you’ve had enough of the hustle and bustle of the city, you can visit one of the lush and quiet parks. It is a spectacular city, immerse yourself in it!

5 reasons to visit Scotland

4. Scotland is full of magical locations

There are plenty of hidden gems in Scotland waiting for you to discover. For example, there are the ethereal fairy pools on the Isle of Skye located at the foot of the Black Cuillins near Glenbrittle. These beautiful, crystal-clear blue pools entice numerous visitors from all over the world. The pools are fed by a series of waterfalls from the Cuillin Mountains. It’s unmissable!

Furthermore, there is the atmospheric Puck’s Glen which is a magical trail that winds along a Victorian walkway. It is deservedly the most famous short walk on the Cowal Peninsula. This scenic walking trail snakes along a dramatic rocky gorge that is said to be home to mischievous spirits. So, keep a sharp eye out! For nature lovers, it is paradise on Earth.

5 reasons to visit Scotland

5. You will find an enchanted forest

Well, by now we know that Scotland is a place of magic and wonder. However, you cannot be prepared for this ever-popular annual event that takes place in the forestry of Perthshire, the Enchanted Forest. Magic comes alive after dark here!

There are water shows, light shows, fire shows and you can even hear some magical Scottish fairy tales. Note that the team does think of the wildlife of the forest. They take all possible measures to minimize the impact on the forest environment. The Enchanted Forest tries to fuse creative talents and nature together to create an unforgettable outdoor experience. The event starts in the autumn months each year.   

Nothing can compare to the excitement of visiting an enchanted forest in the beautifully mysterious Scottish countryside! Wrap yourself up in your scarf, mittens, and coat, and head to the forest!

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