5 tips to discover the uncontaminated lands of New Zealand

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Are you tired of heading to the usual touristy destinations? Here is the chance to see something different without having to worry about personal safety or any type of disease. In fact, New Zealand has had very few cases since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is also due to the fact that it is not an overly-populated island. Therefore, great place if you want to adventure into nature and get off the crowded city streets. Read on and discover what the lands of New Zealand have to offer!

1. Lands of New Zealand: What does this country offer?

Formed by two main islands, North Island and South Island, New Zealand is a country that offers rare and unique landscapes: mountain valleys and glaciers, jungles, hot water lakes, volcanoes, beaches, and geysers. As this land is surrounded by water, the locals are known to be keen sailors, with the greatest number of boats in the world in relation to the population. Moreover, the ideal climate and the blend of tribal and British traditions make it one of the best countries for quality of life. That is mainly due to the fact that New Zealanders, including the Maori, have always paid attention to the environment. As a result, New Zealand is on the top list of places that pay attention to ecology.

2. Cities

But before you adventure into the wilderness you might want to reach the top of a skyscraper for a trendy drink. Where to do this? On top of the Sky Tower, in Auckland. Here, you can eat, walk on the glass pavement, and admire the landscape of the city.

Wellington: the capital is located on a few hills next to a port and on the gulf in the southern part of North Island. From Lambton Quay take a train to the botanical gardens, where you’ll be stunned by the landscape of the city, bays, wooden houses. Te Papa Museum in Cable Street (www.tepapa.govt.nz), is a good opportunity to learn about the country’s past, including geological events and other findings. Then, stop for a lunch break at the museum’s terrace restaurant.  Old St. Paul Cathedral is also in the surroundings of Lambton Quay and is worth a visit because of its unique internal design. Walking along Wakefield Street towards Oriental Bay you can reach Mount Victoria, a stunning panoramic spot, by passing through a forest. Courtney Place and Blair Street are where you can experience the city’s vibes, along with Cuba Street, where you’ll find live music.

3. When to go and what to take with you

Seasons are reversed here compared to Europe. The lands of New Zealand can be visited all year round, but try to avoid the busiest periods, such as Christmas. During winter it won’t be that cold. The hottest months go from November until April. Thus, the best time to go is January or February, when tourists come back home from the Christmas holidays. But what to put in your suitcase? Between November and April, you’d better bring light and sports clothes, and especially trainers. Along with that, you should take all those things you need for a summer holiday at the beach. However, don’t forget a pullover and a jacket for the evenings.

4. Lands of New Zealand: Top natural attractions

Auckland is the main entrance door to the country, its skyline consists of tall trees and a vast number of sailing boats. Take a boat from Quay Street and go on a tour of the Hauraki Gulf, with its islands, beaches, and forests, all protected by a marine park. Waiheke Island is not far: you can get there in just 30 minutes and visit it in one day. On the northern coast of Auckland is the enchanted Bay of Islands. The name comes from James Cook, who visited this place in 1769.

The center of the North Island, in the surroundings of Rotorua, consists of volcanic scenery, geysers, and steaming lakes. Not only, but the Waiotapu hot lake also offers a view of boiling mud, which results in it consisting of a variety of colors. By sea from South Island, you can get to the fiords in the Marlborough region, a great spot if sailing is your cup of tea.

From the city of Christchurch, it is possible to go on excursions that offer the chance to take a hip “Pinterest” sort of photo. For instance, don’t miss the Fiordland National Park, Westland National ParkMount Cook National Park, the highest mountain in Oceania, and Franz Josef Glacier.

5. On the menu

Recently, gastronomy has changed a lot here, as modern cuisine blends with traditional flavors, Maori and European. Fish and seafood are on the top of the list, from smoked eel to oysters and lobster. As for meat, roasted beef, venison, and lamb are part of the traditional cuisine. The kumara, a sweet Polynesian potato, often accompanies these dishes. Obviously, New Zealand is also well-known for its wineries, such as Riesling or Cabernet Sauvignon, quality-certified wines that have now become popular all over the world.

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