5 Unique Fairy-tale Places To Visit In Spain

Have you ever wanted to jump into those storybooks or a Disney fairy-tale? Be at least for a minute a princess or king of the castle and escape the every-day life? Here we’re bringing you 5 Unique Fairy-tale Places To Visit In Spain!

Alcázar de Segovia

The first on our list is a medieval castle located in the city of Segovia. It is also a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. But it is not only a beautiful sight to see. Because of its wide history, you get a chance to find out the real story behind it. And the fortification existed already in times of Roman rule, which is pretty cool. The Alcazar was originally built as a fortress but has served as a royal palace, a state prison, an artillery centre, and a military academy ever since. Take a look at our picture where the castle is compared to the one in the Disney classic Snow White. Feeling princessy yet?

View of the Alcázar de Segovia  castle on a sunny day
Alcázar de Segovia
Source: https://gibspain.com/
Alcázar de Segovia castle comparison with the Snow White Disney castle
Snow White castle and Alcázar de Segovia
Source: https://www.abc.es/

Parque Rural de Anaga

This one looks like a picture taken out of The Jungle Book. Although, Spanish climate cannot offer us typical rainforests this is the best replacement. Especially if you wanna be Mowgli but not to flight to South America. This park is located on Tenerife island. So, the location close to Africa might be a link to the greenery of this park. A flight from Málaga to Tenerife will cost you 16€! Are you ready to take a trip to a magical forest?

Costa Adeje - Parque Rural de Anaga. A shot of a forest on Tenerife Island
Costa Adeje – Parque Rural de Anaga
Source: http://www.costa-adeje.es/

Reales Alcázares de Sevilla

The Royal Alcázars of Seville, also historically known as al-Qasr al-Muriq. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even today it has royal rooms in use, making it the oldest active royal palace in Europe. The poetic names of the spaces of the Alcázar will speak for themselves: the Patio of the Maidens, the Room of the Prince, the Patio of the Dolls, the Hall of Ambassadors, the Gothic Hall of parties, the Hall of Tapestries, the Pond of Mercury, the Garden of Dance, the Garden of the Poets. Isn’t it beautiful?

The Royal Alcázars of Seville - a shot of the iconic garden
The Royal Alcázars of Seville
Source: https://cdn-imgix.headout.com/

The Alhambra

The Alhambra is from the 9th century located in Granada. It was deserted until Nasrid emir Mohammed ben Al-Ahmar built its current palace and walls with many beautiful, intricate details. Also, this was the place where Christopher Columbus got the Queen’s permission to start his expedition. While, visually, the Alhambra is serenity itself, getting access to its splendours can be a scary process. Therefore, a little forward-planning is advisable. 

The Alhambra view of the castle while sunset
The Alhambra
Source: https://makespain.com/

El Hayedo de Otzarreta

We could continue with more dreamy castles and palaces but we decided not to. Instead, we will introduce you this calm beautiful environment in Altzusta. Here you can feel like Little Red Riding Hood. Better make sure there is no Big Bad Wolf! To some of us it resembles a place from The Lord of The Rings too. What do you think?

El Hayedo de Otzarreta forest. Shot of a tree covered by green moss
El Hayedo de Otzarreta
Source: https://fotos.hoteles.net/

Bonus: Ronda, Málaga

Unfortunately, this one didn’t fit into our list. But we already included it into our 5 Hidden Gems of Andalusia article!

Image of the sight at the bridge above the River Guadalevín in Ronda.  Puente Nuevo
Puente Nuevo

These are our 5 unique places to visit in Spain that will make you feel like you’re in a fairy-tale!

Would you like to visit some of these places? Do you have more recommendations? Let us know what you think! Unfortunately, we know that some of the tours are closed due to the current situation. Therefore, we advise to check out the sight´s official pages. But, if you’re getting impatient… For now, check out our article on how to travel after the pandemic!