Top 7 main reasons why you should visit Spain

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Spain is one of the most popular countries for traveling in Europe. Travellers from all over the world come here for a whole year. A vacation here gives tourists memories that will last a lifetime and are impossible to forget. We can endlessly list the reasons why you should visit Spain at least once in your life.

We associate Spain with the hot sun, the gentle Mediterranean Sea, and comfortable beaches. However, this is not the only advantage of this sunny country. This is a state with a rich history, which has left many traces in the form of luxurious ancient architecture. Excursions through the romantic streets of Spain can be alternated with hiking in the mountains, where you can admire the stunning views. And Spain is also famous for its amazing cuisine, which deserves your special attention.

In addition, Spain is an eternal holiday, where you will never have the opportunity to get bored. After all, this country is the birthplace of crazy bullfighting and exciting flamenco. In short, buy tickets to Spain and see everything with your own eyes. To inspire you for this trip, we have prepared the top main reasons why you should visit Spain.

Stunning beaches

The warm sea and gentle sun are the main reasons why you should visit Spain. Spain has more than 5000 km of coastline and hundreds of beaches to choose from! You will definitely find a suitable option for yourself, regardless of whether you like secluded places, an abundance of restaurants and water slides, or you want to try your talent in various types of water sports. All the beaches in Spain are different but equally beautiful, picturesque and, more importantly, very clean. For sure, one of the main advantages of the beaches of Spain is that they confirm their status as environmentally friendly with dignity. Blue EU flags are fluttering on almost every beach in Spain.

A wide selection of excursions

Throughout history, many different people lived in various autonomous regions of Spain. They left a trace of their culture in architectural monuments, frescoes, and national dishes. Spain is literally full of various attractions — theaters, ancient monuments, cathedrals, arenas, and museums. This is the birthplace of Salvador Dali, Velasquez, Antonio Gaudi, and many other world-famous creators. In this country, you can enjoy the view of the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, the House of Mila, the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, the National Palace, and hundreds of other architectural monuments.

Cheap prices

In addition to the beautiful resorts, stunning architecture, and rich nature, Spain also attracts tourists due to inexpensive prices. According to the reviews of tourists, they were all pleasantly surprised by the prices in bars, restaurants, and clubs here. Moreover, for such cheap prices, Spain offers really excellent service, a variety of entertainment and very tasty food. The cheapest destinations in the country are Tenerife, Costa Brava, and Costa Dorada,

The best night parties

Spain has become famous as a country with the craziest parties. The most popular place for such is, of course, Ibiza. However, there are many more affordable places to have fun in Spain. In every city, you can visit nightclubs, roof-top parties, and incendiary beach parties. There you can dance throughout the night, enjoy the Spanish sangria and meet a lot of new people.

Spanish wines

Spanish wines are distinguished not only by their unique taste but also by an attractive price. In what other country in the world can you buy excellent wine for only 3-4 euros? The culture of wine production passed to Spain from Ancient Rome, where this drink was consumed no less often than water. Many famous wineries to this day do not reveal their secrets of making this wonderful drink.

Amazing cuisine

The national Spanish cuisine has been formed for centuries under the influence of various cultures of the peoples who inhabited the Iberian Peninsula. Spanish cuisine has become much more popular in recent years, turning into one of the most important in the world. Moreover, you can have a great lunch not only in an expensive restaurant but also in a small cafe in Spain. Spaniards are very responsible about cooking, so you don’t have a chance to try something tasteless. Among the most famous dishes of Spain that you should definitely try are the national paella, potato tortilla, gazpacho, horse mackerel, Santiago cake, and, of course, seafood dishes.


In Spain, it is worth buying not only exclusive souvenirs, unique local wine, olive oil, or Jamon. The above-mentioned is just the minimum that you can bring from Spain. However, due to the low price and excellent quality, we strongly recommend you to expand the shopping list! Take a closer look at the price of clothing, shoes, natural Spanish cosmetics. Find out if your vacation falls within a sales season. Of course, even in Spain, you will have to pay a sufficient amount for a really good designer pieces, but this amount will be much less than, for example, in Paris or New York. In addition, Spain is the birthplace of such brands as Mango, ZARA, Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear, Oysho, Bershka, Stradivarius. Thanks to this, the choice in these stores is much wider than in your country.

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