Northern lights and midnight sun: 7 places you can’t miss in Norway

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Homeland of the Vikings Norway is one of the most fantastic countries in the world, which is at the peak of economic development today. It is one of the three countries that form Northern Scandinavia. Due to its geographical location, Norway is a series of stunning natural landscapes that you can enjoy endlessly. The incredible nature makes Norway one of the places you can`t miss.

But in addition to the incredible nature, Norway can surprise you with many more things — the majestic and cozy capital of Northern Europe, Oslo, excellent ski resorts for outdoor enthusiasts, arctic exotics, and also very tasty and unique cuisine (with lots of salmon). Thanks to the rich past, many cities in Norway are real open-air museums that you can explore endlessly. And small towns with tiny houses surrounded by glaciers will give you the impression that you are in a real fairy tale. In short, if you want to know the harsh beauty of the North, you should definitely come here. In order for you to fully enjoy the atmosphere of this country, we have prepared for you a list of places that you can`t miss in Norway.

1. Places you can’t miss in Norway: Oslo

Oslo is the capital and largest city of Norway. It is one of the most modern and environmentally friendly capitals in Europe. Here you can enjoy an abundance of interesting (mostly modern) architecture, museums, restaurants, and shops. Despite being the third-largest city in Scandinavia, Oslo is a surprisingly compact, comfortable, and peaceful city. Here, modern landscapes are juxtaposed with stunning natural beauties of fjords and wooded hills. Despite its centuries-old history, Oslo is a very modern city. The absence of many ancient buildings is explained by the strongest fire in the 17th century, which destroyed the old wooden Oslo.

What to visit:

  • The Royal Palace is a royal residence built in the 19th century in the neoclassical style;
  • Akershus Castle is an ancient castle founded at the end of the 13th century;
  • Ekebergparken Sculpture Park, surrounded by beautiful landscapes with several viewing platforms.

2. Places you can’t miss in Norway: Tromso

The capital of the Arctic, Tromso, is located right in the center of Northern Norway. You need to come here if your wish list includes the aurora borealis, whale watching, midnight sun, and incredible adventures in nature. Enjoy the excellent conditions for skiing and hiking in the Lyngen Fjord Region, get acquainted with the Sami culture in the cities of Karashok and Alta, and set foot on the northernmost point of Europe – Cape Nordkap. In the eastern part of this vast region is located the Varanger Peninsula, a paradise for lovers of ornithology. Catch a king crab and go dog sledding in Kirkenes, where you can also spend the night in an ice hotel. There are several islands worth visiting in the vicinity of Tromso, including the islands of Senja, Ser-Kvalei, and Sommarei.

3. Lofoten — Nordland Province

Stunning peaks, sparkling fjords, authentic fishing villages and beaches, as in the picture — and all this is about the Lofoten Islands. Not to mention the northern lights and the midnight sun! The best advice is to come here not during the summer season, but when most tourists leave. A higher level of active recreation awaits you if you visit the paradise for skiing and hiking – Narvik and the little-known natural pearl of the Helgeland coast a little to the south. Here you can drive along the Coastal Route between Trendelag and Bude – this road is one of the most scenic trips in the world. The lively coastal town of Will, the largest in the province of Nordland, offers a lot of outdoor entertainment, as well as a rich cultural life. By the way, in 2024 it will become the Cultural Capital of Europe.

What you need to know: Despite the geographical location of the islands, the weather here is relatively warm. This is due to the close proximity of the warm Gulf Stream.

4. Bergen and the Western Fjords

In Norway’s second-largest city, Bergen, world-historical heritage sites are combined with innovative fashion, restaurants, and progressive music venues. Bergen is the gateway to some of Norway’s most famous fjords. Among them are the Sognefjord, the longest and deepest fjord, and the Hardanger Fjord located in the south – in its vicinity is the famous Trolltunga mountain plateau. A trip on the Flom railway is one of the most beautiful trips in the world.

5. Places you can’t miss in Norway: Stavanger Region

Stavanger is the largest city in the south-western part of the country and an excellent starting point if you want to visit such famous natural sites as Luce Fjord and Prekestulen. The coast of Jæren is a paradise for lovers of lounging on the beach. Here are some of the widest and snow-white beaches in Norway. Fans of surfing and kiting will also have something to do.

6. Trondheim and Trondelag

Trondelag province, located right in the middle of Norway, equally attracts history lovers, gourmets, and active nature researchers. The student city of Trondheim is the capital of the region, known as the birthplace of Scandinavian tastes. And in the Dovrefjell mountains, you can admire amazing creatures – musk oxen.

What to do: Go fishing, bike, and ski, or go hiking on one of the nine pilgrimage trails of the Way of St. Olaf. Enjoy the smells of fresh local produce while traveling along the Golden Road in the municipality of Innherred. Take a trip to the past, walking through the UNESCO-listed mining town of Rerus.

7. Kristiansand and Southern Norway

Southern Norway with its lovely beaches, thousands of islands, and the most sunny days of the year compared to other regions is a real summer paradise. There are many beautiful coastal towns located here: Riser, Arendal, Grimstad, Mandal and Flekkfjord. And in the Setesdal Valley, you will find the birthplace of old Norwegian traditions.

You can`t miss:

  • In Lindesnes you will also find the outstanding Michelin-starred restaurant “Under”, the largest underwater restaurant in the world;
  • Dyreparken Zoo and Amusement park is an ideal place for kids;
  • Not far from Kristiansand is the Lindesnes Lighthouse, the southernmost point of mainland Norway.

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