8 places from movies and TV shows that you can see in real life

In most cases, tourists have quite obvious travel goals. Someone just wants to relax on warm beaches with a Pina Colada cocktail, someone is going to visit all the sights of the city within reach, and someone is looking for the best nightclubs with amazing parties. However, sometimes the purpose of the trip is quite unexpected. For example, the desire to immerse yourself in the fantastic world and see the places from movies and TV shows.

It’s impossible to deny that we all love movies. Of course, everyone at least once wanted to be in the world of their favorite movie or TV series (unless, of course, it’s Game of Thrones). Fortunately, the filming takes place not only in the pavilions of film studios but also in real places in various corners of the globe.

Sometimes such places are familiar to everyone — for example, London, Paris, New York and so on, and sometimes it happens in very small towns. But quite often movies and TV series are filmed in such little-known corners of the planet that absolutely no one knows about them. But thanks to such PR, these places instantly become famous immediately after the premiere. After that, a huge stream of tourists rushes there, who want to see in reality places from the fantastic universe. In this article, we have collected 8 of the most famous cities in which the filming of famous films and TV series took place.

1. Places from movies and TV shows: New York, USA

Of course, New York takes the leading place in filming movies right after Hollywood (which is pretty obvious to everyone, so we didn’t mention it). New York is a more remarkable city in terms of urban landscapes. So it is not surprising that many films have been shot here. For example, in the famous Spider-Man, the main character works as a photojournalist in a publishing house located in the famous Iron building. Such famous films as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, “Leon”, “Once Upon a Time in America”, “Carlito’s Way”, TV series “Sex and the City”, “How I Met Your Mother” and many, many others were filmed here. A separate attraction that directors love is Central Park. There was filming of “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York”, “Cruel Intentions”, “Elf” and many others.

2. London, United Kingdom

Despite the absence of Hollywood, the UK is not far behind the US in terms of film locations. Of course, many locations in the city were used in various films – from “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” to the main Christmas movie “Real Love”. No James Bond movie is complete without shots of the British intelligence building MI-6 on the Thames. And of course, London plays a major role in the filming of Harry Potter films. For example, there is the famous platform 9 3/4.

3. Places from movies and TV shows: Rome, Italy

Many great directors, and, accordingly, their films, have an Italian residence permit. This country deservedly claims to be the world capital of masterpieces of art in all their manifestations. And, of course, most of the famous films took place in Rome, the capital of the country. Such cult films as “Sweet Life” and “Roman Holidays” were shot here, as well as “Madly in Love”, “The Talented Mr. Rippley”, “Fantomas raged”, “Eat Pray Love” and about a hundred less well-known films.

4. Places from movies and TV shows: Towns of Ireland

Great Britain’s neighbor, Ireland, also likes to appear on our screens. However, she does not always appear in the role of herself. So, in the film “Saving Private Ryan”, the village of Carraclough appeared as the landing site of the Allies in Normandy. And considering the most photogenic beach alley, Dark Hedges appeared in the cult series “Game of Thrones” as the Royal Highway — the main transport artery of Westeros. In Ireland, other locations of the series were also filmed — for example, in the Larribane quarry, and in Ward Castle.

Dark Hedges, Ireland

5. Madrid, Spain

Most of all, Madrid became famous thanks to the filming of the series “Paper House”. This TV show is famous far beyond the borders of Spain. The filming locations of this series in Madrid have their own secrets. In the first season, people in Dali masks commit a robbery of the Spanish Royal Mint. However, this is not quite true. In fact, we are talking about the building of the Higher Center for Scientific Research. You can see its attention-grabbing facade on Serrano Street. The same technique directors use for filming the robbery of the Bank of Spain, which took place in the buildings of the New ministries. We are sure that during your stay in Madrid you will recognize other filming locations. Do you remember the scene with the rain of banknotes? It was filmed in Callao Square. Helicopters, from which money is scattered, fly over the towers of the Madrid Business Area. The filming of the popular youth TV series “Elite” also took place here.

6. Seville, Spain

Since we are talking about Spain, we will not forget Seville. “Star Wars” is one of the most famous sagas in the history of cinema. However, not everyone will be able to recognize the Square of Spain in Seville in the second episode of the modern part of this saga (“Attack of the Clones”). George Lucas chose this landmark of Seville to film the arrival of Senator Amidala, accompanied by Anakin Skywalker and R2D to the planet Naboo.

7. Canary Islands

Regardless of whether you like the novels of Andrzej Sapkowski, the series will allow you to see the amazing landscapes. These places are quite real, despite the fact that a fantasy story in the medieval style unfolds against their background. Here are some of these landscapes: Roque Nublo, dunes in Maspalomas (on the island of Gran Canaria), Roque de Los Muchachos, and lime forests on the island of Palma, as well as El Cedro – a mysterious place on the island of Gomera.

8. Places from movies and TV shows: Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

The Phi Phi Islands became famous thanks to the cult film “The Beach”. The island that Leonardo DiCaprio’s character got to in the movie “The Beach” also looks like a paradise on Earth in real life. Now the island has become one of the most visited places in Thailand. For an additional fee, you can join the walking tour and even stay overnight on the island.