Top 9 Most Beautiful Theatres in Europe

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There is so much to see during a European trip. Starting from the historical architecture, the modern structures, the culture. Moving on to the shopping centres, the traditional food and the nightlife. But many tourists are also interested in looking for the most beautiful theatres in Europe. In fact, most of the European cities also feature splendid theatres and opera houses that are definitely worth to visit.

Let’s explore some of the most famous opera houses and theatres in Europe. Of course there are a lot more than this, but in the meantime, here’s a list of 9 theatres that we chose for you!

1. The Globe Theatre

London, England

Theatres in Europe: The Globe
Shakespeare’s Globe, London

To begin with, we have London‘s most famous Globe. Also known as Shakespeare’s Globe, it was an Elizabethan playhouse where the dramatist wrote and performed his plays. Originally built in 1599, it was destroyed by a fire in 1613, then rebuilt and eventually demolished in 1644. Nowadays you will see a reconstruction based on certified 17th century evidence. Though you should know that the capacity of the theatre today approximately is almost five times the original one!

You can go there and watch most of Shakespeare’s plays, which are regularly performed, as well as other original plays and musicals from many different theatre companies and orchestras.

Additionally, you can book tours of the theatre and other touristic activities, social events and more.

2. Wiener Staatsopper (Vienna State Opera)

Vienna, Austria

Wiener Staatsopper, Vienna

Another one of the most beautiful theatres in Europe definitely is the Vienna State Opera, the most famous opera house in Vienna. Originally built in during the 19th century and functioning as the court opera, it is now home to the Vienna State Opera’s orchestra. Moreover, it hosts the Vienna State Ballet and the annual Vienna Opera Ball.

There you can attend many classical performances, especially of Mozart’s opera, as well as modern ones. What’s peculiar is that this opera house hosts many children’s productions, which makes it the perfect occasion for a family night out in Vienna. With its beautiful architecture, talented performers and great staff, you can’t miss the opportunity to visit this theatre.

3. Stani Opera Praha (Prague State Opera)

Prague, Czech Republic

Stani Opera Praha, Prague

Moving on to another one of the stunning theatres in Europe, we recommend you to see the Prague State Opera. It brings on stage hundreds of performances every year, and its beauty deserves to be discovered. It’s part of the complex of the National Theatre of Prague and dates back to the late 19th century.

You will fall in love with its stunning interiors – with their classical style, they’re a true work of art. You may hear of it as “The Golden Chapel”. There you’ll be able to attend a great variety of performances, and also participate to guided tours in the weekends. This will grant you the opportunity to enjoy and discover the beautiful structure of the theatres in all its spaces, and learn more about the history and the culture that it holds.

4. Opéra National de Paris

Paris, France

Palais Garnier, Paris

Of course we should mention Paris and its National Opera among the most beautiful theatres in Europe. The Opéra Nacional de Paris includes Palais Garnier and the Opéra Bastille. The latter hosts most of the opera and ballet performances, and it’s located on Place de la Bastille.

Now, let’s check out Palais Garnier, one of France’s monuments historiques. It mostly hosts ballet and baroque opera. It was built during the 19th century by the Emperor Napoleon III. Moreover, it inspired Gaston Leurox for his novel The Phantom of the Opera and the character of Madame de Guermantes from Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time.

The opera houses have an average capacity of more than 2000 people. Here you can watch a great variety of performances or book a tour to discover the beautifully decorated interiors, the stunning art and furniture, and learn more about the history of these places.

5. Teatro Alla Scala

Milan, Italy

Theatres in Europe: Teatro alla Scala
Teatro alla Scala, Milan

Moving on to Italy, we chose to mention the famous Teatro alla Scala in Milan. It was founded at the behest of the Empress Maria Teresa of Austria and officially opened in 1778. The premiere performance was Europa Riconosciuta from Antonio Salieri. Here you can discover more about Italian history and culture, enjoy a good night out at the opera and attend many unmissable performances.

The beautiful interiors were restored at the beginning of the 20th century and you will be able to enjoy its great style and acoustic while listening to the best orchestras and performers.

6. Teatro Español

Madrid, Spain
Teatro Español, Madrid

Proceed to discover Madrid’s Teatro Español. Walk up to calle Principe and you will find yourself in front of this beautiful opera house. Opened in the 16th century, it can hold up to 763 people and it’s one of the oldest theatres in the world. Watch many different performances, from the classical to the contemporary ones and wander through the sophisticated interiors.

Book your tickets or a tour, and take the opportunity to spend a special night out in Madrid with your family or your friends.

7. Bolshoi Theatre

Moscow, Russia

Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow

Next, we have the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. Find it on Teatralnaya Square, and discover the place who’s home to world-famous ballet and opera companies. In 1877 it hosted the premiere of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. You can behold many instances of classical Russian opera and ballet, as well as the ones of some Italian composers.

Nowadays you will admire the restoration from 2011, which still preserves the original imperial style. Buy your tickets on the theatre’s website, dress up and be ready for a fancy night out at this beautiful theatre.

8. Juliusz Slowacki Theatre

Krakow, Poland

Juliusz Slowacki Theatre, Krakow

Now let’s move to Poland with another beautiful theatre in Europe, born in 1893. You will love Krakow’s Juliusz Slowacki Theatre, one of the major centres of Polish culture and an unmissable stop in your trip. The theatre hosted the first performances of Polish Romantic Literature.

What’s more, it was home to the concept of the modernist movement Young Poland, which promoted revolutionary instances of art, music and literature.

9. Hungarian State Opera House

Budapest, Hungary

Theatres in Europe: Hungarian State Opera House
Hungarian State Opera House, Budapest

Finally, our last theatre is the Hungarian State Opera House in Budapest, built in the 19th century. You will find it at Andrássy út 20. Enjoy the perfect combination of neo-Renaissance and Baroque style, learn about the famous artists and composers who have performed here, and grab your tickets to attend a show. You can also see the Hungarian National Ballet perform here.

Furthermore, you can book guided tours and visit the whole theatre during the afternoon hours.

The theatre’s official websites:

Shakespeare’s Globe, London

Wiener Staatsopper, Vienna

Stani Opera Praha, Prague

– Opéra National de Paris, Paris

– Teatro alla Scala, Milan

– Teatro Español, Madrid

Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow

Juliusz Slowacki Theatre, Krakow

Hungarian State Opera House, Budapest

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