Best Beaches in Malaga: Top 5 for an Unforgettable Holiday

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Do you want to lay back and enjoy the sun at some of the most celebrated coastal places in Spain? Well, you are in the right place then. Malaga is proud to have some of the best beaches in Andalusia, so whether you are looking for fun and action on the beach or a tranquil family holiday, you will definitely find the right spot that suits your needs. In this article, we invite you to discover some of the best beaches in Malaga you can lay on. Remember, all of them are different from one another. Explore them all!

At the end of the article, we also give you some tips on where to stay in Malaga. So make sure to read till the end!

1. Best beaches in Malaga: La Malagueta

Malagueta beach might not be the most stunning on this list, however, it is definitely the most convenient when it comes to the matter of location: it is the nearest of all. If you are visiting Malaga only for a weekend and have to squeeze in a lot of sightseeing, this beach is the perfect choice for you.

Why is it one of the best beaches?

When you are talking about Malaga and beaches, this is the one that pops up in everyone’s head. Malagueta is the most beloved beach where everyone goes after work.
It is a perfect place for a family fun day and offers ample leisure and entertainment possibilities such as volleyball courts, playgrounds, sunbeds, beach umbrella rentals, or sailing equipment. This makes it the perfect spot to make new friends whilst enjoying a volley match.

Malaga beaches

Where can I find it?

You can reach it by only a 10-minute walk going through the beautiful seaport and the harbor. You can also get here via public transport by taking bus number 14 and getting off at Paseo de la Farola. (From here it’s approximately a 10-minute walk.)

2. Best beaches in Malaga: El Palo

Situated in the western area of Malaga’s coastline, Palo beach can boast about fine sand and shallow waters. Why is it a perfect spot for relaxing? Since it is in a friendly residential area, it is much more frequented by locals than tourists which makes it possible for you to get to taste a little bit of the authentic Andalusian lifestyle.

The other highlight of this beach is that it is located in one of the old fishermen’s neighborhoods of the city. Therefore, seafood is truly exceptional here! You can enjoy some of the best-smoked sardines and grilled fish of Malaga.

Why is this beach exceptional?

Palo beach and its neighborhood are all about gastronomy, vintage ‘chiringuitos’, townhouses, tranquillity, and living outside. No wonder it is one of the most sought-after places to live in.

Malaga beaches

Where can I find it?

We highly recommend going to Palo beach by bike (cycle paths directly from Malaga) to be able to enjoy some scenic views along the coast. However, if you prefer, you can also take bus (number 11 or 34).

3. Best beaches in Malaga: La Misericordia

Misericordia Beach is set in a picturesque corner of Malaga. It lies between the mouth of the Guadalhorce and Huelin beach, making it one of the longest beaches in Malaga.
As you are approaching the beach, you will notice two large chimneys. These are 19th century chimneys, remnants of old factories, and vestiges of Malaga’s industrial past.

Since it is a very wide beach it makes it ideal for all kinds of sports activities, especially volleyball. The beach is full of nets and you will always find some groups of people playing. Feel free to join them, people are so friendly here!

Why is this beach special?

Misericordia Beach has a very interesting feature. During summer afternoons, you can witness a phenomenon called Ola del Melillero (Melillero Wave). The arrivals of high-speed ferries from Melilla docks to the Port of Málaga cause a slight increase in sea level. As a result, waves get bigger. No wonder this place is popular among surfers!

Malaga beaches

Where can I find it?

Located in the outskirts of Malaga, you have two options to get here. From downtown Malaga, you can drive to this beach via the MA-20 motorway or you can take bus number 5 getting on at the Alameda Principal (Centre) and getting off at Castellón de la Plana. After a pleasant 10-minute walk, you will arrive at this beach.

4. Best beaches in Malaga: Cabopino

Cabopino beach is a new five-star beach on the Malaga coastline. It is characterized by fine sand, breathtaking dunes, and striking indigenous vegetation. There is a walkway to help you take in views and with the right conditions you can see not only Gibraltar but Morocco as well. How exciting!

This beach is a little gem and has something for everyone. We recommend visiting this beach on a weekday to be able to relax and enjoy nature at its finest. (During the weekend it can get quite crowded.)

Malaga beaches

Where can I find it?

Cabopino Beach is in the town of Marbella, situated just 13 kilometers east of the city center and about 45 kilometers from Malaga. If you are heading there from Malaga, take the road N340-A7 westwards towards Marbella. The exit for Cabopino will be clearly signposted.

5. Best beaches in Malaga: Peñón del Cuervo

Peñon del Cuervo Beach belongs to an idyllic little beachside town outside of Malaga, La Cala de Moral. The beach is famous for its rock formation that divides the shore into two areas. It is simply beautiful!

Note that this place does not have beach bars or restaurants so make sure to have some food and drinks with you. However, it is equipped with tables and barbecue grills so you can easily organize a lovely picnic or a party here.

Where can I find it?

It is about 6 kilometers from the center of Malaga, just after El Palo Beach. You can easily get here by car (there is a car park next to the beach) or by catching bus number 11 from the center of Malaga, heading towards El Palo. However, probably the best way to get here is by bike since there are ample scenic cycle paths running from Malaga. Just keep going east, following the roadside and passing the port El Candado, you will arrive at Peñón del Cuervo Beach.

Do you want some tips about where to stay in Malaga?

Malaga is blessed with fantastic districts, however, there are some outstanding areas where you can easily make the most out of your trip:

1. Old Town

Well, you simply cannot go wrong by staying in the city center. Everything is within walking distance and you will be spoilt for choices on what to eat, drink and do.

2. El Perchel

It is the best place to stay in Malaga if you are looking for budget-friendly accommodation. However, it is still close to the city center.

3. La Merced

Are you more of a nightlife person? La Merced should be your pick then since it is full of lively bars, clubs, and restaurants. It is the entertainment center of the city!

4. Soho

Do you fancy street art? If so, this district will impress you with its detailed portraiture to colorful abstracts. It is also a quite small neighborhood so once you have explored all of its corners, you can head to the center. It is only a pleasant 10-minute walk!

5. Pedregalejo

Pedregalejo is out to the east of the old town, further along, the coast. It is a wonderful pick for families because of its brilliant beach spots! Not to mention the phenomenal seafood restaurants here!

Before you go, have a look at some of the official pages of the above-menioned beaches:

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