Best beaches in Spain: Top 11 best spots

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This article will inevitably put you in the mood for some vacations! You will find out about the most beautiful and interesting beaches there are to see in Spain. This will most certainly help you plan a Spanish trip if you love to sunbathe and go for a stroll on the beach. Enjoy this Top 12 of the best beaches in Spain!

#1 Best Beaches in Spain: Cala Agulla

Cala Agulla is on the East coast of Mallorca. Mallorca is a beautiful Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea, East of Spain. Cala Agulla is ten minutes away by bus from Capdepera, a charming historical village. The beach itself has clear water and rocks so that you can climb and explore if you are getting tired of lying on the sand. There are numerous restaurants, bars, and cafés around so you have everything you might need.

Best beaches in Spain
Cala Agulla in Mallorca, Image from Pixabay

#2 Best beaches in Spain: Playa del Silencio

The Playa del Silencio is on the North coast of Spain, by the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is against a cliff which forms a circular alcove around it. This is a truly magical spot, perfect to take a stroll in a gorgeous setting. The closest rather big city is Aviles, an hour away from the beach by bus. However, around the beach, there are various smaller towns where you can find what you need in terms of food and other facilities.

#3 Playa de Ses Illetes

The Playa de Ses Illetes is on the Formentera Island, one of the Balearic Islands. The beach itself is on a strip of land that stretches north of the island. This is a beach with beautiful clear water as well as gorgeous views. You might want to bring your lunch with you because the restaurants around get full quickly. It is also a great day trip to take from the island of Ibiza if you are staying there.

#4 Playa de Alcudia

This beach is in the northeast of the island of Mallorca. Alcúdia beach is a 7-km strip of sand with pretty shallow water, so this beach is great for kids or people who are not that comfortable with deep waters. Alcúdia beach is very clean, perfect for families. You will have a lot of options for your lunch. Indeed, Alcúdia is a very popular resort for people who spend their vacation with children. The old town dates back to the 13th century, adding to the charm of the place.

#5 Best beaches in Spain: Playa de Roda

The Playa de Roda is on the Cíes Islands, off the shore of Vigo which is on the west coast of Spain. This beach is made of beautiful white sand in the form of a crescent. Behind the beach, you will find dunes and pine trees. Near the beach, you will find a few places to eat and drink, as well as a camping spot. If you want to spend your vacations rather isolated but still with all the comfort, the Cíes Islands and Roda beach are perfect for you.

Cíes Islands
Beach in the Cíes Islands, Picture from Unsplash

#6 Playa del Cañuelo

The Playa del Cañuelo is on the South coast of Spain, by the Strait of Gibraltar. You will find a lot of services near the beach, such as restaurants. In addition to that, there are several interesting sites nearby. Indeed, there are the remains of Baelo Claudia, an ancient Roman city only 13 minutes away by car and less than an hour away on foot. The surroundings are also very appropriate for a nice hike with a beautiful landscape. 

#7 Best beaches in Spain: Ses Salines

Ses Salines is a municipality in the South of Ibiza. The beaches there are unique; secluded and wild. You will find wetlands and salt beds, gathering a lot of birds. Some of the Ses Salines beaches are great to observe nature, while others are more Ibiza-style, meaning there are bars on the beach and such. This municipality offers a much-appreciated diversity on this island that can be a little too lively sometimes.

#8 La Concha

The beach of La Concha is in Donostia-San Sebastian by the La Concha Bay. The city of Donostia-San Sebastian is on the extreme northeast coast of Spain, near the French border. This is a perfect destination for your vacation because the city is rather big, with everything you could need. However, it is not that huge to make you feel overwhelmed by it. There are many activities near the beach such as the aquarium and the San Telmo Museum.

Best beaches in Spain, La Concha
Beach of La Concha in Donostia-San Sebastian, Picture from Pixabay

#9 Es Trenc Beach

This beach is in Mallorca, on the southern coast. Es Trenc is part of the “Natural Area of Special Interest” Es Trenc-Salobrar de Campos. The beach is pretty big, 10-km long, and very popular for its calm as well as shallow waters. Fleur de sel or flor de sal is harvested closeby behind the beach. The combination of the dunes with the soft sand and the landscape of salt lakes creates a beautiful environment to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach.

#10 Playa de las Catedrales

The tenth on the list of best beaches in Spain is Playa de las Catedrales or As Catedrais Beach. It is on the North coast of Spain and is very special. Indeed, when the tide is low, you can admire a series of unique rocks, arches, and caves. As Catedrais Beach is such a magical place that during the high season you need to buy tickets to access it. However, you don’t need the temperature to be hot to enjoy the scenery, you just won’t be able to go for a swim.

#11 Best beaches in Spain: Las Arenas

This beach in Valencia has the perfect location, in the big city of Valencia on the East coast of Spain by the Balearic Sea. Las Arenas is very popular not only because of its location but also for its quality. There is a promenade by the beach where you will find restaurants and bars. This spot is as good for sunbathing as it is for swimming or just spending a nice moment with friends or family, or even relax by yourself.

Es Trenc Beach
Es Trenc Beach in Mallorca, Image from Pixabay

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