Best Places for Co-working in Malaga, Spain: Top 5

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Do you know what co-working is? You might think that it is simply a shared office space with some chairs and desks scattered in a room. But you are far from the truth. An ideal space for effective co-working is so much more than that. You need a place where others motivate you and keep you going on. So imagine a community of like-minded workers with whom you can share your thoughts and work alongside. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best places for co-working in Malaga. Furthermore, if you are struggling with finding quiet cafés with a fast internet connection, enough power outlets and great service, stop searching and keep reading till the end because we also included some cool laptop-friendly places. Enjoy a cup of good coffee, boost your concentration and productivity, and stay motivated!

Best places for Co-working in Málaga

1. Best Places for Co-working in Malaga: The Living Room

The Living Room was officially founded in 2015 and it quickly became the international co-working space of Málaga. Why international? Well, there are more than 100 professionals working in various fields from over 20 nationalities. So it is a diverse and vibrant big family of freelancers, autonomous professionals, entrepreneurs, start-uppers and remote workers.

What does The Living Room offer?  

– A big family of freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-uppers and remote workers who all help out each other.
– A cozy and welcoming space where you can laugh, share and learn from others.
– Spacious desks, voice and video conferencing areas, and fast internet connection.
– A lovely kitchen and coffee corner where you can enjoy your home-made food or take-away.
– If you want a change of scenery, just walk straight up to the terrace and enjoy the sunshine.
– And most importantly, it gives you an excellent working and socializing experience. This space opens up your mind and makes you want to go to work every single day.

Leave the lonely experience of working from home behind and be a part of this wonderful co-working family in Málaga!

2. Best Places for Co-working in Malaga: Innovation Campus Coworking

Do you want to work in a professional and inspiring working environment? Do you want to be part of a wonderful business-minded community? Innovation Campus Coworking might be your second home then. It is proud to have three locations. For instance, one of them is at walking distance from the train station and the historical centre, the second location is only a few meters from la Malagueta, the most famous beach in Málaga, and the third location is the Innovation Campus Malaga Villa. The latter is in the exclusive Limonar neighborhood, hosted in a splendid hotel.

What does the Innovation Campus Coworking offer?

– A beautiful and bright ground floor office.
– A central location with 24/7 access.
– A stylish and inspiring working environment.
– Bright and comfortable private office spaces.
– Fully equipped meeting rooms. (Projector, whiteboard and high-speed internet connection.)
– Activities, events and workshops with an international community.
– Discounts in bars, gyms and business services.
– In addition to the co-working and the private offices, an amazing rooftop co-working area also awaits you.

So, this is an ideal place for innovators, start-uppers and business-minded people. Give it a try!

3. Best Places for Co-working in Malaga: Santander Work Café

Santander Work Café is a little bit different from the previously mentioned co-working spaces, since it is a collaborative space open to everyone. This innovative space serves both customers and non-customers. Moreover, it has shared offices where professionals with diverse skills and interests can come together to work, connect and create opportunities.

What does Santander Work Café offer?

– Location in the heart of the city.
Unlimited Wi-Fi access.
Free co-working desks.
– Bookable private meeting rooms.
– You can participate free talks and events at the Work Café and online. These events include inspirational sessions led by local businesses, industry specialists and market experts.

Keep in mind that it does not matter if you are a client or not, everyone is welcome. You can work, connect to the internet, hold meetings and attend events. In fact, Santander Work Café is a three-in-one: it brings a bank, co-working area and a coffee house together. What else could you need?

Best places for Co-working in Málaga

4. My favourite place: El Último Mono Juice & Coffee

Perched in the heart of the city, close to the main square of Málaga, there lies hidden this amazing café. This is the sort of place where you can bring your laptop and set about to work or take a good book and relax. No matter what time you arrive, you will always see someone working hard on their laptop while enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee or tasty smoothie. Seeing others working will help you stay motivated too!

Why choosing this café to work from?

– Location in the city centre, fast service, the staff is super friendly and chatty.
Fast internet connection and sufficient power outlets.
– It has the finest smoothies, juices, coffees, and baked goods that you must try as a refreshment.
– Appealing retro-chic design.
– You can choose working on a table or getting more comfortable on one of the sofas.
– They let you sit for as long as you want.

Though it is a popular place, the service is quick and many get a take-away coffee so it is not too crowded and most probably you will find a seat easily. If you are looking for a laptop-friendly café in Málaga, be sure to give El Último Mono a visit! Trust me, it is a little gem of a find.

A Café with all you need:

5. La Bella Julieta

La Bella Julieta is another popular café among workers, for a good reason. Not only is it about the free Wifi access, but it is much rather the cozy atmosphere that attracts many high-spirited workers. Moreover, it is also popular among residents which is a good sign too, right?

So why choosing this café to work from?

– It is well located and quiet.
– There is good internet connection and sufficient power outlets.
– It has a simple, clean, lovely atmosphere which boosts your productivity.
– The food is tasty, fresh and well-presented.
Prices for drinks and food are reasonable.
– They let you sit for as long as you want.

Grab a quick bite, a coffee, and work from this place comfortably.

Before you go, check out the official websites of the above-mentioned co-working places:

The Living Room
Innovation Campus Coworking
Santander Work Café

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