Best Hammam in Granada that You Can’t Miss: Top 5

Granada is a city known worldwide for its historical attractions. A city that stands out for its architectural ensembles such as the Alcazaba and the Alhambra, its Arab quarters, churches and cathedrals. A city that has left the world an important Arab legacy, from traditions to leisure activities that are nowadays a trend. 

One of the most attractive traditions that seamlessly blends leisure with health is the hammam or Arab baths. These places are not just a typical spa adventure, but a whole body soak and mind cleanse. They are decorated with Islamic motifs and can be found in the central areas of Granada. The hammam are popular among the tourists and locals alike who are looking to experience an ancient ritual of hygiene in an oasis of tranquillity.

Here is a top list of the best hammam in Granada that you must experience if you visit this mystical city.

1. Hammam Al Andalus – Arab Baths Granada

best hammam in Granada

This hammam located in the city center is considered one of the best hammam in Granada because it changes its services every season to make you feel part of the nature that you are immersed in.

The numerous services it offers, combined between massages and baths, are the following:

Miyah – Arab bath and massage

Emerge consists of an Arab bath, a free tour of the thermal baths with hot and cold water, and a steam room. It lasts 90 minutes.

Mimma is the perfect mix to take care of your skin. It consists of a 75-minute Arabic bath and a 15-minute relaxing massage with oils.

Also, Midra is an excellent choice to escape from stress. You will start with a water journey, which will continue with a traditional Kesa on a bed of hot stones applied with a cotton fiber glove and natural soap paste, very foamy and creamy in the style of the original Hammam. This experience will be followed by a 15-minute relaxing massage with essential oils.

Bayyah – wellness and mobility for your body

This is a ritual consisting of a series of stretches that will help you to improve the mobility of your joints and the performance and recovery of all your muscles.


Amawa, Akwalm, and Renaz, rituals in which the main element is water. You will enjoy moments of tranquillity, where you will feel the stealthy breeze of darkness and how the water surrounds you with its aromas.


They also offer home massages so that you can enjoy the same experience in the serenity of your own home.

2. Al- Haram HammamBest hammam in Granada

best hammam in Granada
best hammam in Granada

This hammam is located near the Cathedral of Granada and is over 500 years old. It has both public and private experiences and offers a range of rituals suitable for all ages.

Public Spa circuits

This spa circuit has access to the Hammam thermal area made up of three water baths at different temperatures, where you can relax and contrast temperatures. You can also taste their delicious teas that they will prepare according to your taste. In these circuits, you will not have a hammam or steam room, so these circuits are more suggested for those who prefer relaxation in water.

In addition to this basic tour, you can choose between a 15 or 30-minute massage. Once in the treatment room you can, together with the masseur, choose what type of massage you want, as well as its intensity.

Private Spa circuits

The difference between this circuit and the previous one is the exclusivity of the private rooms.

In them, you will find the peace and relaxation you are looking for. They are private spaces where you will find hot springs so you can enjoy the feeling of solitude inside a hot pool. You can also taste the delicious teas inside the pool in a relaxed way. Another technique we could approve is cleanse your skin using the traditional Kessa accompanied by moisturizing Alepodin soap in a private Turkish bath. If you prefer you can also wrap with natural clays inside a hot room or Lodarium.

In addition to the private room, the rituals have access to the public room with hot springs at different temperatures and you can also choose options with a 15, 30, or 40-minute massage.

These are some of the private spa rituals they offer:

Aixa Ritual

Free tour of the hot springs of different temperatures and access to a private room where you will enjoy a hot pool, a steam bath with Kessa and Aleppo soap, tea tasting or a drink of your choice, as well as Arabic sweets and a 15-minute massage with essences. It lasts half an hour with the price set at 49 euros per person.

Boabdil Ritual

Free tour of the hot springs at different temperatures, and access to a private room where you will enjoy a hot pool, a steam room with natural scrubs, and a massage with essences, lasting 30 min. It has a longer duration of 1 hour and 45 minutes and the price is 57 euros per person.

3. Baths of Elvira – Spa Granada

best hammam in Granada
best hammam in Granada

This relaxing paradise is also located in the middle of the city. This Spa is a journey through Arabian culture and has been designed to produce a relaxing effect through the use of water.

All treatments include tea, juice, fruit, and chocolates in the relaxation area. All you need to bring is your swimming costume as footwear and towels are provided on-site.

These are the spa circuits offered:

Basic circuit: hot water pool with hydrotherapy, cold water, and Turkish bath. Rest area with tea, juice, fruit, and chocolates included. 30 euros per person. Duration 90 minutes.

The Thermal circuit includes the basic circuit and 15 minutes massage. If you want a more lasting massage after the basic circuit, the best option is the Relax Circuit. It includes 30 minutes massage.

Finally, this Spa is known as one of the best hammam in Granada for couples as it offers a private circuits.

The Special circuit in love is a private session for two people with an hour of water circuit, massages of 30 minutes each, and cava glass. In this case, only you would be on the premises and the staff of the Baths to assist you. The price is 180 euro for the couple.

4. Arab Baths – Comares Palace

best hammam in Granada
best hammam in Granada

The Palacio de Comares Arab Baths are 3 kilometers from the centre of Granada, in the luxurious Hotel Maciá Real de la Alhambra.

These incredible Arab baths are a perfect place to relax and enjoy the benefits of a true Arab bath and its unparalleled architectural beauty. The thermal circuit of the Palacio de Comares Arab Baths is a faithful replica of the Comares Palace baths, a Nasrid monument of legendary beauty. It boasts a space of 400 square meters, a warm water pool, a hot water pool, a Jacuzzi, a steam bath, cryotherapy and jet showers.

It also has a massage cabin for body and facial treatments, complete with hairdressing services. Among the wide range of massages performed by the professionals of the Palacio de Comares, the Arab Baths include the anti-cellulite massage, the pinda massage with aromatic and medicinal herbs mixed with essential oils, the holistic massage, the gold massage and wrap, the aromatic massage that uses the therapeutic properties of essential oils and the massage of natural essences made with chocolate, olive, and honey or algae.

These Arab baths stand out for their offers and affordable prices in a luxury spa center. They offer spa circuits for couples for 39 euros and aromatic massages for 67 euros per person.

5. El Bañuelo – Arab Baths

This is one of the best-preserved ancient public Arab baths on the peninsula. Today it is a free museum that takes about 15 minutes to visit. These baths were part of the Walnut Mosque. Discover more about El Buñuelo here.

Enjoy a full day of relaxation in Granada visiting its churches and cathedrals too!