Best Natural Attractions in Slovenia: Top 5

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Are up for some outdoor adventure? Well, most probably you wouldn’t think of Slovenia as your first option, and you do wrong. Slovenia is blessed with everything one can possibly wish for: stunning coastline, picturesque lakes, amazing caves, placid rivers, lush forests, magical waterfalls, rugged mountains, and more.  It might be a small country, but Slovenia has it all. Discover the country’s most unique attractions and natural beauty. Let’s get started!

1. Lake Bled

Located on the edge of the Triglav National Park, this lake is just right out of a fairytale book. Surrounded by the Julian Alps, Lake Bled with its tiny island housing a charming little church is one of the most alluring places in Europe.

Having a lovely walk around the lake is a very popular thing to do. It takes about an hour and a half to do so at a leisurely pace. Rent a rowboat and paddle around the lovely island (renting is around 20 euros per hour). You can also hire a ride to the island by a pletna which is a wooden, flat-bottomed boat, holding up to twenty people. Explore this tiny island, ring the bell of the church (legend says that ringing the bell will make your wish come true) and climb up to the bell tower. Moreover, did you know the oldest castle of Slovenia sits on one of the cliffs that border this magical lake? Can you imagine that it was first mentioned already in 1011? It’s definitely worth a visit!

2. Best Natural Attractions in Slovenia: Vintgar Gorge

Once you are at Lake Bled, visiting Vintgar Gorge is unmissable. It’s only a 10 minutes’ drive from the centre of Bled and you can explore the most unspoilt nature here. It is a 1.6-kilometre long trail following the Radovna River which carves its way between the walls of Hom and Borst hills. It is wildly romantic as you walk through the wooden planks in the mossy, steep-walled gorge with the crystal clear, roaring rapid stream running at your feet.

This is a top destination for hikers, families and groups, you can’t miss it either! (Please note that the gorge is closed in wintertime for safety reasons.)

3. Skocjan Caves

Slovenia has countless beautiful spots to explore above ground. But did you know that there are many impressive cave systems hiding above the surface? Visiting the Skocjan Caves can be a perfect day trip if you crave something extraordinary.

The Skocjan Caves have unique natural values with exceptional archaeological finds and rich natural heritage. You can admire some of the most beautiful subterranean karst phenomena here and wander through breathtaking underground passages and deep chasms. The beauty of the underground waterfalls and lakes is also perplexing. The cave is very accessible, there is a huge parking lot at the entrance and after a short and easy walk through the forest, you’ll reach the entrance of the cave. Do not expect exceptional stalactites or stalagmites inside, the unique beauty of this cave rather lies in the size of the caverns that are carved by the river. The highlight of the trip is when you cross a bridge (in the Murmuring Cave) that is suspended above a riverbed and you can see how the underground river runs far below you. It’s pretty impressive! (Note that it can get quite cold down there, so make sure to dress accordingly!)

4. Best Natural Attractions in Slovenia: Perecnik Waterfall

The Pericnik Waterfall in Slovenia’s Triglav National Park is a natural heritage site. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Slovenia, offering magnificent views. But what makes this waterfall so special? It is the fact that you can walk behind it!

So, the Perecnik Waterfall consists of two waterfalls, one is below the other. There is a cafe house and a carpark located at the beginning of the trail. Though visiting the waterfall is free, please note that if you want to park your car at the hut, it costs 2 euros. After 10 minutes of walking uphill (nothing sweating, don’t worry), you’ll reach a small wooden bridge in front of the base of the first waterfall. Keep walking to be able to see the 52m drop in its full glory. Have a look at the waterfall from both sides, it’s marvellous. (Be prepared to get wet though!) If you’re in a good physical condition and fancy a little bit of hiking, don’t stop at this level. Theupper Pericnik Waterfall is less visited and only has a 16m drop, but it is still worth a visit. It is quite charming as the water breaks through the mossy rocks and after creating a tiny emerald pond, it finds its way down there.

The waterfall is also very famous hotspot during wintertime, as the water freezes creating icicles dropping from the rock. It is pretty impressive! Have good shoes on (rocks behind the waterfall can be slippery) and make sure to protect your camera from the mist!

5. Velika Planina

Velika Planina invites with plenty of trails zigzagging across the green pasture, showing the unspoilt beauty of mountain pastures. This breathtaking place also gives home to the largest herdsmen’s settlements in Europe. It is like a magical village from a fairytale.

A short drive north from Ljubljana through Kamnik, a ride in a cable car, a hike of 2km and then you’ll find yourself in another world. It’s a high mountain valley offering truly outstanding views. You can wander across meadows, see the simple way of living of the herdsmen, taste their soulful dairy products and hike across the plateau while inhaling pure mountain air. There is a museum and a little chapel waiting to be explored too. It’s a unique and unmissable experience and a little bit you’ll feel like Maria from The Sound of Music!

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