Best places to go for breakfast in Malaga

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If you have visited Malaga, you have certainly noticed that it is a city full of options in terms of food at any time of the day! So before you start wandering in the streets of the beautiful historic center, walking by the long beach, or seeing the various attractions throughout the city, do not forget to first get some energy! In this article, you will find out information about the best places to go for breakfast in Malaga!

Here you can find the top 7 places for breakfast in Malaga:

1. Casa Aranda: Taste the traditional Spanish churros

To start with, we should first mention a top place to try churros. Casa Aranda is a traditional churrería in the historic center of Málaga, dating back to 1932. This is one of the best churrerías in Malaga capital. There, you can taste both traditional churros and elongated churros, which are called “porras” in other Spanish regions like Madrid, served with a cup of hot chocolate. This restaurant is really popular with the locals and tourists because of its perfect food quality and the traditional environment.

Furthermore, many people use to go there on certain dates, such as Christmas, Easter or the August Fair. In addition to churros with chocolate, you can have coffee, pitufos (typical sandwiches of Malaga), and other products, just like in any other cafe. Don’t miss the chance to blend in with the locals of Malaga and try a typical Spanish breakfast in the heart of the city!  

Where to find it: C. Herrería del Rey, 3, 29005 Málaga.

Best places to go for breakfast in Malaga - Casa Aranda
Casa Aranda
Best places to go for breakfast in Malaga - Casa Aranda: Churros
Casa Aranda: Churros

2. Best places to go for breakfast in Malaga: Recyclo Bike Café

Another great option is to go for breakfast at Recyclo Bike Café. This place is also located in the historic center of sunny Malaga. Recyclo Bike Café was first opened in Pedregalejo in 2005, but since 2014 it is located in Plaza Camas, Malaga.

Moreover, it is a real alternative place, as not only does it serve coffee and breakfast, but at the same time repairs and lends bicycles! So, it seems to be an ideal solution for those who want to enjoy their breakfast and then rent a bike and wander around Malaga. What is more, it provides a nice atmosphere to chill out and relax or even recover after a long bike ride. This cafe offers one of the most unique settings in the city with colorful bikes hanging from the ceiling. Also, you can easily go there with your laptop, as there are a lot of comfortable sofas and tables you can use. What is more, there is a terrace outside.

Speaking about the menu of the places there is a wide variety of breakfast or brunch: delicious, locally sourced food with great vegan or veggie options as well. Also, you can taste the classic mixed pitufo from Málaga, in addition to scrambled eggs on toast or a fruit salad.

Where to find it: Plaza Enrique García Herrera, 16 (Plaza of Parking Camas), Málaga

3. Dulces Dreams Boutique Hotel

Another great place to begin your day in Malaga! Dulces Dreams Boutique Hotel is situated in the heart of Malaga, in plaza de los Martires. It is a chill place to go for breakfast, offering many different options, even for the most demanding client! Great cozy atmosphere, terrace on the street, and also a cute terrace on the last floor, which provides a great view of the city center.

It is certainly recommended to those who want to have a healthy breakfast or brunch, as its menu consists of different types of cafes, juices, smoothies, toasts with fresh products, omelettes, delicious homemade cakes, a stupendous brunch with bagels and sweets. Of course, there is a veggie menu, for those who are looking for it.

Where to find it: Plaza de los Mártires, 6,  Málaga

4. Best places to go for breakfast in Malaga: Desal Café

Desal Café is another worth visiting place for breakfast in Malaga! Located in the city center, really close to the Plaza de Los Martires, it is a small and cozy café where you can have a coffee or delicious breakfast-brunch. There is a terrace outside, with tables in the street.

Furthermore, this place is well known for the eggs benedict and the toast with fresh mango, avocado (both from the Axarquia) and carrots. You can also find in the menu delicious cakes, salads, molletes, and yogurts. Of course, you always can combine the aforementioned breakfast with great-tasting coffees.

Where to find it: Calle Nosquera, 2, Málaga

5. Brunchit

Another place with awesome breakfast or brunch options in Malaga! Brunchit is a well-known Spanish chain, which was first opened in Malaga, in 2015. Brunchit is now also in Marbella, in Sevilla, in Alicante and Palma de Mallorca.

Moreover, Brunchit focuses on the cuisine of the highest product quality; local suppliers, organic products, fruits and vegetables, and an enviable variety of signature coffees, made by professional baristas with a passion for their work.

There is a wide variety of special dishes to taste, all of them made with the best ingredients! Of course, the menu consists of veggie options as well. Don’t miss it!

Where to find it: Calle Carreteria 46, Málaga

6. Astrid – Tapería Orgánica

One more place worth visiting to get some energy before you start your day in Malaga. Astrid Taperia Organica is a restaurant that offers brunch and breakfast choices as well. It is situated in the city center of Malaga, close to the north side of the river.

Astrid is one of the best choices if you want to go for a brunch, as it provides many healthy options for you: juices, toasts, or pancakes with fresh products, omelets, smoothies, and of course, coffees. What is more, in this place you can also try the “pitufos”, a typical breakfast of Malaga, which is a traditional sandwich. Specifically, in Astrid there are many pitufos options, with different ingredients, depending on your preferences and tastes! Again, the veggie menu is definitely included.

Where to find it: Calle Calderón De La Barca 6 Local 2 y 3, Málaga

7. Best places to go for breakfast in Malaga: La Bella Julieta

Last but not least on our list, is the café “La Bella Julieta”. There are four Bella Julieta cafes in Malaga: one near the Atarazanas market, in Puerta del Mar Street, one in Santa Lucía street, one near Museo Picasso, and one in the Soho district.

In this place you can try delicious bagels, sandwiches, focaccias, cakes and desserts, as well as delicious teas, coffees and hot chocolates proceeding from different countries. Moreover, it offers a relaxing environment where you can read your book or take your laptop and work. It is certainly another must-visit place to go for breakfast or brunch in Malaga!

Where to find it:
1. Puerta del Mar, 20, Malaga
2. Calle Santa Lucía, 9, Malaga
3. Calle Agustín, 8, Malaga
4. Calle de Cordoba, 5, Malaga

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