Best restaurants for vegan tapas in Malaga

Are you wondering if veganism is distributed as a philosophy in Spain, despite the fact that Spanish people consume a lot of meat?  Are you curious to find out if there are any vegetarian or vegan places in Malaga? Then keep reading this article!   

First and foremost, let’s talk about the definition of the term “veganism” and learn some key information about it:

What is veganism?

Veganism is a philosophy that excludes the use of animals or animal products for food, clothing, or other purposes. It is a way of life and not a “diet”. According to the vegan community, veganism is not just about what you eat, but it is largely related to the morals, health, environment, and lifestyle you follow in general. Furthermore, veganism has been practiced for thousands of years by people all over the world. In recent decades people began to be more aware of this philosophy due to its great spread through the internet.

Say it in Spanish

How to say vegan in Spanish: Vegano/a
How to say “I’m vegan” in Spanish: Soy vegano/a

In this article, you will find information about the 6 best restaurants for vegan tapas in Malaga:

1. Top places to try vegan tapas in Malaga: La Vegana

The first vegan restaurant on our list is La Vegana. La Vegana is located in the city center, close to Plaza de la Merced.

La Vegana is an original and authentic vegan tapas bar in Malaga. To begin with, this restaurant offers different types of croquettes; cheese, vegetables, chorizo, veggie balls (albondigas veganas) with tomato or almond sauce, and beetroot hummus as well.  Also, one thing you should definitely try there is its vegan Russian salad.  What is more, there are some vegan liqueurs that are worth to be tasted!

Where to find La Vegana: Calle San Juan de Letrán, 13, Malaga

La Vegana
La Vegana Taperia

2. Vegan-té La Siria

Another great vegan place to visit is Vegan-té La Siria. This restaurant is not in the city center of Malaga, but you can easily get there by bus.

In terms of food, Vegan-té La Siria serves healthy vegan dishes with gluten-free options as well. Moreover, it provides gluten-free meals, desserts,s, and bread. Hummus, falafel, chawarma (a dish with soya and vegetables) are only some of the awesome plates you can taste.  Also, there are vegan ciders and organic wine on its menu. It is a place of high-quality vegan products that won’t disappoint you!  

Where to find Vegan-té La Siria: Calle Ancha del Carmen 35, Málaga

Vegan-té La Siria
Vegan-té La Siria

3. Top places to try vegan tapas in Malaga: Mimo Vegan Bistro

Mimo Vegan Bistro is a worth visiting restaurant in Malaga. It is located in the Soho area, really close to the historic center of the city.

This restaurant offers plant-based dishes with a focus on local and organic products. You should definitely try plates there such as chilli jackfruit stuffed potato, raw rainbow pad thai, and also the tarts and cakes included on the menu. All of them are prepared with love that is transmitted to each bite.

Where to find Mimo Vegan Bistro: Calle Vendeja 29, Malaga

4. Reviv

Another good idea if you are a vegan or vegetarian, is Reviv Restaurant. It is in the heart of Malaga city. It is actually a vegetarian café/restaurant, which provides healthy options for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. Also, some of them are vegan.

Furthermore, the place provides a relaxed atmosphere, even if it is right next to the busy shopping streets of Malaga. Also, regarding its menu, the place offers raw-vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free cakes at any time of day. This restaurant has excellent reviews, because of its high-quality products and it’s totally recommended to people who want to try the vegan cuisine of Malaga

Where to find Reviv: Where: Calle Fajardo, 4, Málaga


5. Top places to try vegan tapas in Malaga: Andino Gastrobar

Andino Gastrobar is a restaurant based on Latin American cuisine. So, if you love the flavors of Latin America, then this place is a great idea for you!

To start with, Andino Gastrobar is located in the center of Malaga, so you can easily find it. On the restaurant’s menu, you can find dishes from Chile, Peru to Mexico all prepared in new and creative ways.

This restaurant isn’t explicitly vegan or vegetarian but there you can find some of the best vegan tapas in Spain. Therefore, it has earned its place in our list of top places to try vegan food in Malaga! Specifically, it is totally recommended to try the empanadas of Andino Gastrobar, its salads, or the delicious vegan burger they serve.  

Where to find Andino Gastrobar: Calle Calderón de la Barca, 3, Malaga

6. Cañadú

Cañadú is another worth mentioning vegetarian/ vegan place in Malaga. It is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the city center, a step away from the Casa Natal de Picasso.

Moreover, it offers dishes based on quality products, without great artifices but with exquisite flavors. There is a complete menu of the day (menu del dia) that varies every day.  Also, there is a variety of different dishes to taste. Some of the vegan dishes include the vegan risotto with almonds, or the stuffed eggplant with vegan cheese, rice, and tomato sauce. You should definitely visit this place, at least one time while you are in Malaga!

Where to find Cañadú: Plaza de la Merced, 21,  Málaga

Cañadú:  stuffed eggplant with vegan cheese, rice, and tomato sauce
Cañadú: stuffed eggplant with vegan cheese, rice, and tomato sauce

7. Top places to try vegan tapas in Malaga: AVOkate

The last one on our list of best places to go for vegan tapas in Malaga is the restaurant AVOkate. It is a place that combines a nice atmosphere with great quality food. Situated in the old town of the city, it is certainly not difficult to find it! It is a restaurant with both vegetarian and vegan options.

In AVOkate you can find plenty of vegan options like delicious salads, soups, Falafel & hummus mezze (salad leaves, a mix of rice, cucumber, pickled beet & carrot, and french dressing) or the vegan burger they serve. Last but not least, you can always try the desserts of AVOkate. One great choice is the spinach-avocado pie (tarta de espinacas y aguacate), which is one of the best vegan plates in terms of desserts!

Where to find AVOkate: Calle de Granada 48, Malaga Spain


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