Best vintage shops in Malaga: Our Top 7 Favourites

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Are you one of those who are not interested in fast fashion? Do you prefer to have a unique look that stands out from the rest? Are you interested in shopping in a greener way? Then, you are probably one of those who choose vintage or second-hand shops when they go shopping! In this article, you will find out some interesting and useful information about the top 7 vintage shops you can find in Malaga capital.

Check out our list below to find out which are the best vintage, second hand and thrift shops in Malaga:

1. Best vintage shops in Malaga: Mosaico

The first one on our list of the top vintage shops in Malaga is undoubtedly our favorite Mosaico! It is a second-hand vintage shop in the heart of the city, loved by both local residents, tourists, and passers-by.

To start with, Mosaico is a shop that you should definitely visit if you are a vintage lover. In this shop, there is a wide collection of clothes and accessories, addressed to both men and women, at very good prices! Moreover, the shop provides frequent and special discounts. In other words, in the last weeks of the month, you can buy all the products in its collection for only 1 or 2 euros!  What is more, the store offers a relaxing atmosphere, the salespeople are helpful and always willing to help you.

Ιf you are in Malaga, don’t miss the chance to visit it!
There are also Mosaico shops in other Andalusian cities: Granada and Sevilla.

Where can I find it? Calle Esparteros, Malaga

2. Flamingos Vintage Kilo

The second shop on our top vintage clothing shops list is Flamingos Vintage Kilos chain! It is located in the city center of Malaga, in Calle Ollerias. It is a vintage thrift shop and there is an unlimited collection of clothes, shoes, accessories, and more for you to choose from!

To begin with, the philosophy of the shop is “Tanto pesa, tanto vale”, in other words, the product’s price depends on its weight. In other words, Flamingos Vintage Kilo is the first Boutique in Spain that is specialized in the sale of unique vintage pieces of North American origin that are sold by weight. Furthermore, this vintage shop aims to reinvent the way of shopping and seduce people who believe that dressing is much more than just covering up. They offer a unique, different, fresh, and fun experience when choosing seasonal pieces.

Specifically, the clothes they sell in their shops are the result of years of traveling around New York, Los Angeles, and other cities in the USA. Flamingos Vintage Kilo’s aim is to collect vintage American pieces with a particular style, good quality, and in perfect condition.  There, you can find a spectacular collection of the ’70s, 80’s, and 90’s as blouses, shorts, jeans and t-shirts, vests of all kinds, hats, vintage swimwear, coats and leather jackets, and everything you can imagine to turn your closet into a unique place to express your style and personality.

Where can I find it? Calle Ollerías, 27, Malaga

3. Best vintage shops in Malaga: Peninsula

Of course, Peninsula shop could not be excluded from our recommendations! It is a beautiful vintage second-hand shop with a nice atmosphere, situated in the historic center of Malaga, a step away from Plaza de Los Martires.  

In Peninsula, you can find plenty of clothes and accessories that match your personal needs and preferences.  The owners of the place dedicate a lot of time and effort to discovering clothes of great quality and condition from old warehouses all over Spain or to getting stocks from old stores. What is more, they travel to Tokyo, London, or Bangkok always looking for the best suppliers and products. Therefore, It is a vintage clothing shop, you should certainly visit!

Where can I find it? Calle Mártires, 7, Malaga

4. Best vintage shops in Malaga: Epoca Segunda Mano Vintage

This shop is another great choice if you want to find out alternative clothing options! It is a small vintage shop, located in the heart of the historic center of Malaga, close to plaza Uncibay.

The first thing you should have in mind is that this shop is the best place to drop in if retro and vintage clothing and shoes are your style. Furthermore, you can find a collection of 70s-style clothing, shoes, and some accessories like hats or sunglasses addressed mainly to women. There are some options for men as well. Also, the clothes there are kind of eccentric. Therefore, if you are one of those who want to stand out by your outfit, then this place is suitable for you!

Where can I find it? Calle Casapalma, 9, Malaga

5. Best vintage shops in Malaga: Atipico

One more great idea if you are up to go for vintage shopping in Malaga is the Atipico shop. This shop is also in the city center of Malaga. You can find it in Calle Victoria, really close to Plaza de la Merced.

To start with, this is a vintage shop with a cozy atmosphere, you should visit it at least once! It provides a beautiful collection of vintage clothes and accessories, from which you can choose what suits your preferences best. In this vintage clothing shop, you will find unique urban-style outfits. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit it!

Where can I find it? Calle Victoria, 19, Malaga

6. Quasipercaso Vintage

Quasipercaso is also one of the best second-hand clothing shops in Malaga! It is situated in the historic center of Malaga, next to Peninsula and Plaza de Los Martires.

If there is one thing that makes Quasipercaso stand out from its competitors, it is its variety of accessories. In this vintage place, you can find hats, bags, bracelets, shoes, and much more! You can buy anything you can imagine and it will always be a bargain. You should definitely give it a try!

Where can I find it? Calle Andrés Pérez, 1, Malaga

Quasipercaso Vintage
Quasipercaso Vintage

7. Best vintage shops in Malaga: Entre Costuras

Entre Costuras shouldn’t be excluded from our list! You will find it in the historic center of Malaga, at a close distance from Mosaico. It is a thrift vintage shop in the heart of the city that you should visit if you are looking for fancier vintage clothes in Malaga.

To start with, in this second-hand vintage shop there are exclusive designs made on fabrics from the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. All of these designs are inspired by the cradle of French fashion. There, you can find different pieces, which are not similar to any of those you’ve already seen! Lastly, make sure you will not leave the place without checking out the handmade necklaces hanging from a crystal chandelier!

Where can I find it? Calle Cinteria, 6, Malaga

Entre Costuras Vintage
Entre Costuras Vintage

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