Bookstores in Malaga: your guide to English and local books

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Fellow bookworms and book-lovers, this article is for you. Some might say that reading and visiting bookstores are two very different hobbies. Luckily, Malaga is perfect for both. In this article, you will get a list of the best bookstores in Malaga, and a specified guide to which one you should visit. Whether you are looking for a captivating beach read, Spanish or English novels or you just want to grab a coffee and a book and wander around the wonderful world of books and have fun, we have everything that is books. Here is our personalized guide for the best bookstores in Malaga. Keep reading!

Traditional bookstores in Malaga

Sometimes you just want to walk into a bookstore that has it all. Traditional bookstores have a convenient, comfortable feel to them. They have all the categories, all the new and popular titles and they usually cater to a wide audience. So for this category, we recommend the following bookstores in Malaga.

If you are looking for English books in Malaga

Casa del Libro

If you visit one bookstore in Malaga, make it this one. This is my personal favorite bookstore in Malaga. Casa del Libro is called the House of Books for a reason. With the biggest collection I have seen in Malaga so far, and its 3 story building in the historic center, you cannot miss out on this bookstore. Casa del Libro has books in every single category you can think of: literature, history, politics, psychology, esoterics, self-help, romance, comics, manga, language books, travel guides, kids’ books, art books, everything. Also, a huge wall is dedicated to contemporary authors’ works. Moreover, on the second floor, they have a lot of kids’ books with a kids’ corner where they can play while you look for your next to-be-read novel.

In my opinion, this bookstore has the most amazing contemporary English selection in Malaga. I even found some first edition books signed by the authors, so there are some treasures in there. Check out the incredibly beautiful and unique editions of classics, too.

This modern bookstore with its diverse book collection will not disappoint you. Everything is very clearly labeled and organized. When you are in Casa del Libro, it feels like the stream of books never ends, as the 3 stories are full of books. So I would say this is the most versatile bookstore in Malaga. So if you are not looking for a specific type of bookstore but a traditional one that has everything, definitely visit Casa del Libro. Also, I would recommend you check it out just to see how impressive it is. I’m sure you will find something exciting here.

Where to find it? Website, Address: Calle Nueva 5, 29005 Málaga

Libreria Luces

Libreria Luces is a very modern independent bookstore on the main street of Malaga. It is safe to say that they have a massive selection of books, in numerous categories. Their English book selection is one of the best in Malaga. From classics to the newest releases, they definitely cater to the English readers visiting or staying in Malaga.

Also, Libreria Luces offers some beautiful editions both of Spanish and English books, so if you want to bring a meaningful souvenir home, you can immerse yourself in the diverse selection of titles here. They organize writing courses, workshops around books, and various other activities to promote reading and storytelling. So if you are interested, make sure to check it out!

Where to find it? Website, Address: Alameda Principal 37, 29001 Málaga

The most fun bookstore in Malaga


Without a doubt, FNAC in the shopping mall Larios Centro is the biggest and most fun bookstore in Malaga. Again, you can find every type of category here. But on top of that, since it is a department store, you also have graphic novels, comics, mangas. They have Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Star Wars, anime, and Funko Pop figurines. What is special is that it is a very universal bookstore. They display a whole music section with CDs and various types of vinyl, books and graphic novels, stationery, and a lot of toys and board games for every age! Its English book selection is similar to the one in Libreria Luces. Even if you don’t plan on buying a book, I would recommend you to check it out and have fun discovering this huge store!

Where to find it? Website, Address: Avenue de la Aurora 25, Centro Comercial Larios Centro, 29002 Málaga

Bookstores for the arts in Malaga

Museums are not only good for extending your knowledge of art but also for their amazing gift shops! Whether you visit the Picasso Museum or the Centre Pompidou here, you can find great art-themed books and souvenirs in their museum bookstores in Malaga.

Carmen Thyssen Museum giftshop

I would recommend the Carmen Thyssen Museum’s gift shop and bookstore. Here you can find great coffee table books, book collections related to the displayed exhibitions, art posters, kids’ books, postcards, stationery, and everything you need!

Where to find it? Carmen Thyssen Museum – Website, Address:  Plaza Carmen Thyssen, 29008 Málaga

Libreria Agapea CAC Malaga

Libreria Agapea is a great example of a multifaceted museum bookstore. Although it is in the building of the Contemporary Art Center of Malaga, you can visit it independently from the museum’s exhibitions. Just like with other museum bookstores, you will mainly find international books and art-themed books in Spanish. These beautiful art books are just simply wonderful to look at.

Where to find it? Website, Address: Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga, C. Alemania, S/N, 29001 Málaga

Bookstores for families and kids in Malaga

Libreria Rayuela

This bookstore is a very fun, colorful bookstore that can cater to a wide audience. It’s a modern bookstore with a big selection of books on many themes. I would recommend this store especially if you are looking for kids’ books, young adult books, board games, and puzzles. They also have a good amount of feminist literature and language books.

Libreria Rayuela also has a good but small selection of English books. You can find multiple copies of books from authors like John Green, Jojo Moyes, Stephen King. But also some lesser-known authors too. Plus, the bookstore has a pleasant atmosphere and the staff is always helpful and chatty. Since it is located in the historic center of Malaga, I would recommend you check it out, especially if you are traveling with kids. And the other recommendation for families and kids would be Casa del Libros, which I already mentioned above.

Where to find it? Website, Address: Calle Cárcer 1, 29008 Málaga

Second-hand bookstores in Malaga

However beautiful the mainstream bookstores’ display is with their newest releases and crispy pages, second-hand bookstores have their own charm. Firstly, buying books second-hand is always an environmentally conscious decision. Secondly, I don’t know about you but I love it when books already have their own story and journey, and already had previous owners turning their yellowing pages. Thirdly, if you are just visiting for a few days and you don’t want to spend a lot, I think second-hand books are great souvenirs for loved ones or even a nice memory to bring home for ourselves. Lastly, you can support local businesses if you buy second-hand books at the independent bookstores in Malaga.

Bookstores for music lovers in Malaga

Libreria Ancora

Libreria Ancora is an independent bookstore specializing in music, humanities, cinema, criticism, and theater theory. This small bookstore is a cute book nook and great for music lovers, as they have a lot of music-themed biographies and theory books. However, their English selection is very limited: they only have a few classical English books from old Penguin Books collections. If you are looking specifically for a Spanish art book, come and visit Libreria Ancora.

Where to find it? Website, Address: Plaza de Uncibay 9, 29008 Málaga

Bookstores for the eco-friendly readers in Malaga

Re-Read Librería Lowcost

What makes Re-Read different from other bookstores, is that its mission is to make reading eco-conscious. Therefore, it is a second-hand bookstore that buys and sells second-hand books to encourage re-reading books. You can buy 1 book for 3€, 2 books for 5€, and 5 books for 10€. Moreover, the bookstore actually has titles in English, French, and German, and of course, they have Spanish books in all categories. But I would like to note that their English selection is very limited, they have books from unknown authors or very mainstream old-fashioned ones like Danielle Steele. So I would recommend the store if you want to check out the Spanish selection. It is a nice bookstore with a good atmosphere and I love its business concept.

Where to find it? Website, Address: Calle Victoria 27, 29012 Málaga

For comic-book and vinyl lovers in Malaga

Libreria Códice

Libreria Códice has an extensive collection of comic books, graphic novels, vinyl, and Spanish art books and novels. Everything is in perfectly well-preserved condition, wrapped in plastic covers. My only concern is that people who like the environment will not necessarily like this bookstore. But it is a sweet little book nook, it encourages buying books second hand and the owner is super helpful and passionate about books.

Where to find it? Website, Address:  Calle Casapalma 5, 29008 Málaga

Bookstores in Malaga with a little twist

We are all familiar with the traditional bookstore displays. However, if you want to discover something new and refreshingly unique when walking into a bookstore, here are a few other options. These are bookstores in Malaga with a little twist.

A unique bookstore experience in Malaga

Mapas y Compañía

Mapas y Compañía is an eclectic bookstore that specializes in maps, travel and geography, kids’ books, and some amazingly fun toys and gifts! You can find unique stationery here, atlases, curious board games, beautiful editions of notebooks, and books. Basically, visiting this store is such a fun time that you will feel like a kid again. Plus, if you are looking for good quality and unique souvenirs to bring home to your loved ones, I would recommend popping into Mapas y Compañía. It is one of the most unique bookstores in Malaga.

Where to find it? Website, Address: Calle Compañía 33, 29008 Málaga

Cafe bookstore in Malaga

Café con Libros

We all know there is nothing better than sitting down with a book and a coffee. Cafe con Libros is the perfect place for that. This cozy cafe has a perfect atmosphere for bibliophiles. So it is an unmissable stop if you like to wind down after a day of book shopping in Malaga. Plus, the cafe is located on Plaza de la Merced, in the historic city center so the location is perfect. Altogether, it is a fun cafe with books all over its walls and it certainly won’t disappoint you!

Where to find it? Website, Address: Plaza de la Merced 19, 29012 Málaga

Cultural events and publications in Malaga

Libreria Renacer

This is a sweet little bookshop. Libreria Renacer started its workings in 1989 and they specialize in publishing small, local authors with titles on religion, iconography, and Malaga’s culture. Additionally, they also organize cultural events such as workshops, book presentations, social events. What makes them special is that they care about the local literature and community of Malaga. Moreover, the owner is a very sweet and helpful old man, so if you need any help looking for a book, you can be sure he will do his best to help you. Unfortunately, they are not selling any English books.

Where to find it? Website, Address: Calle Carretería 67, 29008 Málaga

If you love Asian-culture

Libreria Cinco Anillos

This bookstore has everything for those who love Asian culture. From Japanese incense and censers, meditation materials, martial arts, to oriental paintings, their display is very specialized but versatile. It is so refreshing to find a bookshop like this in Spain. If you would like to get immersed in Asian culture and esoterics, check this bookstore out when you are in Malaga.

Where to find it? Website, Address: Calle Mariblanca 6, 29012 Málaga

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