Christmas in Malaga: Top 6 things to do

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Malaga during Christmas time has a very unique atmosphere. Since the weather is a lot warmer in the South of Spain, the ambience is very different to the rest of Spain and Europe. Although you will not get the chance to relate to Walking in a Winter Wonderland or Frosty the Snowman, Malaga will still manage to put you in the right mood for Christmas. It lures you in with stunning lights, Christmas markets and delicious sweets. Christmas in Malaga is no joke. There might not be snow but the romantic and cosy Christmas feeling still emerges every year. Walking through the old town of Malaga, taking in the breathtaking light shows, admiring the beautiful Christmas trees and buying local products at the cute Christmas Markets around town. If all those things do not get you in the Christmas spirit, try ice skating to get a more wintery feel.

If you want to know what to do in Malaga during December and Christmas time, check out our recommendations for a dreamy and mesmerizing Christmas time in Malaga.

1. Malaga Christmas lights in Calle Larios

One of the biggest spectacles during Christmas in Malaga is the light shows at Calle Larios. Every year, the whole of Andalucia comes together in Malaga to watch the lights being turned on for the first time. However, the Malaga Christmas lights are not simply turned on. There is a proper Christmas light show. In Spain, Malaga is number one when it comes to Christmas lights. While you will find Christmas decorations and particular lights around town, the most breathtaking spot for Christmas lights is definitely the main shopping street in Malaga, Calle Larios. What makes this street’s decoration particularly unique is that each year the street has a different theme which contributes to a magnificent and magical feeling. This year the theme will be a magical Christmas forest.

But… What is a light show?

With 730,000 bulbs LED, the first show will start on the 26th of November at 7 pm. The lights will be dancing to Christmas song classics while enchanting the people watching. Especially on the first day, a big amount of viewers is expected, so we recommend coming early. Starting on the 26th the light show will be daily at 7 pm, 8 pm, and 9:30 pm, until January 6th. Therefore, you have plenty of time to catch the beautiful, magical and mesmerizing light show.

Christmas time in Malaga

2. Ice skating at El Corte Ingles

If you originally come from a colder country than Spain, and you happen to spend Christmas time in Malaga, you might miss activities that you are used to doing in your home country. Do not worry! While skiing might be difficult in the city of Malaga, you can go ice skating. Every year, an ice rink is built at El Corte Ingles in Malaga. You can borrow skates there, jump on the ice, and spend your afternoon or evening gliding on the cold ice. This will definitely put you in a more Christmassy mood! Furthermore, everything there is very nicely decorated to put you in the Christmas spirit. Do not forget to bring your gloves as they are mandatory to be worn on the ice rink! Check out this ice rink in Malaga and have fun gliding, sliding and pirouetting around!

Ice skating

3. Malaga Christmas lights Botanical Garden

The light show at Calle Larios is not enough for you? Then you should check out the romantic lights at the Botanical Garden in Malaga. Starting on the 27th of November, the botanical garden in Malaga will illuminate with millions of twinkling lights. Every day from 6.30 pm to 11 pm until the 9th of January, you will have the chance to enjoy the glistening lights. Around the whole garden, there are 2.2 kilometres of lights as well as bells and a laser garden which will be particularly mesmerizing. The tickets for this experience are around 12 Euros depending on any discounts. Do not miss out on this magical Christmas experience in Malaga!

Malaga Christmas

4. Christmas markets in Malaga

You might think that Malaga does not seem like a great destination for cute and traditional Christmas markets. Well, actually there are multiple beautiful Christmas markets in Malaga. According to the European Best Destinations (EDB) organization, Malaga scored first place in the category of ‘Best sunny Christmas markets in Europe’. Thus, in sunny Malaga, you will not be disappointed by the Christmas markets.

Where are the Malaga Christmas Markets?

There are plenty of Christmas markets in the Province of Malaga. However, if you want to stay in the city of Malaga, check out Malaga Park. This one is the most famous and traditional Malaga Christmas market. Try delicacies from all over Spain while enjoying the magical decorations in the park. Another amazing Christmas market is Muelle Uno. Located at the new Port of Malaga, find Christmas presents like typical Andalusian crafts and clothes made by local artisans at this Christmas market in Malaga. Another market you should visit during Christmas time in Malaga is the garage market in Soho Art District. If you want something a little less conventional and are looking for a more Hipster place, you need to go there and check out a wide range of art, antiquities and other things.

Malaga Christmas time

5. Discover the Christmas trees in Malaga City

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a magnificent tree. While in northern countries a real tree is expected, the Christmas trees here are usually completely made out of lights since shipping real conifers would be too expensive. Malaga tries to impress its citizens and visitors with stunning Christmas trees in their cities.

Malaga is one of those cities which try to outdo themselves every year. This year you will find 4 huge Christmas trees in Malaga. The main tree is at la Plaza de la Constitucion and this year it is even possible to go inside or walk through the tree. There is another one next to the Cathedral, one in front of the Roman theatre and the 4th tree which is colour-changing is at the Plaza de la Marina. All the Christmas trees in Malaga are unique and beautiful in their own way. Admire these mesmerizing and fantastic trees and get into the Christmas spirit!

Christmas time in Malaga

6. Visiting Nativity Scenes

A very traditional and typical activity in Andalusia is visiting Nativity Scenes also called belenes. All over Malaga, you will be able to find the portrayals of the birth of Jesus. Different groups and organizations plan and arrange these scenes all over town which means there are over 60 belenes to visit! The most famous ones are in the Cathedral and the City Hall so you should not miss out on these.

nativity scenes in Malaga

Click here to find all the Nativity scenes in Malaga and to check their opening times!

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