Different types of accommodation: all you need to know

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Where you sleep during your vacations is a crucial element of the trip. Some people will only need a bed and will be gone all day to explore, whereas others want a real living space. In addition to that, the budget is often the decisive factor in the choice. There are a lot of different options out there, and this is why this list of 10 different types of accommodation for your vacations is quite helpful.


Hotels are the traditional types of accommodation. They can be small or have hundreds of rooms and you find them everywhere. Hotels are great because in most cases they provide everything you would need. There are room service and facilities such as pools, saunas, restaurants, and bars. Thanks to the star rating system and the sites that help you find rooms at the best price, it is relatively easy to find whatever you might want. However, hotels are usually not the cheapest option. You should favor hotels if your stay is rather short, like for a weekend getaway for example.


You will be able to stay in a cabin mainly in the cooler countries. These wooden houses are very charming and often situated in stunning landscapes. Indeed, they are most likely to be in the mountains, or by a lake somewhere in the countryside. This type of stay is very relaxing and peaceful if you come with your significant other, family or even by yourself. You could also rent a bigger cabin and come with a group of friends if all of you are looking for an affordable yet cozy vacation!

Types of accommodation : cabins
Choose a cabin to have a relaxing stay

House or apartment rentals

Renting a house or an apartment will allow you to be completely autonomous. As the stay is completely self-catered in this type of accommodation, some might not consider it a proper vacation. However, it all depends on the location of your rental house. If the environment is stunning and it differs completely from the one you usually live in, you probably won’t mind having to go grocery shopping or to cook. You can find these types of rentals everywhere in the world and there definitely is a wide variety of prices.


Motels are part of the typical types of accommodation in the United States of America. They are basically an affordable version of a hotel. The main difference with a hotel apart from the price is that you access your room directly from the parking lot. Depending on your taste, you might not want to stay in a motel for your whole vacation, but it is a great option for smaller budgets. However, motels are a staple of road trips so if you are planning on driving all over the US, you will find that motels are perfect for you! Because it is cheaper and it provides parking space, staying in motels will probably make it easier to take longer vacations without going broke.

Campers or motorhomes

Using a camper is a great alternative for people who do not want to settle in one place for the rest of the vacation. It really is like traveling with your small home always with you, after all, it is also called a motorhome! This type of accommodation is better suited for traveling alone or couples, even if nowadays there are some big campers for families. In addition to that, motorhomes allow you to discover more than what you could see if you used more traditional accommodations. Some people own their motorhomes, but if you don’t plan on using it very often to maximize it, you should probably start with renting one for the duration of your vacation.

Go on vacation with a camper, motohome or van !
A completely autonomous vacation with a motohome

Bed & Breakfasts

A bed and breakfast is basically a cozier hotel. Indeed, most B&B owners consider the visitors as guests instead of as customers. This allows a more authentic atmosphere to the stay. Most of the time the owners live in the same building as the guests, they just separate their living space. Staying at a B&B means that you can get some great recommendations from the hosts. They can advice you on what you should do during your stay, what you should visit and so on.


Young people are generally the ones who stay at hostels. However, anyone with a strict budget is welcome there. Hostels offer to sleep in dormitories, often with bunk beds. Of course, the facilities and bathrooms are also all shared. Hostels are great for backpackers who are not looking for luxury but for adventure on a budget! If you are traveling with a group, you can probably ask for a room just for you and your friends. In any case, you should only go to hostels that provide lockers. Therefore, your belongings are safe during the night.

Types of accommodation : hostels
Hostels are perfect for adventurous backpackers on a budget !


Couchsurfing is one of the unusual types of accommodation. It is a great way to meet local people. In addition to that, you get to spend a night in their home for free! Hospitality networks connect people who are willing to offer a place to sleep. This concerns tourists and people who are on a budget and are interested in a genuine experience. As it is free, you should always take time to get to know your host. By staying at a local’s home, you will get a better feel of the culture of the country. And don’t worry, couchsurfing apps or websites verify every host before suggesting them to you. However, you should still take time to get to know them a little before deciding on anything.


You can camp on a campsite or install your tent in the wild for free in the areas where it is allowed. Everything depends on your equipment. Experienced campers often have all the gear necessary to make a tent as comfortable as a home. However, it is also possible to have a great time with less equipment, you just have to make sure it won’t get too cold during the night! Camping is a fun and cheap way to get away from your daily life for a while.

Choose camping for an authentic and exciting experience !
Choose camping for an authentic and exciting experience !

Atypical accommodations

And finally, if all those options do not seem exciting enough to you, you can choose to stay somewhere more atypical. Nowadays, you can spend a night in all sorts of places! There are yurts, boats, treehouses, and even teepees or bubble tents. The people who own these types of accommodation will gladly make you discover a new way to experience a vacation! Some people look for these unique housings whenever they go on a getaway. However, for others, it is a once in a lifetime experience. Try it and see what you think of it!

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