El Pimpi Malaga: History, Meaning, and Menu

El Pimpi Malaga is a well-known restaurant in town. Its decoration intrigued all the people that passed by the restaurant. Upon entering, they discover a labyrinth. Where locals meet tourists and artists who drink among themselves. It’s a must for those who want to be immersed in the typical Spanish atmosphere.

What’s the meaning of the name El Pimpi?

El Pimpi Malaga’s meaning goes back a long time ago. At that time the port of Malaga was full of people. The “Pimpis” were the ones who delivered messages to the ships’ crews and passengers. Later on, these people evolved to become the unofficial tour guides of the city. Unfortunately, the link between this story and the building isn’t clear. But El Pimpi Malaga’s history doesn’t start with that.

What is El Pimpi Malaga’s history?

El Pimpi has made its nest in a very particular place in Malaga. An old mansion, located next to the Teatro Romano. Before the building became a famous restaurant, it was converted into several different businesses.

Before it became a restaurant

First of all, the place was stables for the Buenavista Palace. Later, the place became a convent and then changed into its antagonist: a party hall. The lively parties there pleased the inhabitants, who decided to change it into a nightclub. It was the first club in Malaga. 

Then El Pimpi Malaga’s history had a break of several years, due to the closure of the building. It was Francisco Campos who finally reopened it and converted it into a store.

Everything changed with the arrival of Paco Campos in Malaga. This man understood the potential of El Pimpi and transferred his family business to Malaga.

A difficult start

Unfortunately, the restaurant didn’t attract many people during the first months of its opening. It was Gloria Fuertes who made El Pimpi Malaga known. Indeed, this woman, appreciated by all of Spain, often came to recite poems. After attending several recitals of the poet, the inhabitants fell in love with the place. And the reputation of El Pimpi has only grown.

An important place for celebrities

Several artists followed the poet and began to frequent this place. The author Antonio Gala, the painter Miquel Barceló, the bullfighter El Cordobés and Antonio Banderas also met to enjoy the place. In fact, the famous actor became one of the owners of the restaurant. The Picasso family loved this place as well. They often came to eat there, as the place is close to the painter’s museum. El Pimpi Malaga also launched artistic careers. In fact, it was there that the Repompa de Málaga sang tango for the first time. 

With all this excitement, the famous journalist Manuel Alcántara named El Pimpi: “the Sistine Chapel of Malaga”.

What are the famous rooms of El Pimpi Malaga?

Multiple visits of celebrities charmed the owners, who decided to rename the rooms after them. This particularity of the restaurant has attracted many tourists, curious to see the mark left by the artists in the place. 

The Carmen Thyssen Room

Waiters bring you the best tapas and wine of Malaga there. Even if the spot is currently named El Tunel Pimpi, the art collector has left a unique impression on the restaurant. You can hear flamenco in this room, making the atmosphere more electric.

The Courtyard of the Repompa

el pimpi malaga

This patio in the center of El Pimpi Malaga is very popular. People enjoy the serene and colorful atmosphere of the square. This place was renamed after La Repompa de Málaga, an incredible singer born in the neighborhood of Perchel. Everybody mourned her death at the age of 21, in 1959.

The Courtyard of Gloria Fuertes

The restaurant has another patio: the courtyard of Gloria Fuertes. This room was frequently used as a space to receive the poet’s guests. This corner now serves delicious products from the garden. It’s decorated with a baroque fountain, which animals drank from in the past.

Picasso’s dovecote

The last renamed room of El Pimpi Malaga: Picasso’s dovecote. It’s the balconies of the restaurant. Intellectuals used to meet in this place to admire the view of the Alcazaba and the Roman Theater, and of course to enjoy the wine.

Barrel Hall

The tour of the restaurant is not over. Two rooms also pay tribute to multiple historical figures. First of all, the Barrel Hall. It serves typical Malaga wines. Signatures of celebrities cover the multiple barrels in the room. In fact, Antonio Gala has written in chalk on one of the barrels “If I miss an afternoon in Malaga at the Pimpi they will find me”. 

Finally, photos of famous people cover the walls of the main bar. They testify to the passage of many personalities, who appreciated the atmosphere and the products that the restaurant offered. 

The place also houses private rooms, for all types of events. “the Antonio Banderas hall”, is the room in homage to the beloved actor of the country. He’s the most famous Malagueño in the world, the one who brought the values of the city outside its borders. El Pimpi has often collaborated with this artist for cultural causes but also charitable ones. In 2016, Antonio Banderas inaugurated the hall himself. 

El Pimpi Malaga hides other rooms, also known as a meeting place for intellectuals and creatives. 200-year-old bullfighting posters decorate the walls. We highly recommend going there. You will discover all the different atmospheres that each room has to offer, over some delicious tapas.

What does El Pimpi Malaga serve its customers?

el pimpi malaga

El Pimpi is known for its menu. Indeed, the restaurant offers delicious local products, accompanied by quality wines. In September 2014, the owners created a gastronomic space, where the producers of the region are put on an estral footing. It’s an excellent reason to go and taste everything you can on the menu!

What events are hosted in El Pimpi Malaga?

El Pimpi hosts several events throughout the year, especially during the ferias. Indeed, in August, people can go there and enjoy live music and dance. 

A private room also refers to another main event in Malaga: the Holy Week. “The association of brotherhoods hall” is a unique place that brings together the religious community that organized the event. The president of the association inaugurated the hall. 

Moreover, the restaurant honors the film festival of Malaga. Stars sign new barrels and El Pimpi organizes several activities link to the festival.

What is the fundacion El Pimpi?

This foundation was created with a specific goal: to promote Malaga through solidarity causes, culture, and gastronomy. 

El Pimpi supports charitable organizations in the city. It helps them to carry their values and have visibility to develop their projects. The company has now financed almost 90 NGOs. The square is also a cultural center. In fact, it highlights traditional Spanish dances, making culture accessible to all. It’s also a gathering place for creative people. 

Finally, food is at the heart of El Pimpi. It passes on to its clients the gastronomic culture it has accumulated over several decades. The foundation now gathers more than 400 collaborators, for more than 600 000 euros collected. 

It contributes to making the city better. It hasn’t finished expanding its ambitions. El Pimpi foundation wants to go beyond the borders of Malaga and play a more important role in the Spanish landscape. 

Therefore, El Pimpi is an important organization in Malaga. Its history is deeply linked to the city. This restaurant is as much appreciated by the locals as by the tourists. It’s a place where it’s not so surprising to see a flamenco show with Antonio Bandera…