Essential tips and bars to get the best free tapas in Granada

Did you know that when you visit a bar in Spain you can get free tapas with your drink? Granada is famous for its free tapas bars. The Spanish word “tapa” means a small portion of food, and the plural form of it is tapas. Tapas can be anything from meat to potatoes, tortillas, olives, little sandwiches, and more. So if you want to take a bite of a lot of different foods, tapas are perfect for that. Other than that, tapas are meant to be shared with other people and it is the ideal type of food to have with a glass of beer or wine. And who wouldn’t want free food? I thought so. So check out our recommendations for free tapas in Granada and try them out yourself!

A very important tip! DO NOT order food from the menu until you’ve ordered your drinks and received them, because they might come with tapas already.

But it also depends on the restaurants and tapas bars whether they give free tapas with every new round of drinks, or they don’t.

1. Best free tapas in Granada: El Bar de Fede

El Bar de Fede is one of the bars where you can get free tapas in Granada! Their tapas dishes are delicious and you can try out some special variations, for example, succulent pork stew in blue cheese sauce or potato salad stuffed peppers. But of course, they also have full-sized meals, not just tapas. Moreover, El Bar de Fede caters to many special diets, like vegetarianism, veganism, and gluten-free diets. And lastly, they are open from 9:00 until midnight, so if you like their food, you can visit them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Address: C. Marqués de Falces, 1, 18001 Granada

2. Bodegas Castañeda

Established in 1927, this traditional Spanish bodega has a warm atmosphere with Mediterranean and traditional Spanish food. They also offer free tapas. Bodegas Castañeda is in a central location and it has a tapas bar part and a restaurant part, so pay attention to where you sit. The best part is that the friendly staff and service make the whole experience more enjoyable.

Website, Address: C. Almireceros, 1, 3, 18010 Granada

3. Bar Poë

Bar Poë is a tapas bar with a wide range of drinks and especially beers. Naturally, the drinks come with delicious free tapas. Plus, this Spanish restaurant is owned by an old couple who are happy to serve you. They have chicken, pork, fish, and also vegetarian tapas! Moreover, they also make the Portuguese dish Piri-Piri, the traditional Brazilian bean stew Feijoada, Thai Chicken dish, Italian vegetables, and many other traditional Spanish and international meals.

Website, Address: C. Verónica de la Magdalena, 40, 18002 Granada

4. Bar Casa Julio

Cheap beer, friendly service, the best seafood tapas in Granada, tasty croquetas, what else do you need? The Bar Casa Julio is just the place for you. It is a small friendly tapas bar. But usually, these types of small tapas bars are crowded and the people are enjoying the music. It is a busy tapas bar so you have to be prepared to stand outside the bar in case there are no tables left inside.

Website, Address: C. Hermosa, 5, 18010 Granada

5. Shambala

Shambala is a more modern tapas bar with a peaceful ambiance. Get relaxed with jazz music and free tapas. We would recommend this bar for those who are looking for an alternative styled tapas bar. Moreover, you definitely have to try their meat dishes, the pork and beef they made here, and you will leave the place with a rave review. However, as is with most authentic places, the Spanish staff might not speak English. So if you do not want to be confused about what you just ordered, we recommend you check out the menu before you visit.

Address: C. Fábrica Vieja, 6, 18002 Granada

6. Chantarela

This is a personal favorite! Chantarela is a beautiful Spanish tavern with free tapas, great wine, beer, and cocktails. They have everything! The free tapas you get with your drinks are very well portioned, meaning very large, considering it is free. You can also get seafood dishes, so make sure to get a plate of calamari here!

Address: C. Águila, 20, 18002 Granada

7. Cafe-Bar Reina Monica

What is special about Reina Monica’s tapas is that they serve a tapas buffet of unlimited quantities at 10 Euros per person! So it works as a tapas all-you-can-eat restaurant. However, it is good to know that the food might get cold by the time you get there (since it is an open buffet), but the staff can heat up the dishes for you.

Address: C. Panaderos, 20, 18010 Granada

8. Oum Kalsum – Moroccan tapas

For Moroccan tapas, visit Om Kalsum in Granada. They have Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and specifically Moroccan dishes, so you know you will get some tasty dishes here. People mainly recommend it because it is relatively cheap, the serving sizes are decent, and it has a little twist on the tapas bar concept. You get free tapas with your drinks, but you can also order bigger portions of tapas food for only 1.5 euros!

Address: C. Jardines, 17, 18002 Granada

9. Bar Avila

Bar Avila is an amazing tapas bar with large portions of food! Be aware that they usually only have counter seats or standing room. We recommend you to visit this place if you love quality, traditional ingredients.

Address: C. Verónica de la Virgen, 16, 18005 Granada

10. Taberna La Tana

This tapas bar actually gained attraction after the late Anthony Bourdain visited it during his travels in Spain. Taberna La Tana is recommended if you like tasting quality wines since they have a great selection of wines. And of course, another amazing venue for enjoying some free tapas. Moreover, the setting is beautiful and the taberna itself is thoughtfully decorated.

Address: Pcta. del Agua, 3, 18009 Granada

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