Holiday in Croatia: top places you should visit

A holiday in Croatia may be one of the best experiences you could live. There are many things to do and see that will make you enjoy every minute. This is your guide if you are planning a vacation there. Keep reading and discover activities that you could do and take part in. It’s not a coincidence that everyone calls it the country of art and nature.

Holiday in Croatia
Croatia by Pixabay.

About Safety

Generally, crime in Croatia is rare, and overall crime levels are quite low, making it extremely safe to travel and stay in Croatia. On the other hand, Croatia launched a new campaign with the label “Safe stay in Croatia“. Basically, when booking or entering, e.g., a tourist destination you should check for this label to ensure that the prescribed epidemiological measures and health safety recommendations are being followed there. You can also check the campaign video here.

Holiday in Croatia: Nature

In Croatia, you will find 8 National Parks and 12 Natural Parks. Plitvice is the most visited in the country and it contains 16 lakes. In addition, there is a concentration of waterfalls, waterways, and lush forests, to be crossed by walking along suggestive paths. Krka and Bundek are also some of the most famous destinations. Some of them belong to UNESCO heritage so, you probably can imagine that they are not common parks.

Holiday in Croatia: By the sea

Incredible islands, coasts, and beaches in Croatia. Some of the most famous beaches are Zlatni Rat in Brac Island, Stiniva in Split, Pasjaca, and Peljesac. There are many options to choose from. For instance, you could rent a boat and discover all the beauties in the islands. Also, if you love water activities, most of the time you can choose to do kayaking or kite-boarding.

Holiday in Croatia: Art, history and traditions

Like every other country, history and traditions are unique. Some of the most famous traditions and customs you can discover on the mainland are the Dubrovnik Gargoyle, Feast of St. Blaise, or Kamenita Vrata. When it comes to history, the many museums will give you the chance to discover Croatia’s cultural background. The most famous are the Diocletian’s Palace in Split, Dubrovnik City Walls, Poreč or Pula Amphitheatre.

Croatia by Pexels.

As you can see, it is bigger than it looks on the map. Definitely just the right place for anyone who takes pleasure in going to museums, to the beach, and admiring nature.

If you want to see paradise on Earth, come to Dubrovnik in Croatia.

George Bernard Shaw

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