How to travel after COVID-19 pandemic

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The pandemic has forced us to find an answer to the question How to travel after COVID-19. And as you will see, this situation affected multiple aspects of tourism. All of us will have to change our traveling habits, and even the industry itself will need to adapt.

Which Countries will be the safest to travel to after the pandemic ?

One of the main changes on how to travel after the COVID-19 pandemic is the destinations. The safest countries to travel to will be the ones that have been less affected since the beginning of the pandemic because they generally receive few tourists and foreigners. The Federated States of Micronesia (Oceania) and the Cook Islands (South Pacific Ocean) are two examples of safe destinations in terms of COVID-19, but less touristic. It might be a good thing for a lot of people. However, for those who prefer more traditional and conventional destinations, safe places can also be found in the most developed countries, so as to be sure that the medical services are sufficient. Another option is to prioritize countries where the majority of the population will have been vaccinated. You could opt for European countries, as they are medically well equipped and have started vaccination campaigns recently. They are a good destination for when travels will go back as they were before the pandemic.

Travel to Rarotonga, Cook Islands, sage from COVID-19
Travel to Rarotonga, Cook Islands, safe from COVID-19

Which sanitary measures will we have to take when traveling ?

Even after the pandemic ends, some things that we learned during it will stay in our everyday lives. In a way, the pandemic forced us to find a way to travel in a safer manner. A lot of measures are very simple to follow, and it can protect you and your family. For example, the mask will most certainly still be part of our routines. It is safe to say that we will have to wear them when traveling, in trains and planes for example. Those are places where contamination is very easy and we will all have to be very careful. We all have to get used to washing our hands frequently. Carrying some hand sanitizer at all times is also a good option. Everything that can help minimize the spread of the COVID-19 and other viruses is worth taking into consideration.

Until the end of the pandemic and even after that, masks and hand sanitizer should stay in use for our travels.
Until the end of the pandemic and even after that, masks and hand sanitizer should stay in use for our travels

How will COVID-19 change tourism ?

The pandemic will inevitably affect our travels and trips. After having been on lockdown for a year, we all need space and freedom. People will want nature, heading for smaller towns and cities instead of capitals. The increase of remote work that is taking place all around the world also allows more freedom of movement. This phenomenon is likely to develop domestic tourism; you could go somewhere not far from home without having to take time off. Or you could just leave for the weekend, to recharge your batteries. This would generate greater support for local businesses, which is a necessity. A lot of those businesses have suffered because of the pandemic, and they need innovative ways to get back on track.

After the end of the pandemic, you can work and discover new places at the same time !
You can work and discover new places at the same time !

When will the governments lift the COVID-19 travel restrictions ?

The question How to travel after the COVID-19 pandemic brings another one: When will countries lift their travel restrictions? Indeed, even if you can already visit a lot of countries right now, there are still some conditions. For example your country of origin or the number of COVID cases in the country you wish to visit. Overall, the travel restrictions differ for every country depending on the current situation. But the vaccine gives us hope that we will be able to go anywhere we want soon. In the meantime, you can always explore your own country!

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