Italian Film Festival Malaga 2022: ciak, si gira!

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If you saw the name Festival del Cinema Italiano somewhere in Malaga but are not sure what it means or what is happening, we are here to explain. In 2022, the Italian Film Festival will be held for the fifth time in Malaga. This festival’s goal is to promote Italian culture, language, and most of all, Italian cinema.

italian film festival malaga

# What is the Italian Film Festival in Malaga?

italian film festival malaga

The Italian Film Festival in Malaga is organized for the fifth time in 2022. The annual event is sponsored by the Italian embassy and organized by the honorary consulate of Malaga, the University of Malaga, and the Dante Alighieri Society. The Dante Alighieri Society is an Italian Cultural Association. They begin in Rome in 1889 and their main objective is to spread the Italian language and culture around the world. Hence this film festival in Spain. Moreover, different local organizations and companies sponsor the FCIMálaga that are committed to cultural promotion in Italian. Between May 16 and 21, all the feature films will present some of the best Italian actors.

# When is the Italian Film Festival in Malaga?

The film festival itself starts on May 16 and ends on May 21. However, before the contest begins, between May 12-14, you can attend a pre-festival. This consists of workshops on film directing and two tributes to Pier Paolo Pasolini (Italian director, writer) and Lucía Bosé (Italian actress). So if you are interested in filmmaking, you should definitely join the festival during these days! For more information, check out the festival’s official website!

# Where is the Italian Film Festival in Malaga?

The Italian Film Festival’s screenings will take place at Albeniz Cinema, in Malaga. Situated right next to Malaga’s famous Alcazaba, Cine Albeniz is a staple for cinema-goers in Malaga. The Albeniz Cinema is also one of the locations of The Malaga Film Festival and the French Film Week in Malaga. Make sure to visit it while you are in Malaga!

#How much does a ticket cost?

General tickets cost 6 euros. Also, those who are members of the Dante Alighieri Society Málaga benefit from a reduced rate of 5 euros. There is also a fixed-priced ticket for the six films for 33 euros. Members of the Dante Alighieri Society only have to pay 27 euros for that.

# Why should I attend the Italian Film Festival in Malaga?

italian film festival malaga

In addition to the illustrious guests from Italian and international cinema, you will see amazing Italian movies that dissect and focus on the current issues in Italy. Moreover, the Malaga Italian Film Festival is also a relatively new, young event. Regardless, it is getting bigger and more well-known each year. It is here to establish a future tradition of bringing Italian culture and promoting Italian cinema in the city of Malaga every year.

Furthermore, in 2020 and 2021, the festival was online due to the pandemic. This year, however, the festival will finally be in person! To celebrate this, the organizers bring 4 Italian movies for the festival that had not been screened in Spain before! What is more, instead of focusing on one common theme (last year it was family) the organizers try to present a more diverse selection of movies. What is also new, is that this year they plan to screen short films too, expanding the already colorful offer. You can watch these on May 18 at the University of Malaga Teatinos campus.

# What movies can I watch at the Italian Film Festival in Malaga?

As mentioned above, there are 6 contender movies this year. Out of the 6, 4 of the movies will have their premiere during the film festival. And the other 2 have only been screened at other film festivals. Therefore, this year’s selection is very exclusive. So buckle in, and discover what the Italian Film Festival has to offer!

1. Cosa Sarà (2020)

italian film festival malaga

Director: Francesco Bruni | Genre: comedy-drama | Runtime: 101 minutes | Release year: 2020

Bruno Salvati is a film director with less than a brilliant career. Recently separated from his wife Anna from him, and with two teenage children: Adele and Tito, who are going through a sensitive age. Bruno’s existence, already decadent in itself, is shaken when after a banal blow to the nose, he receives a shocking diagnosis about his health. He is in fact suffering from an illness for which he absolutely needs a donor. The sudden revelation leads Bruno to rethink those unstable family ties, in particular that of Umberto, his father. It is from the old father that Bruno receives the umpteenth surprising discovery of his life, a great secret that will lead him to travel to find someone who can really help him.

2. Freaks Out (2021)

italian film festival malaga

Director: Gabriele Mainetti | Genre: historical-fantasy drama| Runtime: 141 minutes | Release year: 2021

This is the story of four friends -Matilde (Aurora Giovinazzo), Cencio (Pietro Castellitto), Fulvio (Claudio Santamaria) and Mario (Giancarlo Martini)- who are almost like brothers. We are in 1943, in Rome, in the midst of World War II, and in the year in which the capital is the scene of bombing between the Nazis and the Allies. The four work in a circus run by Israel (Giorgio Tirabassi), who is more of a father figure to them than a boss. As Israel tries to find an escape route out of the conflict, it mysteriously disappears, leaving the four alone with no prospects. Matilde, Cencio, Fulvio, and Mario suddenly find themselves without what they had before, a circus that was synonymous with family and security. Without Israel, without the big top, they are just circus freaks with no purpose in life, trapped in the Eternal City, which is beginning to crumble under the heavy blows of war.

3. State A Casa (2021)

italian film festival malaga

Director: Roan Johnson | Genre: dark comedy-thriller | Runtime: 110 minutes | Release year: 2021

During the lockdown, four boys under the age of 30 find themselves restricted to the flat they share out of friendship and financial need. Nicola has just lost his job. The computer scientist Paolo and his girlfriend Benedetta clash over his jealousy. And Sabra, of African origin, has to hide every time the doorman comes because she illegally rents a small room. There is no money for the monthly rent from the landlord, a lascivious and petty man who has already hinted to Benedetta that she can pay “in-kind”. So she and Nicola decide to film her sexual blackmail and then refuse to pay her rent. But things don’t go as planned, and a chain reaction will be unleashed that will overwhelm each one of them.

4. Non odiare (2020)

Director: Mauro Mancini | Genre: drama | Runtime: 96 minutes | Release year: 2020

Simone Segre is a surgeon with an open wound. It is impossible to fix it. Somewhere in her past is a pain that won’t go away and a troublesome father who survived the Shoah. The victim of the hit-and-run with a swastika tattooed on her chest turns her life upside down. And that leads her to Marica, a young woman, the victim’s daughter. To mitigate her guilt, he hires Marica as a maid. Then she clashes with her brother, a young comrade who wants nothing to do with Jews and immigrants. But life takes inscrutable turns and displaces them from their center.

5. L’afide e la formica (2021)

Director: Mario Vitale | Genre: drama | Runtime: 99 minutes | Release year: 2021

Calabria. Michele teaches physical education at the school attended by Fatima, a young woman of Moroccan origin born in Italy. If the professor has a past that weighs him down, the girl has a mother tied to traditions. The turning point for both of them could come through a track career in which she could participate with him as a coach.

6. America Latina (2021)

Director: Damiano D’Innocenzo | Genre: drama/thriller | Runtime: 90 minutes | Release year: 2021

Massimo Sisti is the owner of a dental office that bears his name. Professional, courteous, and calm, he has achieved everything he could have wished for. A villa in a peaceful setting and a family that he loves and that accompanies him as the days, months, and years go by. His wife Alessandra and his daughters Laura and Ilenia (the first teenager, the second not yet) are his reason for being, his happiness, and the reward for a life rooted in self-sacrifice and honesty. Then the unexpected bursts into this imperturbable and calm spring. One day like any other Massimo goes down to the basement and the absurd takes over his life.

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