Live music in Granada: Top 15 unmissable places

What better way to learn about a culture than through its music? That is why if you are in the beautiful Andalusian city of Granada, you must plan an evening enjoying live music in Granada. The city is a world-famous university and Erasmus city. Thus, the nightlife in Granada is one of the best in Southern Spain. And live music is an unmissable part of a vibrant night out. Whether you prefer small music bars, loud clubs, big music festivals, street music, or a thrilling night with flamenco performances, Granada has everything. Here are our top 20 picks for live music in Granada.

1. Lemon Rock: The unmissable spot that has everything

Lemon Rock is a tourist favorite spot. It is not only a bar but also a hostel. So if you want to stay close to the party, we recommend you book Lemon Rock’s hostel for your stay. But if you just want to have a nice evening with quality live music, Lemon Rock is perfect. They mainly have jazz and acoustic musical guests. Moreover, Lemon Rock hosts a 3-story bar, so the bands are playing on a reversed kind of stage, where you can watch them from the balconies.

Where to find Lemon Rock Granada: Website, Address: Calle Montalbán, 6, 18002 Granada

2. Cueva La Rocío: the best flamenco show in Granada

If you want to attend a flamenco show that Michelle Obama endorses and attended herself, look no further. Cueva La Rocío is a restaurant that hosts flamenco Zambra shows. Zambra is a style of flamenco dancing. And the whole business and restaurant are managed by the Maya family, who are famous in Granada for training some of the greatest Flamenco artists in Spain.

Where to find Cueva La Rocío: Website, Address: Cam. del Sacromonte, 70, 18010 Granada

3. Boogaclub: dance and groove to a concert

live music in granada

Be ready to dance your booty off at Boogaclub! This unique and vibrant club hosts various concerts, from reggae, hip hop, soul, to jazz and funk, and so on! Every Sunday they have jam sessions and on Wednesdays, you can watch reggae performances.

Where to you find Boogaclub: Website, Address: Calle Almona del Boquerón, 10, 18001 Granada

4. La Tertulia: live music and intellectual pub

La Tertulia is an intellectual pub. Does that sound unusual? Well, this pub is definitely a cultural center of Granada. Since it opened in 1980, La Tertulia has served as an artistic hub for poets, musicians, artists, and intellectuals. Therefore, visit this pub if you are interested in attending poetry readings, concerts, dance classes, book presentations, cultural exhibitions, etc. So you will never be bored in La Tertulia!

Where to find La Tertulia: Website, Address: Calle Pintor López Mezquita, 3, 18002 Granada

5. Café Pub La Liberia

For a chill, relaxing, laid-back evening we suggest you choose the Café Pub La Liberia. This café typically has great blues, jazz, soul, and flamenco music. Moreover, it is the local’s favorite. So you better grab a beer or a cocktail and head to the pool table or darts board, and have a good time!

Where to find Café Pub La Liberia: Address: Calle Duquesa, 8, 18001 Granada

6. Bohemia Jazz Café: the 20s time capsule

live music in granada

This thoughtfully decorated bar is for the bohemians and those who love a unique place. Firstly, the place feels like a time machine from the 1920s: they have a barber’s chair, an old piano, a record player, a gramophone, and a collection of old black and white photos of musicians and movie stars. Secondly, this is an eclectic café with a special atmosphere. Just sitting down with a delicious coffee or a cocktail and marveling at the details is an enjoyable activity here. And finally, the music. As the name suggests, this bar is for jazz lovers. If you enjoy live music and especially live jazz music, we recommend this place for you. Don’t miss out on their extensive coffee and cocktail menu if you go to Granada!

Where to find Bohemia Jazz Café: Website, Address: Pl. de Los Lobos, 11, 18002 Granada

7. International Festival of Music and Dance in Granada

Every year in the early summer period, Granada hosts its prominent music festival, the International Festival of Music and Dance in Granada. The festival originates in 1883 when the first symphonic concerts were held. However, nowadays live performances with various musical genres are held in different venues. For symphony orchestra concerts visit the Palace of Charles V; for dance and ballet performances visit the outdoor theatre in the Generalife gardens. Moreover, in the Patio de Los Arrayanes and in the Alhambra you can watch recitals while Granada’s churches and historic buildings host morning concerts, and in the traditional neighborhoods of Albaicín and Sacromonte you can see flamenco performances. For each performance, you have to purchase the tickets separately, but many of them are for free! So if you are in Granada in the early summer weeks, make sure to attend this unique music festival!

Where to find the Granada International Festival: Website

8. Granada Sound: for indie music lovers

live music in granada

On the other hand, if you arrive in Granada at the end of the summer in September, you are in for an amazing festival experience at the Granada Sound festival. Granada is the city of indie lovers, Granada Sound is no different: mainly local indie musicians perform throughout the 2-day long festival. For example, this year’s lineup features artists like Rigoberta Bandini, Lori Meyers, Dani Fernández, Dorian, Carlos Sadness, Sidecars, Nancys Rubias, Niños Mutantes, and local musicians from Andalusia such as El Kanka and Juanito Makandé. In 2022, the Granada Sound festival takes place on the 16th and 17th of September. Visit the festival’s official website for more information.

Where to find the Granada Sound: Website, Address: Bo. Pt-Cc Cortijo del Cond, 18015, Granada

9. Le Chien Andalou

live music in granada

At Le Chien Andalou you get an intimate flamenco experience. If you want to experience authentic flamenco music and dance, this is your place. Le Chien Andalou is a tapas restaurant and flamenco bar, so you can enjoy the show while trying out the tasty tapas dishes. If you want the best views of the show, book your tickets early!

Where to find Le Chien Andalou: Address: Carrera del Darro, 7, 18010 Granada

10. Taberna J&J

Taberna J&J is a relatively small bar that hosts mainly jazz and rock live music performances in Granada but is also including more and more genres. We recommend this bar for its intimate setup, amazing sound system, and intense atmosphere. After the live performances, the concert bar turns into a club as the DJs play soul, funk, pop, latin, house, rock, swing, and R&B songs. Check out the concerts in the near future!

Where to find Taberna J&J: Address: Calle Buensuceso, 20, 18002 Granada

11. Eshavira Club

To see a jazz and flamenco performance in a cozy, local bar, go to Eshavira Club. This is definitely a great pick if you want to have an experience very similar to the locals. Click here to see the upcoming concerts at Eshavira Club.

Where to find Eshavira Club: Website, Address: Calle Postigo de la Cuna, 2, 18010 Granada

12. Jardines de Zoraya: a restaurant with incredible flamenco

It is worth visiting Jardines de Zoraya just for the incredible outdoor environment. But on top of that, you get to watch an authentic flamenco experience, and enjoy a delicious Mediterranean meal and live music in Granada. In the garden area, they have a patio, a fountain, fruit trees, and flowers; what else do you need? Some say this is the best flamenco in Granada. Here you get the whole flamenco experience with singing, dancing, and live flamenco guitar play.

Where to find Jardines de Zoraya: Website, Address: Calle Panaderos, 32, 18010 Granada

13. Instante: the music bar for a night out

live music in granada

Instante prides itself on putting on live musical performances that are more unique and outstanding. Other than the music, the vibrant and warm atmosphere is perfect for a night out and dancing with your friends! Additionally, they are also an LGBTQ+ friendly bar so if you are around in the month of June and want to celebrate Gay Pride, you can attend their concerts or programs hosted for the occasion. In addition, they always have some local vocalists and musicians performing so make sure to check them out!

Where to find Instante: Website, Address: Calle Ángel Ganivet, 9, 18009 Granada

14. Planta Baja: live music in Granada for university students

live music in granada

Erasmus students visiting Granada, you cannot miss out on this place. Planta Baja means “ground floor”, and this concert venue has been a basis for university rock and grunge in Granada since the 1980s. Needless to say that Planta Baja is an important musical and cultural center of Granada. The audience capacity is about 300 and you can get a beer or a shot during the concerts from the pub on the upper floor. What’s more, after the live concerts, you can check out different DJ sets in each room. If you want a night you cannot forget, come to Planta Baja and sing and dance until the sun comes up in the morning!

Where to find Planta Baja: Website, Address: Calle Horno de Abad, 11, 18002 Granada

15. Mirador de San Nicolas: live music in Granada with a view

As you might have guessed, this is unlike all the other music venues or bars mentioned previously. The Mirador de San Nicolas offers one of the best panoramic views of Granada. But moreover, it is also a great spot to see live performances by street musicians.  When the weather is nice, you can find free-spirited people here playing music, drinking, and laughing and if you are in the mood, you can join too!

Where to find Mirador San Nicolas: Calle Mirador de San Nicolás

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