Monaco on a budget: 5 tips for a low-cost trip

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The Cote d’Azur seems to be an expensive destination. But even though it is not that affordable, there are some ways to spend less. Who has not dreamed for a day or two to feel like the master of life? Gardens and parks, panoramic views of the city and the port, the Oceanographic Museum, the palace, and the casino await you. Read on and discover how to visit Monaco on a budget!

When you cross a narrow street packed with tourists, maneuvering between cars, you have a persistent feeling that you are about to hook someone’s Rolls-Royce with your backpack. Nevertheless, it is worth visiting for a day, to take pictures in this den of millionaires. And there, behind the shiny luxury tinsel, the soulfulness of Monaco will open.

Monaco on a budget: Transport

Staying in Nice or Menton is a convenient solution, you can get to Monaco from here for only € 1.5. Moreover, from 5:55 am to 6:00 pm, about once every 20 minutes, bus number 100 goes daily from Nice to Place de l’Île de Beauté. The stop is called Le Port. From Menton, the bus departs from the local bus station Menton Gare Routiere. You can buy the tickets directly on the bus. Get off at the stop Place D’Armes.

Lifehack: If you are coming from Nice, sit on the right in the direction of the bus, if from Menton – on the left. During a trip along the serpentine, breathtaking views of the Ligurian Sea and white yachts and boats scurrying near the coast will organically prepare you for Monaco.


As mentioned, it is better not to settle in Monaco itself. This pleasure should be left in case you arrive with your first million euros in your bank account. Renting a bed in a hostel during high season in Nice will cost € 20-35. However, Menton is not that affordable as Nice: rooms start by € 60 per night, according to Booking, but it’s cheaper than staying in Monaco anyway. In fact, the latter has no hostels in principle, and the price tag for hotels starts from € 150 per night.

Monaco on a budget

Monaco on a budget: Food

As elsewhere, in Monaco, the cheapest option is to cook your own food. Buying it in a supermarket is the best idea for a budget traveler. Prices in grocery stores in Monaco are almost the same as elsewhere in France. Furthermore, you can buy sandwiches: it will cost about € 5, the same cost as a cup of coffee or tea in a cafe.

In Monaco, the wine-to-go system is developed – you do not grab a take-away coffe here. Instead, you order a glass of wine. For lovers of cafes and restaurants, the minimum prices in local establishments are as follows: breakfast – from € 5 -10; lunch – from € 8 -17; dinner – from € 12-22 and up to infinity.


Being a budget tourist in Monaco is good. First of all, because most of the attractions are free. Public gardens, parks, panoramic views of the city and the ports of Hercule and Fontvieille, the Cathedral, and the Oceanographic Museum. There is something for everyone, even if you don’t win € 20 in the casino. In addition, you can simply contemplate the city’s beauty and luxury while remaining a little aloof, enjoying the splendor without an overdose of it.

Monaco on a budget

Monaco on a budget: Websites – the main website where you can check italian trains. Moreover, you can go to Italy in Milan or head to Saint-Tropez. You can buy a ticket online and easily use MasterCard or Visa., – there are two official websites for Monaco. Have a look at the upcoming events and plan your visit to museums and monuments, downloading the map of the routes.

After that, go to Monaco-Ville, sit on a bench or on the cool grass in the Saint-Martin garden and watch the sun slowly disappear behind the Tete de Chien, with the sky turning into delicate shades of rose wine. Can you hear the nightingales singing overhead? Can you smell pine trees and earth in the breeze? This is a real luxury. Just don’t miss your return train!

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