Top Five Movies and TV Shows Shot in Andalusia

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Andalusia has been a movie set of many blockbusters for years now. Check whether you have already watched some of them. You don’t remember? No worries, we are going to refresh your memory with the top five Movies shot in Andalusia!

1. STAR WARS: Episode II – Attack of the Clones

The most-filmed Spanish location is no other than the Plaza de España. It’s the top filming location for movies and TV shows in Andalusia. Because of its unique architectural design and monumental look, it became the perfect location for movie settings. So, George Lucas chose it to be the Palace of Naboo in this Star Wars episode, placing it as the backdrop to the blooming romance between Padmé and Anakin.

So, as you might not be able to travel to the galaxy, visiting Plaza De Espana is a perfect way to immerse yourself in the Star Wars Universe.


Some of the scenes of the fifth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones were filmed in Seville. Firstly, the Alcazar of Seville was used as a set for Dorne’s Water Gardens, Prince Doran Martell’s main residence, while Osuna’s bullring was used to recreate Daznak’s Pit in Meereen. A few scenes of the seventh season were shot here as well. The Atarazanas were selected in order to represent the Red Keep, such as the dungeons in King’s Landings, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. In addition to that, The amphitheatre of Italica was included and used to recreate the Dragon pit in King’s Landing.


Chosen for its Caribbean-like setting, a Spanish beach was chosen as a film set for the 2002’s James Bond classic, in which it became “Havanna”. In one scene Halle Berry comes out of the sea and joins James Bond who is standing on a terrace of the Palma Health Resort, staring at nothing less than the Castle of San Sebastian. This scene is in fact filmed in the province of Cadiz.


Here we are in Plaza de España once again. On this occasion, part of Baron Cohen’s movie Dictator was shot here, and served as the setting of governor Aladeen’s palace for a couple of days.


People dancing and holding torches were part of the film-vision of the Holy Week in Seville. The scene has a dark atmosphere that makes you feel deeply involved in what’s happening on screen.

These Were Our Top Five Movies Shot in Andalusia!

Have we refreshed your memory? Even though we have already seen some of the shows, we hadn’t realized that these films were shot in Andalusia until we started writing this article.

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