Road trip through Gran Canaria: top stops you shouldn’t miss

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With its wide range of biological diversity, it is the third most important island for what concerns the Canary archipelago. In fact, what makes this place so special, is that the central mountain range divides two very different areas in Gran Canaria. In a short amount of time, you can reach the dunes of Maspalomas, the canyons, and the tropical forests, surrounded by bananas, mangos, and avocados. On the other hand, the landscape in Roque Nublo might remind you of Arizona. And yet, you are just a few hours away from Spain and Europe in general. This volcanic island is also called the “miniature continent” and that is why you should go on a road trip through Gran Canaria. Renting a car is the best solution so that you don’t miss out on anything!

The North and Las Palmas

Las Palmas is the capital of Gran Canaria, together with Santa Cruz in Tenerife. Once you are in the center, take the lift inside the cathedral and admire the view from its tower. A stop in this city worth it, as this is worthwhile one of the most important ports in Europe is. Near it is the neighborhood of Triana, but to admire the traditional and historical buildings you should go to Vegueta. But the most interesting spots are actually the villages nearby. For instance, Santa Lucia and Puerto de Mogan offer a true insight into this island’s traditional residences. Then, as you head south, visit the Canary Garden to admire the unique variety of botanical species on the island. It is only 7 km away from the capital and entrance is free.

Roque Nublo and other trekking routes

In less than one hour’s drive, you can reach some locations that offer a variety of paths for a good trek. For example, do not miss the view of Mount Teide. From Cruz de Tejeda, one of the most fascinating spots of Gran Canaria, you can get to Tejeda, which offers a breathtaking view of the volcano. If trekking is your bag, you can’t miss the route to Roque Nublo, from where you can also reach Tejeda. In a 2/3 hour walk passing near red rocks and Canarian pines, you reach this rock with a unique shape. However, the highest point of the island is actually Pico de la Nieves, further down towards the coast.

Road trip through Gran Canaria: Maspalomas and the South

While you head south, stop for a stroll in Puerto de Mogan. This village is known as the little Venice of the Canary Islands for the presence of canals. Take the Barranco de Mogan route to get a view of the colorful walls during your road trip through Gran Canaria. This route will take you to the Balcones, where you’ll find some viewing points to take some pictures. Not far from these spots is the Playa Amadores.

But the main attraction in the south is definitely Maspalomas, with its dunes and the Playa Inglès. If you are lucky, you might also find camels wandering around in the so-called “desert”. Not far from here, is Anfi del Mar with its crystal clear water and white sand. Before you head back to your accommodation, watch the sunset from the lighthouse in Maspalomas, but make sure that it is open to the public first.

You might also be wondering: what is the dish I mustn’t miss in the Canary Islands? Well, that is Gofio, a type of flour blended with garlic, olive oil, fish or meat and topped with onion. You use the onion as a spoon to eat this kind of purè.

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