Surprising vegan spots in Granada: Top 5

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Replacing meat with meat. I agree, it doesn’t seem logical. But when rationality doesn’t offer a sustainable and fair solution, it’s logical to start looking for illogical ideas, don’t you think? To change a food industry that is not reliable anymore, we need to get creative. Restaurants are starting to find answers, and today we’ll present you the best surprising vegan spots in Granada, where you can “tastify” a new diet.

Replacing meat with meat… a green solution?

Well, according to FAO, 14 mammal and bird species composed 90% of our diet. And from 300 000 types of plants worldwide, 1% are currently part of our nutrition. This totally unstable food balance has led restaurants to look for solutions in the vegetable world. 

Maybe the answer would be in Asia, where the jacquier fruit’s texture is similar to that of chicken. Its flesh has been renamed “meat mechada”, and is used as the main ingredient in tacos, burritos, or stews of the region. Or even closer to home, when you order an octopus in a restaurant in Granada, you’re actually eating delicious shiitake shrimp, which have a taste and texture extremely similar to that marine animal. 

So, restaurants are beginning to understand vegetables’ power. They use them to replace meat with synthetic meat, which is sometimes more savourous and definitely worth the taste. But who does their work benefit?

Is veganism a trend or a serious commitment from restaurants?

I think this question is important to be highlighted, whether for the client’s trust or the restaurant’s credibility. 

What seemed like a trend just a couple of years ago became a whole new way of thinking. Being vegan is now a commitment, a choice made by people. They don’t stop eating everything that comes from the living world because they want to. They’re doing it because it’s a necessity for them. According to a study, the well-being of animals is the first criterion that pushes people to become vegetarian, followed by respect for the environment and then their health. And information worldwide goes in their favor. In 2012, scientists such as Stephen Hawkin ratified the Cambridge University Statement of Conscience, which stipulated that animals have human-like consciousness. A few years later, the same university declared that meat only provides 18% of the calories we need but occupies 83% of our cultivated land.  

This year, the vegan food start-up Heura even raised 16 million euros through a public crowdfunding campaign. Their claim to be the fastest growing plant-based company in Europe has charmed a lot of people such as top footballers like Saúl Ñíguez and Cesc Fábregas.

Everybody is involved in this problem, including restaurants in Granada

More and more meals offered by these places are vegan. Over the years, cooks cooked (that was easy) legumes in all their forms. They put vegetables through extrusion, drying, and sealing processes to create new flavors and make us unique dishes. This is vegetable gastronomy, which today has emerged from the shadow of traditional gastronomy. 

But there are still a lot of things to do. Only 26% of Spanish people agree that it’s easy to find vegan options in restaurants. Well, South Tours will make your life simpler by advising you of the best surprising vegan spots in Granada

Surprising vegan spots in Granada for tasteful tapas and meals

1. El Ojú

A well-known vegan spot in Granada, frequented by tourists but also locals! The place serves generous portions of savory vegan food. The menu gave you the opportunity to choose between nine different options. Their vegan tortilla is always a nice meal to order, to taste a bit of the Spanish culture. But what will surprise you the most might be the mini-burger and the seitan sandwiches. Made from vegetable meats, these plates could even make a curious carnivore salivate. 

But El Ojù wants to be more than a nice restaurant, it wants to be part of the food system shift. That’s why its commitments are at the heart of its functioning. In partnership with several local businesses, El Ojù provides the freshest products to the customer’s table. They also emphasize their engagement with the environment. 

So, this place has become one of the best surprising vegan spots in Granada. And over the years, they have succeeded in creating a fair, equitable ecosystem in their restaurant. People come to this “bubble” in the center of Granada, where they serve delicious ethical food and create events to bring everybody together. In fact, they even show movies on weekends.

2. Bar Poë

It’s a place where locals like to hang out. It provides a chill, cozy atmosphere and a nice moment to share with others. Bar Poë is a traditional Spanish restaurant, which has nevertheless been able to adapt to the growing need for vegan food. In fact, their carta informs you of all the tapas you can order for free with your drinks, with two vegetarian options to try. Not only are chickpea salad and Italian veggies in Granada delicious, but they are also gluten-free! 

If one tapas per drink isn’t enough for you to mop up the alcohol, you can still order several tapas for an extra 1,50€ each or have a ración for 5€. Or you can get drunk. Your choice.

3. Surprising vegan spots in Granada: Babel World Fusion

Another gem in Granada! Its menu is divided into different sections, including a vegan one. Furthermore, all the vegan dishes are marked with a “V”. The salmorejo is definitely a traditional Spanish tapas to try! It’s a cream made of bread, garlic, olive oil, salt, and tomatoes. Spanish people order it during the summer because it’s a cold dish.

Babel World Fusion is one of the best surprising vegan spots in Granada, where you’ll taste tapas inspired by other countries! In fact, you’ll have the opportunity to try vegetable samosa, a dish from India. It has been revisited by the restaurant, allowing everyone to have a tasteful experience together. When you replace meat with vegetables, you can be nicely surprised. 

This place is huge, which is perfect for groups looking for good Spanish food to taste.

4. Restaurante vegano hicuri

100% vegan, this place will make you salivate! The purpose of the restaurant’s vegan hicuri is to convert hardened carnivores into softened vegans! Come and taste the plant burger if you don’t trust us. Or the veggie pasta carbonara, or basically, any item on the menu. 

Don’t forget to take a look at the desserts! Furthermore, you can accompany your meal with a beverage, like let’s say, a vegan coffee in Granada.

Surprising vegan spots in Granada for gourmet breakfast/ brunch

5. Surprising vegan spots in Granada: Wild Food World

In a classy place, this vegan restaurant has put down its suitcases. It’s a very good place for breakfast, or, let’s be crazy, even brunch! You won’t have the same opinion about tofu when you eat their tofu scramble. You can accompany this dish with a pineapple smoothie, directly served on a pineapple. If you’re craving vegetable food, you should order the pulled pork plant-based tacos for your brunch. Otherwise, the seasonal croquette is a good introduction to Spanish food culture. This place also serves lunch, dinner, and dessert, for the hungriest of you.

Eating churros

OK, it’s not one of the best surprising vegan spots in Granada, but it’s a traditional Spanish dish that is naturally vegan and worth a try! You just merge flour with oil and you have a churros dough! The result will surprise you. Be careful though; if you want to add chocolate to your guilty pleasure, be sure that it’s composed of water and no milk. Spanish people also traditionally eat this pastry with coffee, where you can add leche de soja or avena (soy or oat) if you’re willing to. 

You should taste porras as well. It’s a fluffier, wider version of churros.

So, if you take a closer look, Granada is a cool spot to taste vegan meals! The city has been able to adapt to the shift in the food industry. Its restaurant offers an interesting solution: synthetic meat, which allows vegans and carnivores to sit at the same table and enjoy tasteful dishes together. But the city isn’t only famous for its surprising vegan spots in Granada, it is also famous for its monuments. We recommend you stay at least two days to enjoy the city in all its splendor.

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