Tapas in Malaga: Try Some Local Dishes

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Malaga surely is a prominent tourist destination. Every year, the amount of visitors increases, as the last year (2018) it has reached 82.7 million. You’ll suppose that the reason is the nice weather and the gorgeous beaches you can chill out all day at. Or you’ll bet on the best nightlife? And you’ll be completely right, but there is another big bonus besides that – delicious food and tapas in Malaga.

When it comes to meals, the Malaguenos perfectly know what to suggest and how to serve it. They prepare small portions of traditional culinary products, called “Tapas” and the purpose is to show the vast selection of dishes they have and to highlight the importance of social connection. That is because those dishes can be shared with all the people who are sitting at the table.

Don’t rely on that if you’ve already tried that kind of food in Barcelona or somewhere else in Spain. Here, each region has its unique traditional taste. 

Find out which are the most famous salads, soups, and main dishes in Malaga:


1. Espetos


Let’s start with Espetos. You’ll say that’s not a starter – yes, it isn’t. But… come on, we all know that once you arrived in Malaga, you are going directly to the beach. Here is the best traditional food you can find while sunbathing at the beach – Espetos (translated means “Skewer”). There are different types of fish and meat, but the most typical one in Malaga is eating fresh sardines, grilled on an open wooden fire. The tradition started by fishermen has been carried on for more than 130 years and it’s still running as something very delicious.

2. Gazpachuelo Malagueño 


Now we can continue with presenting you the starters.

Gazpachuelo is another one of the most popular fisherman dishes. Don’t be surprised if you see many different variations – there are thousands of them. The basic recipe consists only of some ingredients: potatoes, white fish and prawns. Furthermore, each variant has its unique creamy taste.

3. Ensalada Malagueña

ensalada Malaguena

This Malagueño salad brings you a taste of summer, combining the bittersweetness of the orange, potato nutrition and the fancy Mediterranean flavor of a pod. It’s really hard to find some food that doesn’t consist of fish or meat, but in case you are vegan, you can find a recipe for you here.



Tapas in Malaga - olives

If you love olives – this is your place! Malaga provides a huge variety of olives. You can even find them filled with different vegetables like pickles, peppers and so on.

They are a must when you have a dish in a restaurant. Every time you go for tapas, you’ll be provided with a cup of olives, once you sit at the table. 



Turron dessert Malaga

Is it already salty enough? Time for something sweet, maybe? We have the best dessert for you. Made by toasted nuts, honey, sugar, and eggs. Indeed this could be the perfect ending of your lunch or dinner. 


6.Malaga sweet wine

Tapas in Malaga - sweet wine

Here is a bonus tip to complete your tasty tour through Malaga’s food. Enjoy your tapas, while drinking the famous Malaga sweet wine. Why sweet wine? It all comes from the history again. As you probably know, Malaga used to be a Moorish city. Since the Muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol, they were smart enough to start making sweet wine. In this way, nobody could recognize its taste and they were able to drink it anyway. It is said that this sweet wine has medical benefits, so they should drink it daily.

In conclusion, surely you will be happy to share your food (typical in Spanish) while meeting new people. Join our TAPAS TOUR tonight, tomorrow, or whenever you would like to, to have a taste of tapas in Malaga.