The Best Gifts For Travellers: 8 Great Ideas For You

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It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas time, a birthday, an anniversary or another special occasion. If you have a friend, a family member or a partner who is a passionate traveller, then this article is for you. We’ve thought of 10 ideas to make the best gifts for travellers!

1. Scratch Map

Best gifts for travellers

Best gifts for travellers: scratch map

To begin with, one great idea could be a scratch map. What’s best for a traveller than having a super cool world map that they can scratch every time they visit a new country? It’s a good way to keep track of the places that they’ve visited. What’s more, it’s also a nice decorative element for their room.

Other travel gadgets

Along with the map, there are countless other travel-themed gadgets that you could use to make a gift. A cute plane-shaped keychain, a customized passport cover, a globe that can be used as a nightstand lamp, a vintage travel diary, a cute luggage tag and so on. Try to understand what the receiver would like more and then go for it – you can’t get it wrong with these kinds of gifts!

2. Backpack/Luggage

Best gifts for travellers

Another good choice for a traveller could be a gift consisting of new luggage bags. A compact travel backpack, a new comfortable suitcase or a practical document holder to help them have everything in order and at hand all the time during their journeys. It will always be very appreciated!

3. Plane tickets

Best gifts for travellers

Best gifts for travellers

What’s best than giving a traveller… a new actual chance to travel? A good offer on a website, a destination that has been on their bucket list forever… you could make that dream come true! If you know that the person who’s receiving the gift has the chance to get away for some time in the foreseeable future, then book the tickets for them. They’ll probably appreciate a lot the fact that you remembered that they wanted to visit the chosen place and glad that you thought of handing them the opportunity to finally go there. And why not, maybe you could book for two (or more, if you’re a group) and all go on a fantastic trip together!

4. Travel equipment

Best gifts for travellers


Of course, a traveller needs good travel equipment. From bags, clothes and shoes to useful objects that we need on a daily basis – the choice is endless. If they travel to do some specific activities such as skiing or snorkeling or hiking, then it’s the perfect occasion to give them a new pair of skis, a new mask or diving suit etc.

Camera equipment

Do they like to take instant pictures? It would be a great idea to give them new films to print their shots. Or maybe they need other accessories for their camera set – lens, camera cases, experimental filters, a tripod and so on.

Power Bank

Travelling requires being outside a lot during the day. When we do, we don’t always have a power source to charge our electronic devices! For that, portable chargers were a great invention. The kinds vary according to the power they have. The smallest ones are usually of 3000 mAh (partial phone charge). Meanwhile, some can charge up to 50000mAh (a computer or a camera). We recommend you to have at least two fully charged power banks when you travel, just to be safe. So gifting an extra charger to your loved ones definitely will be useful for their next trips!

5. Coupon/Giftcard

Best gifts for travellers

Best gifts for travellers

This does not apply to travellers only, but that’s the reason why we recommend it! You can never go wrong with gift cards and coupons. Anyone would be happy to have some extra money to spend on their passions. A good gift card for an airline, hotel company or a travel equipment shop. Or even a pass to all the museums or other entertainment sites of a city you know they’re going to visit soon. This kind of gift will always be appreciated. Remember to add a cute greeting card with a nice message to personalize your beautiful present!

Vacation Packages

How about a quick getaway just out of town with a reservation at a nice hotel or spa to relax a bit.? Or a journey to another country for a quick, exciting weekend! There are so many options, from Smart boxes in Europe or other offers by travelling companies. Find out what the person you’re making this gift to likes to do most, and look for the best experience for them!

6. Camera

Best gifts for travellers: Camera

If you want to go big and invest a little more in your recipient’s happiness then a camera would be a great choice. Travellers usually are also passionate photographers – they love to capture the beautiful sights they witness and the memories from their trip to always remember them by. Give them a new camera (especially if you know they’re interested in a specific model!) and they will be the happiest.

Quick friendly reminder, though: it doesn’t matter how much you spend on a gift. If you can’t afford something as expensive as a camera or, let’s say, an intercontinental flight, any other gift will be appreciated the exact same way if you make it special with your affection and care. So, even if all our recommendations require different budgets, they’re all equal in the matter of thoughtfulness. Choose the one which is best for you and your dear one!

7. Special souvenir gifts

Best gifts for travellers

Best gifts for travellers

We all know every traveller would always love to be on the road, but that isn’t possible all the time. Sometimes they could stay home while you go on a trip. So, why not take the opportunity to make them a unique gift from another country. It would be a beautiful way to bring them a part of the place where you’ve been to, a taste of what its culture is like and something that you know they would’ve like to buy for themselves if they had been there. If they’re collectors, some cash in a different currency or mail stamps could be amazing. Or else, a traditional product or a typical object they only sell there.

8. E-reader

Best gifts for travellers: e-reader

If your dear one loves to travel but also is a passionate reader, then we know how hard it is for them to leave all their precious books at home every time they go away. The best solution (if they don’t have one already, of course – make sure of that!) would be to gift them an e-reader. There are so many types and brands that could do the job according to what one needs. It will give them the opportunity to bring along an entire library anywhere they want, without the need to add unnecessary extra weight to their luggages. It’s definitely better than reading on a phone or a laptop, since the lightning and graphics are purposely made to be comfortable for the eyes. It’s also very practical and can be easily kept in a small bag and be used whenever they want during a trip.

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