The City of Love: 6 Romantic Restaurants In Paris, France

Love, love, love… A trip to Paris is always is a good idea. Whether you are alone or with friends, family, or a partner, you can always have fun there and discover new, beautiful sights and things to do. This article in particular though is meant for those that are planning to visit this city with their sweet half. Paris is one of the most romantic destinations in the world, and every year millions of couples choose to wander around its alluring streets. The city by night, the Champs-Élysées Avenue, the Louvre Museum, and the Eiffel Tower… what’s missing? Of course, you will need to know how to impress your soulmate with a lovey-dovey lunch or dinner. Thus, we selected 6 romantic restaurants in Paris that you shouldn’t miss!

6 Romantic Restaurants in Paris
Pont Alexandre-III, Paris, France

1. Romantic Restaurants in Paris: La Tour d’Argent

Among all, we needed to mention La Tour d’Argent. The place is presumably the oldest restaurant in all Paris, claiming to have been around since 1582! You will find this luxury restaurant right by the Seine. With its strategic location and stunningly decorated interiors, it will create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic meal.

Though it is not one of the most affordable (but for a good reason), it’s worth a try at least once during your trip. As a matter of fact, it even has one Michelin star! Go for the pressed duck (Canard à la presse), but also other original and revisited dishes. The menu also includes vegetarian options. The wine they have is said to be amazing, so you should definitely accompany your meal with a good glass of red. If you don’t know which one to order, don’t be shy – the staff will be ready to give you advice and help you choose something that goes well with your meal.

2. Qui plume la lune

One of the finest romantic restaurants in Paris, Qui Plume La Lune gained one Michelin star in 2014 and will welcome you with its beautiful location and skilled staff. You will find it on rue Amelot and, along with the perfect atmosphere, you’ll be able to order some great and elaborate dishes. Gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options are also available. Taste the best French food and accompany it with wine.

Basic menus start at a price of 35€, and you have plenty of choices among the delicious meals. Elegance and creativity await you and will offer you a unique Parisian experience. It may be the perfect spot for an anniversary lunch or dinner!

3. Romantic Restaurants in Paris: Shang Palace

We must recommend this very well-known Chinese restaurant, the only one in France to have been awarded one Michelin star thanks to its beautiful location and its sophisticated kitchen. Shang Palace opened in 2011 at the luxury hotel Shangri-La Paris.

If you like oriental cuisine, then it’s an absolute must. You won’t be disappointed! An unmissable opportunity to try new dishes and have a good time in Paris. Try the taste of the finest recipes from the East and experience how it perfectly meets the local influence.

4. Le Louis

Moving on, we recommend you one of the coziest and most romantic restaurants in Paris: Le Louis. The place is located near the Palais Royal, at 31 rue Coquilliere. The warm colors of the wood, the antique furniture, and the eye-catching decorations will create the ideal atmosphere for an intimate meal with your loved one. It would be the perfect choice for a St Valentine’s Day date, an anniversary, or even a quiet, private birthday lunch or dinner.

There’s plenty of choice on the menu: risotto, escargot dumplings, delicious grilled steaks, duck, fish and meat tartare, pasta, and so on. In addition, they have typical desserts such as crème brûlée. Yes, we mentioned a lot of meat-based meals, but worry not – the place also offers vegetarian and gluten-free options! You can end the night with a good mi-cuit, a house specialty consisting of extra dark chocolate. The restaurant also has super affordable prices compared to the previous ones, with a range of about 20-50€, so if you’re on a budget this is definitely a great option for you. Here, anyone can enjoy a good traditional French meal, in an atmosphere that will make you feel at home and with quality products that will be a delight for your palate.

5. Da Giuseppe

Some couples just need simplicity, good food, and love. If you don’t feel like going out for an extremely fancy dinner (or if you want a bit of everything) and would like to share a genuine, good meal with your partner, then you could try the pizzeria Da Giuseppe. This Italian restaurant serves pizzas of all kinds and with a large choice of toppings. Straight from the influence of Rome and Southern Italy, you can go there and share one of the best pizzas in Paris with your beloved, and why not, even stay for a drink later. All this at very reasonable prices.

Tourists recommend it both if you have company or if you’re a solo traveler. Many say that it’s a must if you come to Paris! Of course, the menu doesn’t feature only pizza: you can also try a calzone, other fried appetizers, and even traditional Italian desserts such as the Sicilian cannoli. Take-away service is also available if you want to spend the night in after a busy day!

6. La Nouvelle Seine

And finally, our last recommendation among the romantic restaurants in Paris is La Nouvelle Seine. This cafe-restaurant is located right in the heart of Paris, in front of the Notre-Dame Cathedral. The location is indeed peculiar: it’s a theatre based on a boat right on the river Seine. A suggestive and romantic place where to eat and attend a good live show with your partner, right at the foot of Notre Dame! Watch the Cabaret Burlesque or a comedy show, enjoy a tasty meal made with fresh, quality products. The prices are also very affordable, with an average range similar to the one of Le Louis’. There are also various meal deals, such as the one for brunch, and also special offers for children. Vary from meat to cheese and wine, and treat yourself to a lovely Parisian experience.

Now it’s up to you: choose the place which best meets your needs!

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