Top 10 bucket list experiences in Andalusia

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Everyone needs to have a bucket list, whether you wrote it down on paper or you have a list in your mind. A bucket list will generally provide you with a clear view of all the experiences you want to do in your lifetime. For example, you may want to try skydiving or bungee jumping.
Here are 10 things you can add to your bucket list and maybe check off when you come to Andalusia!

Experience the luxury life of Marbella

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Marbella isn’t like every big city in Spain, it is luxurious and therefore quite expensive. It is the perfect place if you like to attend big parties and go on yachts or shop at the design stores. But Marbella is not just about its fancy boats and events. For instance, the core of the city is a stunning spot to go to. Walking through its narrow streets will feel like you’re in one of those famous greek villages. That is because you’ll be surrounded by stunning white houses decorated with flowers.

Go to a flamenco show in Sevilla

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Flamenco is the most important dance of Andalusia and is something you really have to see when you go to Sevilla! A live performance with professional dancers but also with live music and just the whole atmosphere is something that can be so magical! It’s really a must and something you have to add to your list!

Visit the Nerja Caves

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If you’re into prehistorical monuments and visiting natural beauties, these caves are definitely something you must add to you’re bucketlist! For adults it costs aroud 13 euros and for kids around 11 euros. Here you can find all of the information about the beautiful Nerja Caves.

Semana Santa in Málaga

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Semana Santa is also called the Holy week, it is a week were they celebrate the tribute of the Passion of Jesus Christ. It takes place a week before Easter. All around Málaga there are festivals and little shops to celebrate it. It’s definitely something that you have to see and experience.

Taking a dip in the waters of Bolonia

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The water here is not only super clean but also extremely clear. The nature surrounding these waters is what makes this spot so special. For instance, you should go for a stroll and stop by the dunes nearby. This beach is the most beautiful in Andalusia, but it is also quite famous in the rest of Spain as well.

Carnival of Cádiz

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This event takes place in Cádiz once a year, between the end of February and the beginning of March. Carnivals are always fun but this one is way more special. During the carnival, they sing songs that make fun of the current political situation and other facts regarding social affairs. The costumes are intriguing and quirky, so if you go there don’t be surprised by what they are wearing.

Eating the ham of Jambugo

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Spain is well-known for having hams that are delicious and not like any other ham you’ve tried in your lifetime. Jabugo is a small community where they make the best ham of the whole of Spain. Trying this ham is something that you really have to do and have to add to your bucket list. You will fall in love with it.

Sunset watching at Parador de San Nicolás

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If you want to add something romantic to your list then you should go to the Parador de San Nicolás in Granada. Here you can find one of the most beautiful views in Spain or even in the world. You can get here by taking a bus from Alhambra or Plaza Nueva. Then, when you get off, you should walk for ten minutes to reach the location.

Eating a skewer

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Some fresh sardines on a skewer with a beer and the sunset or with the sun sounds amazing and actually is amazing. It’s something that you can and must try in the Costa Del Sol. The fresh sardines just caught from the sea are the best ones you could try.

Trying some tapas in Granada

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Tapas is something typical from Spain and the best ones can be found in Granada. Tapas are snack or appetizers that you can eat cold or warm with a nice cold beer. There are all different kinds of tapas and there is definitely something suitable for everyone.

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