Top 5 easy sustainable tips for travelers

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Everyone loves to travel and explore new places but sometimes traveling can be very harmful for the environment. That’s why we will give you 5 sustainable tips for travelers

Travel slow by taking the train.

Photo from Olia Nayda / Unsplash

Not only is this good for the environment and sustainable but it’s also way cheaper than travelling by car or plane. During the journey, you can also admire all of the beautiful surroundings and you can even meet other travelers like yourself. Taking a car lets out a lot of harmful gasses that are slowly destroying the ozone layer in the atmosphere.

Avoid long warm showers

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Even though showering can be one of the most relaxing things to do after being outside all day, it is really not sustainable. Try to take shorter showers with mild water and when you brush your teeth remember to close the tap when you’re not using it. It is also important to reuse your towels and to avoid washing them after using them 1 or 2 times.

Support local vendors

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The local vendors always have eco-friendly food and drinks. They don’t import their products but make them where they live. By purchasing local products you support people that generate fewer carbon emissions. It is important to mention that during these hard times a lot of vendors are really struggling to keep their business alive so they would really appreciate all the help possible.

Use natural products

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Everyone wants to have soft skin and beautiful shiny hair and a lot of natural products can make that happen for you. Not only they are good for your body but they are also super sustainable. The non-natural products contain chemicals that are really harmful for the natural surroundings.

This is a website where they give you lots of tips and tricks about natural products.

Say no to single use plastic

When going in a store you immediately see plastic everywhere, fruits are packaged in plastic, pasta is packaged in plastic, literally everything. Try to reduce the usage of plastic and if you buy something in this material try to use it a couple of times. Purchase an eco-friendly version of things, like buying a metal straw instead of a plastic one.

Did you like our tips on traveling more sustainably? Let us know what you think! Unfortunately, we know that many trips have been canceled due to the current situation. Therefore, we advise you to check out the site´s official pages. But, if you’re getting impatient… For now, check out our article on how to travel after the pandemic!