Top 5 locations to discover in Ukraine: advice from a local

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Ukraine is a country that offers thousands of picturesque and mysterious places to discover. In fact, many of them hide interesting tales and traditions that you can learn about. Read on about the top 5 locations to discover in Ukraine!

Top 5 locations to discover in Ukraine: Kyiv

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine and one of the oldest cities in Europe, founded at least 1,500 years ago. The modern city can surprise everyone. For instance, from those whose cup of tea is natural beauty to those who prefer the buzzing atmosphere of the city. What’s more, this city is also important because of its architecture and historical sites. Kyiv was built on the slopes of the picturesque River Dnipro. Therefore, thanks to its location, you can admire the unique panoramas of the metropolis. But here, you will also find many modern skyscrapers, shopping, and entertainment. Certainly, Kyiv is full of quiet narrow streets with its history and unique charm.

Lviv, Ukraine

First of all, Lviv is deservedly recognized as the father city of coffee extravaganzas. The history of Lviv’s coffee dates back to the distant times of the end of the 18th century). This is when coffee shops and confectioneries began to appear in the city. The first thing should come to your mind when you think of this place, is the noise of a coffee machine and the acrid aroma of freshly ground coffee beans. The unique taste of this drink is what makes this city so special. From year to year, Lviv delights coffee lovers with the festival “let’s drink coffee in Lviv“. Those who decide to attend can taste a variety of coffees, prepared exclusively according to local recipes. The festival is accompanied by exhibitions that deal with the same theme. A cup of fragrant Lviv coffee embodies the pride, soul, and eternal traditions of the ancient city.

Top 5 locations to discover in Ukraine: Ivano-Frankivsk

Ivano-Frankivsk is a European city, a paradise with beautiful architecture, parks, and gardens. This is love at first sight because you definitely can’t find a more cozy and welcoming city. With no doubt, the locals have made considerable efforts to create alleys, parks in order to improve its landscape. That is why it is so nice to walk along the main streets of Ivano-Frankivsk. In addition, you can explore the city in one day, but to fully learn and feel how Ukrainians live, you need to stay in the city a bit longer.

Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine

Likewise, you can visit Kamianets Podilskyi. It is a city that has preserved the spirit of the Middle Ages. Its originality comes from the harmonious combination of the landscape with the urban structure of the medieval city. Military engineers created a fortification system that is one of a kind concerning Europe. Although Kamyanets-Podilskyi is not a regional center. It ranks third after Kyiv and Lviv in the number of ancient and cultural monuments. Architects and sculptors from Italy, the Netherlands, Armenia, Poland, France, Turkey, and others contributed to the creation of the city’s unique architectural appearance in different periods of history.

Top 5 locations to discover in Ukraine: Odessa

Odesa is one of the most colorful cities in Ukraine with its castles, cathedrals, palaces, fortresses, the sea, together with winemaking, fishing. What’s more, there is even Venice. There are hundreds of routes for every taste. It is worth starting from the heart of Odessa. The standard tour includes a walk through the city center: Derybasivska street, city garden, Primorsky Boulevard, and the Potemkin Stairs. After that, you should also look for local culinary products in Privoz or Moldavanka.

Top 5 location to discover in Ukraine: Odessa

Come to Ukraine, enjoy ukrainian hospitality, landscapes, wonderful climate and create for yourself one of the most memorable adventures in your life!

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