Top 6 unusual European museums in 2021

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As the Covid situation gradually gets better, art lovers and those who are passionate about quirky experiences and objects are craving for uncommon museums to visit. We all know which are the most popular destinations for traditional art. But if you aim to see something rather different while you travel around Europe, then find out about unusual European museums.

1. The Underwater Museum of Cannes

This museum has recently opened its doors to the public and certainly offers a unique type of experience. It is the first underwater museum in the Mediterranean, located near the isle of Sainte-Marguerite (Cannes). This artistic project is thanks to Jason deCaires Taylor, a sculptor whose intention is primarily to regenerate the flora and fauna. As a matter of fact, this artist has been displaying many of his works on seabeds for quite a few years. Here, we can admire 6 different sculptures, each of them 2 meters tall and portraying locals in the area. For Instance, Maurice, an 80-year-old fisherman or Aouk, a pupil of the elementary school on the isle.

2. Unusual European Museums: Arts Resource Center, Arles

A brand new museum. In fact, it is going to open its doors for the first time this year. It is located in Arles, France, in Frank Gehry’s iconic tower. This architect decided to clad the building in 11,000 stainless steel panels, in order to reflect the light and the sky on its walls. It is one of the latest projects of Luma Arles- Parc des Ateliers, a cultural site funded by Luma Foundation. Its main aim is to upgrade an abandoned industrial neighborhood in the city of Arles. But within its alluring architectural beauty, inside the Arts Resource Center there will be exhibitions, archives, a library, and a restaurant. Therefore, it will be a landmark for the six industrial buildings which were renovated in the area, together with a park and a garden.

3.  Gropius Bau, Berlin

The building itself is a historical site in Berlin. However, what’s inside it, well that you cannot even imagine. This museum opened its doors in 1881. Later on, in 1999 it was restored and it now hosts many international exhibitions. It deals with all forms of art: archeology, photography, and historical culture. Recently, it has been displaying a range of quirky contemporary works. In the latest, you could immerse yourself in something which might have looked like another planet, or another side of the mind, recalling what they call hallucinations.

4. Unusual European Museums: Munchmuseet, Oslo

A 13 floor-vertical museum designed by the Spanish studio Herreros. You can find it in the district of Bjørvika, Oslo. This partly reclined tower consists of layers of aluminum and has surely changed the skyline of the city. It is supposed to be the biggest museum dedicated to one artist. As a matter of fact, it will be home to Edvard Munch‘s works and aims to show us his painting phases through the 26000 pieces of art of this Norwegian artist. In addition, it also includes the famous Scream. But that’s not all, the museum will also host temporary exhibitions, concerts, and cultural events.

5. Fondazione Prada, Milan

Its architectural structure combines buildings dating back to the 1910s as well as three new constructions. It is the result of the restoration of an old distillery and it now offers a space in which it is possible to admire outstanding works of art. Inside it, you will find all sorts of surprising things. Now, in its spaces, you can also visit the temporary exhibition Who The Bærby Simon Fujiwara. A cartoon character lives in a world created by the artist and is trying to find his sense of identity. It will last until the 27th of September 2021. Moreover, there is also the permanent exhibition, “Atlas”, located in the tower. This part of the museum is definitely a must-see, as it includes the famous mushrooms that are stuck to the ceiling.

6. Museo de la imaginación, Malaga

This is quite different from the others. I could describe it by saying it definitely is in a Millennial’s bag. This is not only because it’s a modern museum, but also due to the fact it focuses on posting on social media. So, if you stop by Malaga, it is surely something to do if you want to entertain yourself for an hour or so. The first room is all about optical illusions, there are about 30 of them. The second much larger room is an Instagram heaven– basically set up for 20 really hip photos. It goes from being chopped in half to hanging from the ceiling to being licked by a giraffe.

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