Top 8 Places in Liverpool: Discover The Beatles’ Birthplace

All you need is love… and another trip to England! We’ve already talked about London and Brighton, so today we recommend you another beautiful English city: Liverpool. This lovely place faces the Irish Sea and it’s a very popular destination among tourists. There are so many places in Liverpool to discover, from the port to the museums and the fine city centre.

In the 19th century many people departed from Liverpool’s port to emigrate to America. Also, it was home to the headquarters of the Cunard and White Star cruiser lines. For example, the famous transatlantic RMS Titanic was registered here in 1912. We talked more about this ship in our article about Belfast, Northern Ireland. Moreover, you must have heard of it as the home to the world famous band The Beatles, who had their first performance ever at Liverpool’s Cavern Pub.

Are you planning your trip there and want to know about what to visit? Read this article and find out more about 8 places in Liverpool we recommend you to see!

1. The Cavern Pub

Places in Liverpool: The Cavern Pub
The Cavern Pub Liverpool

First of all, we have The Cavern Pub. You will find it on Mathew Street, 10. It opened in 1957 on the site of an old war shelter, and since then it has hosted many jazz, blues and beat artists and bands. The Beatles first debuted here on February 21st, 1961 and here they found their fortune which made them a world-famous band.

Unfortunately, the place you can visit today isn’t the fully original one. Instead, you’ll see a restoration done in occasion of the reopening in 1984. Still, it is a major touristic destination and you can go there and listen to live music everyday, while enjoying some good food and drinks. Outside the club, you will find a wall of fame with the names of all the artists who performed there. What’s more, if you go there in August, you can attend the International Beatle Week Festival and watch the performances of The Beatles tribute bands coming from all around the world!

2. Tate Liverpool

Tate Liverpool art gallery

Secondly, you should visit some of the many beautiful museums that Liverpool has to offer. In fact, the city was also the European Capital of Culture in 2008. Begin with the Tate Liverpool gallery, where you can enjoy great exhibitions of modern art. You will find it right on the Royal Albert Dock. It was built on the site of an old warehouse and it’s now one of the major venues of modern art in Europe. It hosts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

3. National Museums of Liverpool

The World Museum Liverpool

Proceed with the National Museums of Liverpool, which is a complex of several museums in the city, all different in topics and exhibitions. We firstly recommend you The World Museum, the oldest among the National Museums. It opened in 1853 and it offers many historical collections and also a lot of interactive experiences. You also should check out the Merseyside Maritime Museum, where you can find out more about the naval history of the city. One of the most interesting permanent exhibitions is the one one about the RMS Titanic which, as you already know, was registered in Liverpool. Here you can find a lot about the history of the ship, relics from the wreck and information about the impact of the tragic shipwreck.

All these museums are so worth visiting! Check out the National Museums of Liverpool’s website at the bottom of our article and choose the one you like the best for your trip!

4. Royal Albert Dock

Royal Albert Dock

And now let’s discover one site that we’ve already mentioned more than once in this article: the Royal Albert Dock. This complex of warehouses and dock buildings was designed since the mid 19th century and it’s a fundamental historical site in Liverpool. Here you can enjoy a stunning view of the city, as well as visit many of Liverpool’s museums and stop for a break at a cozy café or at a restaurant. And obviously you will not lack of shops of all kinds, from clothes and craftwork to souvenirs. Another museum that you can visit here is The Beatles Story, where you’ll find out all about the British band who changed the music world.

5. Liverpool Cathedral

Anglican Cathedral of Liverpool

Moving on, check out Liverpool Cathedral, or Cathedral Church of Christ. It was built during the first half of the 20th century on St James’s Mount. Beautiful on the outside just as on the inside, you should write it in your list of places in Liverpool you should visit during your trip. The Cathedral is opened to the public everyday and you can check the visiting hours on their website. Find the link below to plan the perfect time to discover the place!

6. Victoria Gallery & Museum

Victoria Gallery and Museum

You still want to discover more of Liverpool’s museums? Well, we’ve got you covered with another recommendation – the Victoria Gallery and Museum. It’s run by the University of Liverpool and here you will find exhibitions of contemporary art as well as historical information and testimonies. The venue can also be hired for weddings and other events. Most importantly, the admission to all galleries and exhibitions is free!

7. Central Library

Liverpool Central Library from the inside

Another unmissable stop during your trip is the stunning Liverpool Central Library. You can check out the beautiful collections of rare books by visiting Hornby Library and Oak Room and other significant books from Liverpool’s history. It is open from Monday to Saturday and from morning to early evening. The perfect stop for book lovers!

8. Chinatown

Places in Liverpool: Chinatown
Chinatown Liverpool

And finally, you definitely should go for a tour of Liverpool’s beautiful Chinatown. This actually was the first Chinatown established in Europe, and it’s one of the largest. Don’t forget to take pictures of the beautiful architecture and explore hundreds of traditional restaurants, cafes, shops. It’s definitely one of the most significant places in Liverpool that will grant you the opportunity to embrace it’s multi-cultural landscape and to find out more about the history of the city and the people who live there.

So pack your backs, book your trip and enjoy Liverpool!

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