Top Spanish culinary delights: 10 dishes you can’t miss

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If you don’t understand Spanish food, you don’t understand Spain at all. To Spaniard people, food is a pride, a way of being, it expresses their identity. And what’s better than eating savory dishes with a typical side beverage? Well, nothing of course. During your trip, you cannot miss the opportunity to try out the top 10 Spanish culinary delights that we have selected for you. Are you dithering about where to go? Check our article about the 6 most underrated destinations in Spain here.

Jàmon Iberico and other cured meat

Widespread appetizer, the taste of the cured meat is pleasant and appropriate to start your meal in the best way. The cured meat par excellence is Jàmon Iberico, which is dried meat of black Iberian pigs. This is considered the best quality ham in Spain: in fact, the Iberian pigs are meant to frolic freely to ensure the meat is rich. In bars, they often cut it and serve it right in front of you. However, you can find plenty of different pleasant cured meat, such as chorizos, a Spanish spicy cured sausage.

Top foods and drinks in Spain – Jamones

Patatas bravas

Brave potatoes” in English, this dish is the perfect combination between spicy flavors and simplicity. It consists of fried potatoes served with a combination of sauces on top, and it can match an abundance of Spanish dishes. It is definitely one of the most famous appetizers when it comes to Spanish culinary delights.

Top foods and drinks in Spain – patatas bravas

Top Spanish culinary delights: Tapas y pan tumaca

The word tapas comes from the Spanish verb “tapar”, which means to cover. In Spain, it is very common to serve some pan tumaca (toasted bread saturate with garlic and tomatoes) with different food to put on top. In fact, tapas is the combination of bread and food on top, such as olives, anchovies, and other various types of fish and meat.

Tortilla de patatas

Potato lovers, Spain is the country for you: this dish is a big omelet made of potatoes and eggs. It can be served both as appetizer or main dish. It is often very thick, for this reason, customers usually order un pincho de tortilla (a slice). Careful, tortilla Espanola is way different than the South/Central American tortilla, which is basically bread.


Let’s start with proper entrées: paella is considered the national dish of Spain. It consists of rice cooked with beans, saffron, and tasty broth served in a large pan. There are plenty of different types of paella: paella mariscos is served with seafood, paella Valencian with a combination of chicken and rabbit meat. But you can also find the mixed paella, which combines meat and fish. No doubt this dish is part of our top 10 Spanish culinary delights.

Top foods and drinks in Spain – Seafood paella

Top Spanish culinary delights: Pulpo a la Gallega

This dish is perfect for fish lovers. Boiled octopus scatter with coarse salt, paprika, and a drizzle of olive oil, often served on a wooden platter. Indeed, “pulpo” means octopus and “gallega” means Galicia, a region located in the north-west of Spain. On this occasion, simplicity means glamourize.

Top foods and drinks in Spain – pulpo a la Gallega

Churros con chocolate

At the end of the meal, you can’t skip the dessert. One of the most famous in all of Spain is churros con chocolate, which is basically fried twisty pastries that you dip in chocolate milk. Appropriate for children and adults, this mouth-watering sweet will make you feel like you’re in heaven.

Top foods and drinks in Spain – Churros con chocolate

Crema Catalana

Another dessert worth of its a celebrity. The Spanish version of the crème brulée, so basically a rich custard-based cover with a layer of cranky caramel and served with lemon or orange zest. Crema Catalana is a well-liked pastry, Spaniard people love it. It is also very similar to Leche frita.


Sangria is well-known all over the world, so let’s have a look at its recipe. It is a fresh traditional Spanish drink made of red wine and chopped fruits, usually oranges, limes, kiwis, and other based-acidity crops. Usually, some sweetening agent is added to the mix, such as honey or orange juice. In conclusion, add a zip of brandy or soda. Sangria is the perfect drink to enjoy with your friends, and it’s also super easy to make! Check out some other easy alcoholic drinks that you can prepare at home.

Top foods and drinks in Spain Sangria

Agua de Valencia

Last but not least, this Valencian cocktail made with a champagne and orange juice base, with a dash of vodka and gin. This drink is usually served with Valencian paella, to sparkle your dinner in the fanciest of ways.

We have introduced you to the top 10 Spanish culinary delights you should definitely try. Our fast culinary trip is now over, but don’t forget to read about traditional meat here. Foodie people, pack your cutlery! Spanish dishes are waiting for you.