Travel Opportunity That You Wouldn’t Get In The Past

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In today’s article, we have listed for you travel ideas that are now considered common and possible. But, it wasn’t like this in the past centuries. Which travel opportunity that you wouldn’t get in the past do you value the most?

Travel Agencies

It is as easy to buy a holiday trip as with a click of a button. For example, on the web page of FelicesVacaciones, you can see different types and places to travel to and you can get them. Just from your couch or an armchair in your living room!

Cosy shopping

Shopping Getaways

If you are a shopping lover, you cannot miss the shopping getaways offers. These are short trips to different destinations to get exclusive and amazing products. Find out when the sales are in different cities to choose one of the offers for shopping getaways. Take advantage of a getaway to go shopping in Las Vegas and much more, such as visiting casinos, seeing the city etc.

Another excellent shopping getaway is New York. You cannot miss the package for a week of shopping in New York in which you can buy the best clothing, cosmetics, electronics and much more. Maybe you’ll become the new Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City!       

woman shopping, sun is shining
This Could Be You!

LGBTQ Friendly Travel has travel packages specialized in LGBTQ tourism with the best selection of the Gay-friendly travel market. They are a group of travel proposals designed as LGBTQ friendly to satisfy all the needs.

If you do not find your destination among their LGBTQ-friendly travel offer, call them and they will organize the trip to suit you so that you can enjoy your vacation with maximum peace of mind.

LGBTQ flag on a building

Expedition & Adventure

There is a variety of travel expedition and adventure, active and alternative tourism for the more adventurous travellers, whether experienced or novice. So, FelicesVacaciones designed tailored packages and adventure destinations in the 5 continents.

Trips to Patagonia,  expeditions to Africa, visit the mountain gorillas, safaris in Kenya and others. Everything you are looking for in the adventure trips you will find with great travel offers.

A wild gorilla walking  in a jungle
Gorilla in a jungle

Which travel opportunity do you value the most?

Would you use at least one travel opportunity these days? Make sure to know the travel restrictions before actual travelling. But, don’t worry, it is not as difficult as it seems 🙂 And to prepare for later, check out our article on how to travel after the pandemic!