Two days in Granada: what to do and visit?

Granada is a city of about 240,000 inhabitants in the autonomous community of Andalusia, in the south of Spain. The city is at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, and only one hour by car from the coast. It would be best to visit Granada during spring or fall because it can get quite hot in the summer and you will walk a lot. The daily average in May is 17°C, 21°C in September, and 16°C in October. The Umayyad Caliphate and the Nasrid dynasty are two strong influences that shaped Granada’s style as we know it today. Indeed, Moorish architecture is present all over the city and reflects this important part of the city’s history. There are so many beautiful things to see, so here is a guide to help you decide how to spend two days in Granada

The Alhambra Complex, Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

Day One

Two days in Granada: The Alhambra

To get to the Alhambra from where you are staying, you should take the bus, because it is uphill so it might be pretty tiring to walk there. The entrance costs about €15 for an adult and around €10 for students. The Alhambra is Granada’s most emblematic monument and one of the most visited in Spain. So this is why you should book your ticket months in advance to be on the safe side. Visiting this fortress will most likely take you all morning. Indeed, there are several parts to visit: the Alcazaba, the Palacio Carlos V, the Palacio Nazaries, and the Generalife. 

Two days in Granada: Lunch

There are various places where you can eat right next to the Alhambra. You will probably be very hungry after walking around the site for several hours. So here is a link to the 10 best restaurants near the Alhambra.

Granada Cathedral and Royal Chapel of Granada

The walk from the Alhambra to the Cathedral will take you about 20 minutes. The price of the visit is €5 for general admission into the Cathedral. The audio guide is included, but you can also book a tour if you want to benefit from a real guide’s knowledge. The entrance fee is the same for the Royal Chapel. Even if it might seem excessive to pay for both monuments, you shouldn’t miss out on either of them. Plus, the money goes to the renovation and maintenance of the buildings, so it is worth it!

Two days in Granada: The Alcaicería

The Alcaicería is right next to the Cathedral and Royal Chapel, only a one-minute walk away! This is a traditional bazaar, where you will be able to admire the colorful stalls. Indeed, the open market extends to a few little streets and it is the perfect place to walk around to finish off your day and maybe buy a souvenir. 


You are in the city center, so you will not have any trouble finding somewhere to eat dinner. You should try a traditional Andalusian meal, starting of course with some tapas to accompany your drink. This link will take you to a selection of the best places to eat in Granada.

Granada Cathedral, Photo by Sergio Rota on Unsplash

Day Two

Here is a tip that can be very useful: think about buying an “Andalusi Monuments Ticket”. It costs €5 and allows you to visit four monuments in Albaicín, the oldest neighborhood of the city. This ticket gives you entrance in Corral del Carbón, Dar-al Horra Palace, the Bañuelo, and Casa Morisca. So you can choose to visit those four monuments instead of the following selection as only two of them are in it. However, €5 for two of those is already a great deal and you have to make sacrifices when you only have two days!

Two days in Granada: Dar al-Horra Palace

First thing in the morning, head to this beautiful and well-preserved palace! It dates back to the Nasrid era and has the typical central courtyard in the middle of the building. You will even be able to enjoy a great view of Granada from there, as the palace is slightly uphill.

Mirador de San Nicolás

The Mirador is only 6 minutes away from the Palace on foot. This landmark is one of the best viewpoints that you can find! Going to the Mirador is free, and no doubt you will take stunning pictures of the Alhambra from up there! 

Hammam Al Ándalus

After all that walking around you will have done, you will certainly enjoy a stop at a spa! Head to Hammam Al Ándalus, only a 10-minute walk away from the Mirador. You will find there some traditional Turkish baths as well as other spa services. This peaceful and relaxing place will help you recharge your batteries and get you motivated for the rest of the day! 


After this great experience at the spa, you might be hungry. Luckily, you are right in the city center. You can refer to the link to the best places to eat given earlier. 

Two days in Granada: El Bañuelo

If you eat somewhere close to the hammam, it will only take you a few minutes to walk to El Bañuelo. It is another landmark included in the Andalusi Monuments Ticket. This preserved historic hammam was in use up until at least the 16th century. It is very interesting to discover the structure as well as the system that was used to create the steam rooms.

Sacromonte and Flamenco Show

Sacromonte is a neighborhood only 17 minutes away from El Bañuelo on foot. This area is known for being the Gitano neighborhood and is also unique for its cave houses dug into the hillside. This is where you should go to see a proper Flamenco show.


For your dinner, you can head back to the city center or you can also stop at a restaurant that you notice on the way. Don’t forget the tapas, you should enjoy those as many times as you can while you are in Andalusia!

Street in Granada, Photo by L’odyssée Belle on Unsplash 

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